How many kids is enough

Whats upppppppppppp people,howwww you doin says the magician.Kiss me if you dare and i will turn you in to the frog.

So what new thing is awaiting you in next year ? Did i said New Year ? Yes,because here in Europe when summer ends for me year is over.I hope somehow,or someone will end this corona smelly cat.I mean ok people are sick but come one lets live normally,lets behave at least a little bit like we live before this pandemic.Anyway stay healthy 😉.

Lets start from the end World War II.Many countries including mine,suffered total disaster.Lives were lost like when you squash an ant community.So after this tragic event biggest in 20th century population had to grew somehow.That meant kids had to be born.

For example in my father’s family he had five sisters and five brothers.Other families had eight,seven or six siblings.With that numbers new future was waiting all of us.Now having a big family is a big work for parents,grandparents even for relativies if you have good relationship with them.

Kids require high attention.From youngest days until they become parents like you raising is necessary all the time.Changing diapers,feeding them,learning kids how to speak,walk,behave and to be healthy is the first step.Kids want entertainment.That is what is childhood for.You’re not gonna eat sand in adult age.You’re gonna eat it in age of three 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.Preschool,school,college,then work and their kids.All from beginning.Food,drink,clothes,footwear,games outside,games inside,television and so on.That all cost a lot.So less kids more things for one or two.

In previous century maybe kids where little bit humbler than in 2021.For example in Yugoslavia now separated country kids had to work in agriculture.Working on farm with animals,vegetables,fruits was a big deal.Now nobody is living like that.Most of young people moved into city.Different style of living but same problem.So you had to feed your family somehow.

It isn’t the same in Asia,Africa,South America,North America,Europe and Australia.Europe for now has oldest population.We have many migrants from all over the globe.But we don’t talk about them.They come in large groups especially with two,three or four kids.Some of them come even in larger group.

Are those people never heard of condoms🤣🤣🤣 or they don’t have money to buy them,never mind important detail is their population doesn’t stop to grow.Asia,Africa and both of Americas have younger population than Europe.My opinion is it will be big mix of cultures in future.You’re not gonna have pure Europeans,instead that will be different nationalities with changed genes.Is it good or not i can not tell.We are similar in some things but certain wholes always make changes in society.

Kids are biggest joy in your life.Who hate kids hate himself.Evey kid deserves better life,better health,better future.How many kids will you have is up to you.Kids deserve best.Kids must learn the best from their parents.Parents must take care in any circumstances for their kids.Most important thing in a family is to be like link.Connected family is a happy family.Remember that!!!

Sons or daughters or both,the best advice for all of us is to fill them with love 😉.Be careful,today we live fast and they must not grow without us.

Ok guys i worked twelve hours today,people annoyed me,they exaust me,and now i have to eat something sweet to get over that.Of course to sleep a little bit.Listen to this old song from my 1997.Lets get back in to childhood.Bye 😎

By Nash Christmas

I am programmer and i writer.


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