Why is hard to be a man.

In previous post we wrote some things about how hard is to be a woman.Let’s write now about man.

Man ? Men are so called ‘stronger gender’.They are people who protect family and bring bigger amount of money to home.Father,grandfather,uncle,brother,nephew and son, they all are men.Is it really that hard to be a man ? Some say yes,some say no.

First reason.Men contain 90% of criminals.

Since of beggining of humanity men wanted to earn food,water and later money on easy way.Stealing,robbering,killing people for money,forgering the money and other stuff made of men criminals.

Hundreds of years,century by century men provided big number of criminals.Later on its created group of criminals called ‘mob’.That kind of people would do anything for money on easy way.Main rule of the mob is:’Only dead you can leave the mob’.

Did you ever even heard for female mob.Me neither.Women are more gentlier and better persons with good heart.Women don’t kill children for money.Men do! So in this case your happy to be a woman.

Second reason.Men die more than women.

War.Conflict between two or more nations, mostly ended with blood and deaths, caused from people who didn’t wanted to move their butts from nice and comfortable chairs,so they can injoy themselves when others fight for them.

When king saided its going to be a war, he didn’t said women must go to war.No men must go! You see most of emperors wanted to have women and children at home,because women give the birth and children are our future.So men were those who were killing and being killed from other mens.

Men also die from most of diseases,in car accidents,they commit more suicides than women,from alcohol and drugs.In most cases women live at least seven years more than men.

Third reason.Man must win their woman.

Men want love,women too.But its not expected from a woman to make the first move.Man must do that.Here is the list of things in point by point,in which man most conquer his woman:

1.Man must make the first move.
2.Man must ask woman on a date.
3.Man must take a woman out(restaurant,movies,dance or similar).
4.Man must kiss his woman first.
5.Man must to be funny.
6.Man must be handsome or at least charming.
7.Man must be tall.
8.Man must earn more than his woman.(Money is not important but needs always.The more is better).
9.Man must make a move so they can have sex.
10.Man must pay most of the things when they go somewhere together.
11.Man must ask a woman to marry him.

If this all comes together,man and woman bond a family and have kids,and live happily after ever.Sounds good ha.Well it is.This round goes to women.It is hard to be a hunter and its harder when prey doesn’t want you.

Fourth reason.Women gets kids after the divorce.

Divorce, small word which gives a big problems.We all know love can’t last forever.It is hard to love someone 24/7,30 days in month,365 in a year.After the marriage divorce is the only way for two people to end their community.Its hard for everyone to be in a divorce process.For the parents, for the kids and mostly for the family.

But why husband is that one who must live the house ? Why is he separated from his kids five days of week ? Why the house go to his wife ? And finally he’s the one who pays the alimony.

And what about the apartment he must to pay(unless he has another pleace to live) ? What about bills he must to pay ? What about the food he must to pay ? In ocassion like this it is better to be a woman.Another round won by women.

Well we wrote some things about men,some about women.I hope you have injoy reading this post.In the next chapter we discuss what is better to be straight,gay or bisexual.

So long for now.See ya.

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Cashless-possible disaster

Greetings to all of you around the planet.I don’t know are you having breakfast,lunch or dinner, anyway have a nice meal.Also take some desert after meal, so you know you are already full.I like to eat ice cream, today i took it in a cone with chocolate and hazelnut.Out here number of foreign is growing every day, sims people like Serbia,Belgrade in mostly.Belgrade is cheap destination for foreigners.Especially if you shop at shopping malls.

I can say Belgrade has too much shopping malls, i bet New York who is 8 million large city doesn’t have that number of malls.I’m not so sure, however by my count currently we have around 10 shopping malls who are very big.Belgrade needs something different,something new,something fresh.Don’t get me wrong,i like malls, but you can’t visit all of them.Maybe when i get rich,something new will appear.

Cash wasn’t always in use in society we know today.People exchanged a lot of stuff in past.Fruits,vegetables,flour,bread,other types of food,clothes,even vehicles.Then someone decided to make something everybody will use-cash.Cash grew and grew from day to day,becoming most powerful tool in history of human kind.By earning cash, and having tone of them,you could do what ever you wanted.Eat,drink,wear,travel,live in fancy houses,drive fancy cars and so on.

But, someone is on the way to destroy this piece of paper.Someone wants to create cashless society and leave people without all they have.Turning money into electronic shape, state and government are taking control above you.Just think about it.Someone is against you, all he or she needs to do is to freeze your bank account(or other electronic account) and you can’t buy nothing,not even bread.What that bring to people in societies, nothing!!!

