People on all places

Hi there how you doing πŸ˜‰.Well it is Thursday in Serbia.Rain got the job to fall all day long.It is boring when you are all wet.Especially if you work.Anyway when I spend spare time with my girlfriend nothing is boring to meπŸ˜‰. You have to wait in the post office to pay bills.Right ? When… Continue reading People on all places

How many kids is enough

Whats upppppppppppp people,howwww you doin says the magician.Kiss me if you dare and i will turn you in to the frog. So what new thing is awaiting you in next year ? Did i said New Year ? Yes,because here in Europe when summer ends for me year is over.I hope somehow,or someone will end… Continue reading How many kids is enough

Is it hard to forgive

Hey guys what you doing interesting these days πŸ™‚ .I went yesterday in to shopping mall where i visited haunted house.I went out in a second.Hahahahah i must say it is scary up there.Anyway next week i will enter for the second time and go to all 13 rooms.Wish me luck πŸ™‚ . We all… Continue reading Is it hard to forgive

What your dreams tell you

Old Mcdonald had farm E-I-E-I oooooo and on this farm he had me πŸ™‚ .Maybe i was an animal in the previous life.I don’t know.I hope i was a dog,not some insect or skunk.Skunk stinks ahahahahaha.Anyway i am positive you know this old children song.So sing it while you can, we remain kids even we… Continue reading What your dreams tell you

Weapon in house and out

Click a song and select your favorite Did you ever fired from a weapon ? In Counter strike or other shooting game of course you did πŸ˜‰.It is relaxing and great for antistress.I liked GTA,in GTA you shoot whatever you want.Then cops starts chasing you,you type a code then they stop.Interesting right πŸ˜‰. In real… Continue reading Weapon in house and out

Love or money

Welcome,welcome,welcome.Do you speak Serbian ?No you don’t 😝.Serbia is a small country in southeastern Europe.Maybe you will visit my country so you could learn a few words. Zdravo-hello,hi Dobro jutro-Good morning Drago mi je sto sam vas upoznao-Nice to meet you Zovem se-My name is…. Now,i don’t have audio description for this words.But google out… Continue reading Love or money

Cloning people

Haven’t see the movie yet,hurry up you won’t regret it.One of my two favorite movies beside movie Warrior.Great comedy,a lot of funny scenes,great actors,great script. Sheep Dolly was cloned long time ago.She didn’t lived that much after this historical event.Why ? Who knows !!! Important thing there was no other attempt in cloning.So sad for… Continue reading Cloning people

Do you believe in ghosts

Are you winner or quitter ? What is your goal in your life,what will send you to the stars,where is the beginning of your success.Only you know :).Never give up no matter what obstacles have you on your way.Send so9me feedback if you complete your dreams.I have dreams i hope some of them come true.… Continue reading Do you believe in ghosts