Gym or ordinary sport

Welcome to the jungle,says the title of the movie 😁.Have you ever been in a jungle ?I haven’t!! I think it could be exciting and scary at the same time.So many animals,different weather maybe i can meet some people.Quite interesting is Amazon rainforest where you have big number of animals,trees and so on.However if you’re not careful you may die easily 😬.

Since the beginning of our evolution,even in Roman empire people taked care about their bodies.First exercises we encounter are abs,push ups,pull ups,dips and squats.These exercises are used mostly in police and military training.You could not become police officer or soldier if you haven’t strength to do these exercises.

Over the centuries even milleniums time has changed.When people invented gym things got easier.With abs,push ups,pull ups,dips and squats you can build muscles.However hypertrophy is not possible without gym.Building bigger muscles is better in the gym.

You look great,your mental health is improved,you stress level is lower,people admire you but sometimes people go beyond their goal.

Muscle mass became main subject in lives of ordinary people,athletes,whoever is interested in sport.Professional athletes use suplements to give their body necessary fuel in hard trainings and games they are playing.With suplements you don’t need to eat six times every day.If you didn’t know upgrading size of your muscles needs six meals a day.

In 2010 i had taekwondo training.Main coach held class.We had to punch boxing bag in three rounds.Without stopping.First round was a minute.Coach said hit faster and harder.So we did.Second round was two minutes.Same thing.Third roind three minutes.After second round i was tired.After third me and other people on the class felt pain,hunger,exhaustion.I thought in my mind man are those boxers strong.When i came home i’ve ate,ate ans ate.Then i had to sleep i while to regenerate energy in my body.

If you are professional athlete using suplements is ok for you.If you are not,and your only goal is bigger mass you might have health problems.Suplements are not grown in the nature,they are made in laboratories,factories or some even worse places where they don’t use proper ingredients.

Our liver doesn’t stand chemistry,or our kidnies or other organs.It all has impact on our health.One friend of mine lost hair because he missused suplements.I’ve heard many stories about bad things may happen if you take too many suplements.One guy when went to the gym had stomach problems.My mother’s co worker almost became blind because he lifted too big weights and used combined steroids and ordinary suplements.

You see it is normal for us to look better,stronger or prettier.Everybody wants top no bottom.But you must know when to say stop.Girls lake average musle size.Ok big and strong girls like bigger and stronger guys.If you only invest in your body and not in your brain having muscles will not impress girls.

Also big muscles kills speed.You can not hit,run or move when you are like a pyramide.So count your height and weight,work out and you will look good.No need to be like Schwarzenneger.

Going to the gym is not the only place where you can activate your body.Football,basketball,swimming,running,riding bike and so many other things you can play.Also on these events gather many people where they compete,laugh,build friendship and so on.After sport show how big is your brain πŸ˜‰, and how smart you are.

Will be seing ya soon.Now i have to eat somwthing my stomach protests almost an hour.Bye bye by Nash Christmas.

Spending society

Ahoy there πŸ˜ƒ.I don’t know how is the weather in your country, but here in Serbia is hot as hell πŸ₯΅.I’m watching our best tennis player Novak Djokovic who has the best chance to win Olympic gold.Milica Mandic already won gold in taekwondo.Thank you all athletes for presenting Serbia on this biggest comeptition.

So you like spending money, ha ? Yes we do πŸ˜„.Nothing is for free.If you go to the supermarket they want money.If you go to buy a car they want money.If you wanna live somewhere,nobody will give you their house just because you are a good person,they say “Cash please!!”

No matter you are chepscake or in Serbia we say “raspikuca”(person who spends all it has),you have to spend money.Let see how we spend money!!


Power,water,garbage,tax all of that must be payed or either you will have permanent dark,no water to drink,take a shower or wash laundry.No taking unnecessary things from your dumbster and most of all paying taxes may leave you homeless.