Who ever does wants this rule,obviously is too hungry for money.Has already so many zeroes,now he or she wants take all people earned with hard work.Ok, in fight against crime that could be useful, still in other aspects will make total disaster.Imagine a waiter without a tip, singer,bellboy,cab driver without extra help.Some people just want normal life, they are not that sick to be obsessed with cash.And what some twisted mind wants, to take their life just with a snap of fingers.Leave this world man, go in some other world where cash never existed.

However, people are getting smarter and smarter, so by creation of bitcoin,other electronic money or other tool for paying will be made.Don’t worry, my fellow programmers and software engineers will think of something for salvation of people.We will survive and live free even you take our tool.You will be outsmarted i am sure 100%.We are not animals or robots to do what ever you say.

Go on the Mars or Moon,catch aliens, maybe they have something valuable than money.Maybe i sound rude, but truth must be told.We only have one life, we can’t waste it on stupid things like cashless.Long live the ordinary man !!!!!

Bye, thanks for visiting my site, it means a lot for me.See ya soon 🙂 .


Medications-malware of using it

Helloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.Greetings fellow bloggers.I’ve made a game consisting 20 levels.It is not a big of deal,game i made in Javascript, however i build it by myself without any help from a side.I just need to make an installation and i can put on Google play.Or maybe somewhere on internet online.It is not that important where people will play it,only does it matter i can show to other developers i know to code 😉 .

It was hot yesterday, today will be also.Summer maybe needed a rest, and now is going to hit us with full power.Two nights ago, i couldn’t sleep at all because it was very hot.I could only cool down with water.I envy fishes when summer comes, they can enjoy in water without worrying are they or not been in sweat of temperature.

People get sick.From flue,diarrhea,other stomach problems,heart,urinating problems and so on.So when we feel bad we take a pill and health problems get solved.But, what about hard marketing in which people offer you tones of medications you don’t need ?

Medications are not always been in use.People treat themselves with plants, making a potion for every illness they got, and that worked a long time.However how man,his intelligence and other things improved,people developed medications for healing nations health.One country made medication, and that spread around the world.That meant you didn’t need to go in some distant land to visit some old “grandma” to find a cure for your illness, you just went across the way in pharmacy shop and you found your cure.You got pill, people who owned pharmaceutical companies earned money.However when numbers on your bank account start growing, and people felt better, you had to made them somehow to buy medications.How, by inventing illnesses.

When my mother sees a commercial on TV, she always says in a joke, we can’t die.
“You are missing a hair, we have a cure for that !!!”
“You didn’t slept well last night, we have something to boost your energy !!!”
An so on.Of course if you are smart person, you wouldn’t buy just because someone said it on TV.If you are stupid you will make someone richer!!

If you watch your health, most probably there is minor percent you will need a pill just in case.If you don’t, watch out from pharmacist,doctors and other medical workers who try to trick you.Every time i went to doctors, and every time i needed a pill, doctor gave me a new one.When i asked him why this new pill, they said research discovered that pill decreased health and cause other medical problems.One other interesting thing about new cure, he cost twice more than previous one.

When i went to state hospital last year because some skin allergy,doctor gave me tone of grease for this problem.I didn’t bought anything, i went to private doctors office where its been told to me i don’t need that oil for small thing like this was.Instead i took cheaper grease and all ended well.You see if you don’t watch yourself, others won’t too.Except your parents maybe.

It is important to keep your health under control, managing to live longer,without unnecessary treatments at doctors.Ok, all medical workers are not the same, but there are a lot of frauds over there, hungry for money.Think about it twice before you choose right doctor.Pharmaceutical companies are always looking for victim, be smart and avoid this hunt.For money you can buy much useful things instead of chemical substances.

That would be all, see ya soon with fresh new things.I will try not to disappoint you 😉 .Love and kisses from Nash Christmas!!


Best place for vacation


Hahahaha i’m just kidding.I never watched from beginning to end Lord of the Rings, but i always like to remember these famous words.You would be surprised how many movies,series and even cartoons is made by books.I hope one day my books will be published, and perhaps made into a movie.If they don’t at least i wish to sell dozen of them.Who knows what future can bring for me.

I read about the destiny JK Rowling and i am stunned with her accomplishment.One other thing, sometimes you need luck to reach the top.I believe there are so many great writers who never succeeded to publish their books.Somehow faith turned back on them.I hope will not in my case.

Are you a winter type or a summer fan ? Do you prefer sea coast or snow on mountains ? Well, guess what, everything is fun when you are on vacation and nothing sims bad when you’re not having commitments at home 🙂 .

