Newest lies in the world

This is going to be humoruous.I don’t intend anyone to be offended by,don’t wanna upset anyone or cause hate between people(race,sexuality,skin color).Only for fun.Agree to be amused not to be anger.Here we go. A new country called Polarsky became a leader in modern world.China,Russia and USA no longer existed during the World War 3. Polarsky… Continue reading Newest lies in the world

Evil vs Good

In a open space there was a cage.In that cage there was evil force stuck inside it.Evil looked for a way to get out and continue his terror on people. But there was a problem.Nobody go near the evil.Nobody wanted to mess with evil.Until young goodness came.Young goodness planned how to help people.Older goodness said… Continue reading Evil vs Good

People who like to yell

Ninety’s rules.What’s up ? What are you doing ? Let’s see my topic.P.S: Sing this sons more often,it has some kind of power. We all have higher and lower tone of voice.Especially when we are mad,we set tone of our voice up.Still,some people liks to yell ! In the army you can not expect from… Continue reading People who like to yell

May all wishes come true

Dear friends around the world.I wish you in this year only the best.A lot of good health,many new friendships,joy,love and of course big amount of cash. Hope we will hear less about viruses and boring stuff in the news.Be happy and make others happy πŸ₯³πŸ’ͺπŸ«‚πŸ‘πŸ‘©β€β€οΈβ€πŸ‘¨.

Help for the young girl

Please dear people this is the invitation from Serbia.It is urgent!!! I know it may seems like a fraud but it isn’t.I asure you this is real thing!!! This young girl is called Teodora,she is 7 years old.She has brain tumor and for her treatement is necessary 500.000 euros.People in Serbia are donating all they… Continue reading Help for the young girl

People on all places

Hi there how you doing πŸ˜‰.Well it is Thursday in Serbia.Rain got the job to fall all day long.It is boring when you are all wet.Especially if you work.Anyway when I spend spare time with my girlfriend nothing is boring to meπŸ˜‰. You have to wait in the post office to pay bills.Right ? When… Continue reading People on all places

How many kids is enough

Whats upppppppppppp people,howwww you doin says the magician.Kiss me if you dare and i will turn you in to the frog. So what new thing is awaiting you in next year ? Did i said New Year ? Yes,because here in Europe when summer ends for me year is over.I hope somehow,or someone will end… Continue reading How many kids is enough

Is it hard to forgive

Hey guys what you doing interesting these days πŸ™‚ .I went yesterday in to shopping mall where i visited haunted house.I went out in a second.Hahahahah i must say it is scary up there.Anyway next week i will enter for the second time and go to all 13 rooms.Wish me luck πŸ™‚ . We all… Continue reading Is it hard to forgive