Of course you have sell phone that cost too,of course you have internet that must work also,cable TV and so on.So want it or not your money is leaving your wallet.


You are hungry right ? Breakfast,lunch and dinner.Maybe a desert,some sneak during the day and some other meal is need if we don’t want to die starving.

Food takes the most money we earn.I mean every day maybe even after 4 hours we have to buy food.There is four of us in the house.Mon buys good in the grocery shop in the morning,i am buyinh food afternoon,brother buys food sometimes in the morning sometimes in the evening,father as well.Never enough food never enough spending the money.

No wonder Chinese people live longer.They eat rice and fish.Stomach is full no more need for eating.


The best investement.You buy once wear it for years.I have a T shirt bought in 2003 and still i can wear it πŸ˜‰.If you have good salary separate it for clothes.You will not regret it.


Ok this can be expensive or cheap.Depends what you can afford it.Sneakers,boots,shoes for women high heels,flip flops and other stuff some thing you must have.Barefoot is kinda scary,you can’t walk afterwardsπŸ˜†.

House,car technology

Buying real estate in today’s socitey is expensive.If you have a lot of cash no winter for you.If you don’t have,bank credit is the option you have.Or you must rent your home.

Car is necessary always.Where ever you go four wheel vehicle is needed.Cars are also in different amounts.Are you gonna buy new car or used already is up to you.

Tv,computer,sell phone or other technology also is the thing we need.Washing machine,stoove,furnace there is no home without it.

Lets not forget holidays,vacations,going to restaurant,shopping malls,hairdresser,gardening tools,birthdays,spa,sport(gym),medical beals and all modern times have today.You see we don’t spent money because we like to give something just like that,we have to spend.All this things we need.However you must make a list and count how much monthly you give and save your savings.

Coronavirus pandemic showed us we have to save,myself from mine 13.You never gonna know what may happen.Find the way to play on both courts because being broke ia hard,especially if you have kids.Remember for you sometimes you are not gonna have,for them YOU MUST HAVE.So be smart,save money and spend on only things you need.Unless you find the way to earn easy money πŸ˜‰.Once again thanks to my girlfriend for supporting me if wasn’t for her i wouldn’t write that much.

Stay happy and safe.Greetings from Nash 😎

Do you believe in horoscope

Hi,this is me,you are you,he is he,she is she and so on.I haven’t wrote anything for a long time ago.Coronavirus pandemic sucked most of energy i had.Anyway i don’t wan’t to talk about that,i wan’t to write about positive stuff.

Before we start i wanna mention my girlfriend Marina who made me to write again,so if wasn’t for her i wouldn’t write anymore.So thanks darling you bring the sky to the ground,big kiss for you 😘😘😘😘.

12 signs,12 people,12 lives.Do you believe in horoscope ?

All people are different,even twin brother or sisters can’t be equal.Not mentally or physically.

So how someone knows what is happening in our lives,what is our plan in the future,what is gonna wait us on our work,in our love life and most important our health ? The answer is now how !

Some peole are tall,some are not,some peole are thin,some of them are overweight.Some people are noble some of them are evil however something is all connecting us-horoscope.

For example my horoscope sign is Aquarius.Aquaris is a person who lives in a future,always imagine better life,something exciting,something new.We are very intelligent,maybe sometimes lazy but not all the time.We like to use our brain so that doesn’t mean we are goinf to sit all day long or sleep day and night.We change mood very often.One moment we are happy,than we are sad,than we are angry.

We are good friend to all people who we met,sometimes we don’t say things like ‘I love you’ or ‘You are my sweatheart’.We show love with kiss,hug,touch or other human contact.We look cold outside,but inside we are not.So try to met us the best you can,you will surpise how great we are.

Aquarius,Gemini and Libra are air signs,Scorpio,Pisches and Cancer are water signs,Taurus,Virgo and Capricorn are earth signs,Aries,Leo and Sagitarius are fire signs.So we all are separated in 4 groups in which we have different mental,physicall and spiritual characteristics.