Sea.Who doesn’t like to swim, surf, ski on water or just enjoy under the umbrella on beach.When i take a shower i want to shower,shower and shower forever.Water is relaxing,resting and great for body and mind.Can you imagine yourself living near by blue water and take a swim every day.I know i would liked.

Winter is cold, however fresh air on mountain, also skiing, making snowman and others things make winter great time of year.Sometimes i could spent whole winter without bigger crowd by myself.Time to think, put your brain on vacation, even sleep whole day is one of the greatest plans for my vacation on mountain.Copy and paste this plan if you want 😉 .

Lake, why not.I think you would not reject a free vacation to spend on lake if someone offer you.I mean being around all that nature, forest,trees,maybe even you make a friendship with some animal, can be your best holiday if you ask me.And lets not forget fishing.In my hometown people often go fishing on lakes, returning with big catch.You should tr it if you ever go to lake.

Picture above is from Soko Banja from Serbia.It is from place where you can go into spa resort.But this is not just for beauty and relax.Spa resort on place like this offers more than you expect.On this places you can take a bath in a mud, used for therapeutic illness or to improve your skin look.Also you can take a bath in chocolate 🙂 .There are tones of interesting stuff over here with water who can cure you, or stones used to take off scars on your body.These spa resorts are being used mostly from older people, but last couple of years number of young people is growing every summer.There is also interesting music, dance, parties and lot of things you want on your vacation.If you are coming to Serbia take a visit in this place, you won’t regret it.

I didn’t mentioned where you can go, precisely on which destination, but i know you already know.If you want my advice go on Fiji,Australia,USA,Canada,Barbados,Bahamas,China,Japan all of this never can be boring.Also don’t forget to take photo, make us on holiday too if we are working.

That would be all, see you soon.Love you Nash Christmas.


Fake prophecy,black magic and other dangerous spells

Ahoy bloggers what is cooking in your kitchen.If make some cool dish call me to try it, my stomach likes different types of cuisines.Yummy,yummy 🙂 .

In Serbia is summer, but it doesn’t look like that.High temperatures with rain every day doesn’t make so much fun.It is steam all around you, you are sweaty and warm all the time not knowing what to wear tomorrow or can you go to the pool.

Who knows maybe the real summer will be in September,October or in November.Maybe then will take a swim and enjoy in sunny days 😉 .

In every culture from ages there were different people with different behaviour,education and knowledge about certain things.Some people knew how to build houses, some could make tables, some of them were police officers.However every nation has people who may change something only with words.

Black magic, witches or other prophets are still subject of many conversations between people.Let first discuss about fake prophets.

Some people suffer from lethal illnesses, some people believe they can’t find true love like someone put a spell on them, some people have money problems and so on.They try everything, but nothing succeeds.Then they hear stories about some “guy” who can help you, no matter what problem do you have.However this type of service is not “free”.

These so called “magicians” are asking money, if you want the solution for issues you are facing all the time.Ok, maybe, but maybe some of them will work, but in 99% of cases doesn’t succeeds.How some guy saying a few words or putting some plants,clothes or hair can cure a disease like cancer ? Can sleeping on the same side in bed find you a husband ? Never!!! This cheaters only want some cash, they are not Gods, they can’t give you life, they just talk convincing, nothing else.

In one show i watched on TV, some man complained about often headaches he has by calling a “tv prophet”.Prophet told him to take a egg from fridge and crack it on his forehead.Did he did it ? Of course he did.But headaches didn’t stop, of course.How people can be dumb to believe some random guy in things he tells,you would surprise.

Ok, some people don’t know magic, still some people can do bad things to you.And you don’t want to mess with them.They are like devil’s servant able to make your life miserable.I heard a story from my mother about a woman who disabled many women to get pregnant.Or to disable a man to have kids.In my grandparents village my uncle came to visit one day.He spent night over there.When he walked up, he found a dead rabbit in front of the house.He thought maybe some animal attacked that rabbit and left in our garden being scared of people.But next day same situation.Dead rabbit in front of the house.Two dead rabbits in two days, that is not a coincidence.What ever they planned to do to us, fortunately didn’t work.Who did that even today we don’t know.

Some “sorcerer” of black magic cause fights in family.Some are causing health problems.It is important to be aware with who are you dealing.I don’t know the defense against dark arts, but search it online.Something useful must appear.

Let us not forgot superstitions about Friday the 13th, black cat crossing your way, walking under the ladder and other stereotypes people heard from older generations.Nothing can bring bad luck, only negative energy can do that.If you feel negative, negative things will happen.If you feel positive,positive things must happen.