By astrology and people who are experts in this so called ‘profession’,some signs should not be involved with different group only in group they belong.I don’t consider that true.Mixing with opposite gender in love can create complete personality,complete soul and heart matched into one where you become strongest link.Nobody is perfect,we all have good and bad sides,with our differences and pairing up we show,express and make better world.

When i read newspapers sometimes you can not believe how stupid sounds things people write.

“Today’s horoscope:”

Work:You will be promoted

Hell not.Nobody was promoted in my company almost 10 years.

Love:Your partner will become ugly.

Hell not.My partner is hotter every day,every hour every minute,every second.

Health:You are going to feel pain in your shoulders.

Nope:Didn’t felt pain in my shoulders since i was 2.

Zodiac is great for lying.You can lie to people on many ways.Using beans,using crystal bowl,cards,and looking in to peoples mugs after they drink coffeee.Don’t correct me that is all horoscope! Many people believe in that kind of stuff,and maybe some things come true but rarely.Horoscope and astrology are great bussinesses,they have strong arguments,strong word power however they never complete what they say or write.

Who wants to know his future ? Nobody ! Life is like a gift wrapped into beautiful box waiting to make us happy.Ok,we have hard times,no matter that,everything would be boring if we get it easy.

Anyway horoscope in not total fraud.I had a small book where i read stuff about myself and i was shocked how book had true things.I felt like book lived beside me,remembering all things happened to me all these years.I read things about my father,mother,brother i’ve compared all that and everything was true.That book helped me to get know people better,their feelings,mind, and ther strength with weaknesses.

It helped me to get know myself better and upgrade all i have.

Don’t waste money on fake news,fake people or fake internet traps.It is better to find out yourself what is waiting for you,why we have to know all.Not knowing brings excitement,fresh blood new victory.Don’t spoile the time we will meet,spoile people around you they will thank you for that 😁 .

Anyway you can’t fight with destiny, accept it like a fearless warrior waiting to win.We are all winners just find where is your victory.


Once again thanks to Marina she has the power πŸ˜‰πŸ˜„.

Written by Nash Christmay your favorite blogger.

When politicans think this world belongs to them

Hi everybody.Are you ok ? I hope you are.Especially beware of coronavirus if you don’t.

I am not well.Physically i’m alright but mentally i’m feeling like someone is stabbing me inside my brain.Why ? Because in my country we have mentally ill president called Aleksandar Vucic.

My country was in emergency state around three months.From March 15th until May 6.After that things got back to normal, at least we thought that is happening.

Coronavirus didn’t stopped its path, only was in the ambush waiting for signal to attack.After emergency state was cancelled things which shouldn’t be happenning, HAPPENED!

Boarders were opened,discos,clubs and other things belong to night life were allowed and the WORST thing in the end SOCCER STADIUM FILLED WITH FANS around 20.000 of them.20.000 people in the middle of pandemic, imagine that!!!!

And who approved all of this ? Our dear president!! Why ? Because of the elections!!! He had only one thing on his mind, and that was to win on elections.Actually his party ? His political group to be number one in Serbia.And they won.

People talked all over the place,in person,on the web,social networks and so on that corona situation isn’t over.And during the political campaigns virus continiued to spread.Step by step and voila everyhing vas crashed.

Before the elections everything was fine.No diseased,no deaths,no problems.Suddenly after the elections are over number of sick people was huge.How that mister president ?

Does corona has time set to attack only when elections are not, or corona attacks all the time ? No,corona was in our lives after the emergency state was cancelled,it was every second every minute every hour.And because of your selfishness and hunger for power you allowed people to be sick.

And you know what was his answers.It is people’s fault,i didn’t infect them,i didn’t send them to game,i didn’t told them to get out at night.Only thing about he talks 24 seven is how he can do everything.