Be happy and watch from danger.If you watch yourself God will watch you even more.That would be all for today, read if you have some spare time.See ya next time.


Do you believe in lies of newspapers, television and internet news

Its been a long time since i wrote an article on WordPress.If by any case you forgot about me, what can i tell-i can’t complete all duties in my life.Maybe if i clone myself or find someone willing to write instead of me.

But here i am today, glad to be back again in society of great writers like you bloggers.I hope good things are only happening in your life, bad are hidden somewhere underground, not being able to reach the light.If you ask how i am, i’m ok.I think the time is coming soon to start looking for a job as a programmer.Wish me luck in next couple of months, i hope for better period in my life.

I’m going on vacation in September, glad to see my uncle and other family in Croatia.I was there last time, five years ago.Long time no see.I can’t wait to go there.And beside they are runner-ups in finals of ended World cup.

Newspapers,television and internet consist so big number of information.Every day,every second new things are informing us about events happening around the world.Politics,sport,music,black chronicles and other things we like to hear non stop.But how many news are really true ?

They are not, truth never makes people interested in stuff we read every day.Some man gave money for charity foundations, ha boring.Man saved some person from drowning, ha boring.Man killed 20 people with twenty bullets, uh juicy.Journalism never stops to surprise you.

I mentioned reality shows in some of my articles i wrote couple months ago.In reality shows like Jerry Springer is can you imagine relationship between a grandmother and a grandson.No, you don’t.Only money is the reason why people act and pretend do things they are not true.Why not, easy money is always welcomed.Or reality like one in Serbia is, where one guy wants to meet two of his girlfriends and make triangle in a relationship like that is.Nobody believe in in this crap.

In Serbia lately i read on Facebook Dalai Lama’s phrases and quotes.And people buy this things, thinking some older man really sad this words.Then a man survived attack of 1000 poison snakes, people jump from a cliff but they survive and son on.No wonder my mother says i don’t believe to anyone when he/she tells things about everyday’s events around us.

Ok, everyone wants to earn money without bigger effort or bigger sweat, but come on be more convincing.Find other subjects, other stories, don’t just copy and paste things are already written.Sooner or later you will be discovered.Tell the truth, invent something yours, it must be something interesting,funny educating then old “borrowing”.I know you can do that, beside it is much nicer to have things of your one then taken from someone else.

Brain is made to work, not to sleep.Awake him before he jumps to bed.He has many things to do before REM phase.

That is for today, believe it or not i wrote this article in 15 minutes.This is a record for me.High five for me.See ya when time gives me permission for writing blogs.


Why Rocky Balboa is so inspiring

Greetings from Serbia.It is summer over here, but it is cold like in fall.Rainy days,people wear jackets, they turn on the heat, like there is no sun at all.Still warm weather will come i believe these days.

I never tried to sing in the rain, maybe i just didn’t catch the right moment.By the way who is going to win the World cup, i think Belgium can surprise all of us.Croatia had big luck in penalty kick twice, third time would be too much.Soccer is really the most important secondary thing on the world.I think even animals have their own favorite for the winning championship.

Share with me who is going to win the cup.Favorites in comment section !!

Most probably you watched this movie at least once.Love it or hate it, you have to admit that better motivation you can’t find any where on the world.Why Rocky is so inspiring ?

Rich people are like fingers we have in our body.We have twenty of them so that means it is hard for you to get in that group.So many of us are belonging into group of ordinary people.We don’t have big houses,apartments,expensive cars,luxuries jewellery or other type rich people have.Best way how you can get on the top is Rocky.

Like he said life is tough opponent,has all tools,help and strength to beat you and leave you one the ground.But if we fight and show him how bigger willingness and desire we have, to show our opponent no matter how big and strong he is we are not weak like he thought.Everybody want to succeed, everybody want more, only we must to go forward fighting even we have obstacles on the way.

Rocky wanted more against his rival Apolo Creed, he had more heart, more confidence more desire unlike Apolo.Rocky is on the bottom, but when you’re down you can only go up if you have heart who wants success.

Sometimes we feel like losers, like there is no chance to go from the first step any longer.Like someone tied us for some tree where is no possibility to go anywhere.However after the rain, sun comes around the corner.Suddenly we feel happy, we feel stronger, we feel amazing.Like problems were some stain on the clothes.If Rocky had persistence and strength to believe in himself, why we can’t.Sure we are going to be blocked with other people and other events, but one day all is going to be paid off.I believe for myself and i believe you will also.JUST HAVE SOME FAITH AND NOTHING CAN’T STOP YOU.