This politican is so mentally ill,so obsessed with power i think he doesn’t go to sleep until he finds the way to torture people.We were closed almost 80 hours in our homes when emergency state was.Like you are in prison,like you have done something illegal.And no he didn’t wan’t to save us, his only goal was to torture us.

Today once again police hour is on, our president forbid us to get out from Friday to Monday.In this moment everything bad is happening about coronavirus,every disease,every death is his responsibility.

He is mentally sick, but our people are worse than him.He can torture them,kill them they would just stand and do nothing.

I wish i can wake up in other world far away from this country.I hope i will leave her some day.Wish me luck and watch yourself,health is the biggest friend we have πŸ™‚ .

I wish corona will end soon :)

Its been a long time ago since a wrote something.Maybe you don’t remember me but i will introduce myself again.

Hi my name is Nenad but you can call me Nash,it is easier because Nash i common name,nickname in english language.I’m 29,i’m a front end developer, writter and a blogger.I live in Serbia.

What i wanted to say here in Serbia is emergency state.In Sunday out president declared emergency because of COVID-19.Many people especially older generations didn’t respected the rules our president and goverment delcared and now since tomorrow we have curfew.So that means You can’t be outside from 20PM to 5 AM.

Big problem is find the way to get to work.Public transportation will stop,many people don’t have cars and who knows how much money will left for everybody.If money does not “flows” or better say doesn’t come into anyone’s pocket then we are in serious trouble if this epidemic stops.

We must save out lives,we must protect our health,kids,older people and all we can.Life didn’t drop from the sky just like that, we are not born to die in a second , and most important we must protect our youngest generations.We are leaving this planet to them and we must take care to make this world the better place for our descendants.


Detective Stories: Murder of Jeffrey Johnson part VII

Greetings to all of you and aliens also who maybe read our articles.I’m programming a quiz in Javascript for those who know what is Javascript.I hope i will managed to finish this before the end of the month.No wonder programmers have good salaries, being a programmer is hard profession.

I admire for people who built WordPress.I think WordPress contains around 150 people who work more than 72 millions of websites.Amazon online shop has 15 000 employees and WP only 150.I don’t say Amazon is harder, but WP is not easy as it looks like.You as a blogger of this great CMS see how hard is for us, i can imagine how hard is for them.High five for boys and girls in WP!!

Now lets back to our show, let see what is going on with riddle called murder of Jeffrey Johnson.If you forgot what it was, you can remind over here: .

Attacker took fainted Robert into woods where no one was around.He didn’t wanted to kill Robert, but somehow he had to get rid of him.So he tied him for a tree.Now path was free for attacker to continue his way to erase all who want to stop him in his intentions.He checked Robert’s health and condition, ran into his car and pointed into Andy’s house.He failed last time to kill Anny, now is the right time to finish what he started.

Being in Andy’s house with Anny someone had to be with.She needed protection in case of killer tries once again to strike.Police officers switched in shifts on every 8 hours.Today with Anny was younger police officer.Sometimes Anny’s boyfriend Jack came to see her.Anny felt sad with whole situation happened to her.Suddenly her life turned upside down.Everything was perfect until Marry met Jeffrey.Then Jeffrey was killed in his house, Marry in subway and she in her house.She asked herself why terrible things like these happened to her, what bad did she done so life is returning to her like this.

Robert walked up after unexpected attack.Not being able to move he had to find the way to pull out from this problem.He rolled around the tree seeking for some sharp object.Something which could cut his ropes.He looked and looked, until he found a rock.He took a rock under his butt putting it between his hands and ropes.He managed to release himself and revenge to his attacker.Thinking wisely Robert knew killer will strike again Anny so he went to quickly to check on her.

Killer was very smart.He succeeded to find Anny in no time.He took a rock and threw it on Andy’s window.Rock broke a window, making Anny scared and terrified for her life.Police officer went out to check what is going on.Holding gun in his hand, he moved slowly.Then killer stabbed him from behind.Police officer past away.Now the killer had no one to save Anny, having open way to finish the job.

Will Robert arrive to stop the killer, find out in next chapter πŸ™‚ .

P.S: I don’t possess the copyrights for this images.


Detective stories: Murder of Jeffrey Johnson part VI

Hello to you all.What is going on in your life ? My tv is losing background lightness, so most probably i have to take it to the handyman.When you have luck, that last shortly.But misfortune is going one by one in a row.Imagine your luck goes in a row, nothing could stop us in way to the top.

Anyway Stallone said one interesting thing about taking the punches: “It is not important how hard you can hit, the important is how strong you can take the punch and get up”.I don’t know is life hitting hard in your country, over here had daily plan for everyone.

Lets go to next chapter of detective story about Robert Prouse and murder of Jeffrey Johnson.

Robert came down to check on Anny.Anny was frighten and all in tears.

-“Come on darling, everything is ok, he ran away.”
-“Oh my God, he escaped.What will we do if he comes back.”
-“Don’t worry, i’ll take care of you.Nobody will hurt you.Come one lets take you somewhere safe.”

Robert drove her at his friend Andy, his co-worker.After leaving her at his house, he directed into Rickie’s house.He rang.A woman in mid fifties opened the door.Her name is Brooke.

-“Good evening madam, my name is Robert Prouse, i am investigating the murder of mister Jeffrey Johnson.I’m looking for a young man name Rickie Rock.Is he at home ?”
-“Yes, he is in the living room.Rickie honey, come over here.A police officer wants to talk to you.”

Rickie came in a wheel chair.Unfortunately, there is small possibility he killed Jeffrey and Marry in this condition.

-“Good evening sir, what can i do for you ?”
-“I’m investigating the murder of Jeffrey Johnson and misses Reggina Marry Homeland.I want to ask you a few questions.”
-“Marry is dead ? How,when,who, i didn’t knew nothing about her death.”
-“Really ?”
-“Yes, i’m shocked.How did she died ?”
-“She is stabbed from behind in the bathroom near subway station.”
-“I can not believe.”
-“Her sister is attacked this night, but attacker failed in his attempt.”
-“I see, do you think who ever killed Jeffrey, could kill Marry and attack Anny ?”
-“There is an option,now lets forget about that.I’m sorry for asking,but wow long are you in a wheel chair ?”
-“One whole month.”
-“There is no chance you could walk ?”
-“Doctor say there is possibility, an risky operation, but they will try that in upcoming months.”
-“I see, and you dated Marry ?”
-“Yes, we were in a relationship for eight months.Until she found the other guy.”
-“You don’t know who it was ?”
-“No, she left without words.”
-“And when did you saw her last time ?”
-“A month ago, i was in a hospital on some tests, she came also to see a doctor because of minor problems with her knee.”
-“Ok, thank you for your cooperation, sorry for disturbment.Will be in touch, good night.”
-“Good night detective.”

No luck this time.Murders are waiting, Anny is attacked, killer is on the loose.Where to search now ? Phone range in Robert’s pocket.

-“Prouse on the line ?”
-“Detective this is Angela, Jeffrey’s wife, i have some information about possible suspect, can we meet tomorrow at Dungeon road 18.”
-“Really, are you sure ?”
-“Yes mister Prouse, i might have your answer on question which bothering you.Tomorrow around 3PM ?”
-“Great, i’ll see you then.”
-“Ok, its a deal.”

Tomorrow at 3PM Robert came at appointed place.He waited, waited and waited.About 20 minutes nobody was around.Just when he wanted to leave someone hit him from behind with a bat.Once again person dressed in black, the same person who attacked and killed Marry now targeted on Robert.Robert past out the same second.

Is this the end of Robert or he gets another chance find out in the next chapter πŸ™‚ .

P.S: I don’t posses copyrights for posted images.