Stepfather or stepmother

Greetings to all people around the planet.Serbia is out of the World cup(i knew it will happen), but that doesn’t mean the championship is over.Tell you the truth, from ages we don’t have a team for any serious competition like this one.Soccer players are not that interested for their country like other athletes.They do their best in their clubs, in our national team-NEVER.I don’t care, we have basketball,volleyball,handball,water polo and many other great athletes who will show what talent Serbia has 😉 .

World cup-let the best nation win, in my case i think it will be a surprise to see the new champion on the top 🙂 .

In life of some boy or a girl parents get divorced.Nobody expects that event, it is very hard process especially in a life of young mind.Tough words,fights,going to court with lawyers and so on.Somehow that ends,things get sorted,and life can continue.Kids know their parents are not together anymore, but at least they get along.

Then one day your father or mother meet a ‘new friend’.They are laughing together,spending time together,touching each other, suddenly kids think who is this person in life of their parent.Over time your parent says he or she has a new partner.Of course kids hate presence of that person in life of their parent, not mentioning they hate to see them in their presence.

Love is necessary,you never know when you gonna find it.Yes kids will hate you because you forgot their father or mother in other case,they will want to see that person out of their lives on every way.But that person didn’t came to destroy your life.Over time you will meet your third parent better with all flaws and virtues.Yes some stepfathers and stepmothers are bad, you can hate them 😉 , but really most of them want to be friends with you,help you,make your life happier.

You will see how love can be tough sometimes and how hard is to find the right one when you grow up.Everybody deserves to be happy, so is your dad and mom.

That would be all, little shorter article, still i hope you liked it.See ya whenever i catch some spare time.Peace !!!!

Boarding school

Miss me
Miss ya

I hope you have a great time in your country, cheer for your favorite team on World Cup, maybe a bet and win some cash.I bet long time ago, i think i was teen when put some money on some team.In Serbia most people bet on soccer, some maybe basketball, or american football.I can tell if you watch,follow and think wisely you can earn something.Otherwise is best to spend on food or something third, because house always wins ! Like in Vegas !

Anyway when we can bet over here,so please if you don’t mind say who will won current Word Cup in soccer.Post answers in comment section.

So i’m ready to write something, i must catch all i didn’t wrote in past periods.

Kids don’t like school, i mean who like it anyway.But school is important.Same as eating,taking care of your health,breathing and other bigger things in life.But boarding school ? Boring.

Who gives the right to parents to send their kid into some school, where they are like in prison.Ok, some schools are meant to be like that, like military schools where some kids must learn discipline, but sending them into other boarding schools is wrong.

We are not our own prisoners, we have freedom of walking.Animals have it, why would we make a block for some kids sending them into boarding school.Yes boarding school have good program,great education,all things young kid need.But fun is when you have freedom, when you are not on the same place with same people all the time, following the rules they have.You determine when you wanna go to sleep,eat,enjoy or do other activities.

Boarding schools allow students to go out during weekends, who wants to wait to see Friday when in regular school after studying you can have fun after that.Believe to me nothing is better to go in normal school, learn things, get memories for entire life.

Once again i am not totally against boarding schools, but in my opinion ordinary schools are the best.Long live the regular school 🙂 .

That would be all for today, see ya i hope soon.Don’t forget to write who will win the World Cup this year.Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!!

Brain is ok, heart is the problem

Remember me, i hope you do.For those who know me i don’t need to introduce myself, for those who don’t know me i will introduce you.My name is Nenad Bozic or alias Nash Christmas.In basically my alias is translated from Serbian to English.I come from Serbia, small country in South-Eastern Europe,from capital Belgrade.

I am studying to be a computer programmer,also i write blogs and book(for who i don’t know when i’m going to finish them, maybe never 🙂 lol ).Let me not forget i’m 27 years old, i have a girlfriend Marina.I am not native english speaker, even do i write blogs on English.I also know Spanish a little bit of German and French.

If you want to meet me more read out posts i wrote so far.

Brain is the best organ we have, but we don’t do things like our brain says, we do everything what our heart says.Brain knows some things are good or bad for us, still we don’t follow his rules, we draw a path with our heart.When we help some other human being we don’t help because our brain says the command, we do that because our heart orders us to do that.

Heart tell us when and how are we going to fall in love.Heart is a radar for love, brain is like a dashboard with controls for using.So our emotions are mover or better said goal in our life.Joy,sadness,anger our brain starts, but ends in our heart.Like a ball in a hoop.

Heart makes our life alive, not our brain.Who doesn’t have a heart, he doesn’t exists.Keep your heart from bad people, it the strongest muscle you have don’t allow other people to hurt him.


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