Detective stories: Murder of Jeffrey Johnson V part

Runner Up Croatia lost 6:0 from Spain in qualifications for League of Nations.Who could imagine that good soccer players can lose with so high score.Ball is round,soccer is interesting that is why people like most popular game in the world.Do you like it ?

Do you know how is the killer, in my series of detective stories.Who is the man or woman we are looking for, read in my new article πŸ™‚ .

Coming up on the scene of crime,finding Reggina Marry Homeland dead, Robert felt depressed.He came home to his wife and kids, losing interest in this case.Two actually.Reggina Marry was great opportunity to solve Jeffrey’s murder.Now when she’s not alive, who else could help Robert in this mess.Puzzle is separated in two pieces.One belongs to Jeffrey, the other belongs to Reggina Marry.

Robert turned on the tv to relax and rest in a long day.His wife Jessica set next to him.

-“Honey what’s wrong, you looked like entire world is broken.”
-“Another murder happened today, and the victim was maybe my solution in Jeffrey Johnson’s murder.Now when she’s dead, i don’t know where to search,how to react or think in right direction.”
-“Murders are not something simple, you knew that before you became detective.”
-“Yes, but this complicated murder i never had.Imagine you look for an invisible needle in a haystack.”
-“Hey, nothing is impossible, you thought the same thing with the murder of Korny brothers and you solved.Try harder,sharp your mind,you will find your path to the goal.”
-“Thank you miss Prouse, you are very supportive.Nobody has a wife like me.”
-“Of course and i’m the prettiest on the world.” Jessica winked and kissed Robert in the cheek.Robert went to sleep, it is always wiser in morning then at night.

But Anny

Tomorrow Robert remembered maybe Reggina Marry’s twin sister can help him.He stopped by at her house to find out something Reggina Marry knew before the murder.Robert rang.Reggina Anny opened him.

-“Oh, it is you…What do you want ?”
-“First of all i want to tell you i’m sorry for your sister’s death.Second we must catch her killer.”
-“I agree with you in that, but how ?”
-“Did Marry had some jealous ex boyfriend,some stalker,maybe secret admirer ?”
-“Yes, i suspect on ex boyfriend Rickie, he was with Marry before she started her relationship with Jeffrey.”
-“How does this Rickie looks like ?”
-“Black haired, tall, great shape, he wears earrings and drives a motorcycle.”
-“Where he lives ?”
-“Two blocks from here, in Hamington street.”

While they talked inside, again certain person observed Robert and Anny.Robert left the house leaving alone Anny.That same person who attacked and killed Marry waited the right moment to strike again.Anny went to the first floor in her room, wanting to take a bath.Attacker rang to make a distraction and attack Marry inside house.However Robert forgot his notes in her house and came back to take it.Marry opened the door, but no one was around.Attacker took his advantage and went upstairs to wait for Marry.Marry went back in her bathroom.Then she heard noise.Attacker held a knife in his right arm.But Anny had a bat in her bathroom.Just when she got out from the bathroom killer attacked her from left.Anny fell and hits attacker in his leg.Attacker falls.Then Anny ran downstairs trying to open the door.Attacker felt pain,but he wasn’t harmed at all, took his knife and searched for Anny.Just when he found her at door Robert rang.Anny screamed the stronger she could.

-“Help me, he is going to kill me!!!.”
-“Anny, move away from the door, i’m going to crush them.”

Attacker heard Robert’s voice returned upstairs and jump out from the window.Robert opened the door.

-Where is he ?”
-“He was here minute ago, he went upstairs.”
-“Stay here, i’m going up.”

Robert took his gun and directed to find the killer.He pointed carefully,turning on the lights.When he arrived at Anny’s room, he found window opened.Attacker took again his advantage and escaped from Robert.He failed in his intentions, but he managed to not get caught.

Is this really Rickie,Marry’s ex boyfriend or someone else find out in the next chapter πŸ™‚ .



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