Why is hard to be a man.

In previous post we wrote some things about how hard is to be a woman.Let’s write now about man.

Man ? Men are so called ‘stronger gender’.They are people who protect family and bring bigger amount of money to home.Father,grandfather,uncle,brother,nephew and son, they all are men.Is it really that hard to be a man ? Some say yes,some say no.

First reason.Men contain 90% of criminals.

Since of beggining of humanity men wanted to earn food,water and later money on easy way.Stealing,robbering,killing people for money,forgering the money and other stuff made of men criminals.

Hundreds of years,century by century men provided big number of criminals.Later on its created group of criminals called ‘mob’.That kind of people would do anything for money on easy way.Main rule of the mob is:’Only dead you can leave the mob’.

Did you ever even heard for female mob.Me neither.Women are more gentlier and better persons with good heart.Women don’t kill children for money.Men do! So in this case your happy to be a woman.

Second reason.Men die more than women.

War.Conflict between two or more nations, mostly ended with blood and deaths, caused from people who didn’t wanted to move their butts from nice and comfortable chairs,so they can injoy themselves when others fight for them.

When king saided its going to be a war, he didn’t said women must go to war.No men must go! You see most of emperors wanted to have women and children at home,because women give the birth and children are our future.So men were those who were killing and being killed from other mens.

Men also die from most of diseases,in car accidents,they commit more suicides than women,from alcohol and drugs.In most cases women live at least seven years more than men.

Third reason.Man must win their woman.

Men want love,women too.But its not expected from a woman to make the first move.Man must do that.Here is the list of things in point by point,in which man most conquer his woman:

1.Man must make the first move.
2.Man must ask woman on a date.
3.Man must take a woman out(restaurant,movies,dance or similar).
4.Man must kiss his woman first.
5.Man must to be funny.
6.Man must be handsome or at least charming.
7.Man must be tall.
8.Man must earn more than his woman.(Money is not important but needs always.The more is better).
9.Man must make a move so they can have sex.
10.Man must pay most of the things when they go somewhere together.
11.Man must ask a woman to marry him.

If this all comes together,man and woman bond a family and have kids,and live happily after ever.Sounds good ha.Well it is.This round goes to women.It is hard to be a hunter and its harder when prey doesn’t want you.

Fourth reason.Women gets kids after the divorce.

Divorce, small word which gives a big problems.We all know love can’t last forever.It is hard to love someone 24/7,30 days in month,365 in a year.After the marriage divorce is the only way for two people to end their community.Its hard for everyone to be in a divorce process.For the parents, for the kids and mostly for the family.

But why husband is that one who must live the house ? Why is he separated from his kids five days of week ? Why the house go to his wife ? And finally he’s the one who pays the alimony.

And what about the apartment he must to pay(unless he has another pleace to live) ? What about bills he must to pay ? What about the food he must to pay ? In ocassion like this it is better to be a woman.Another round won by women.

Well we wrote some things about men,some about women.I hope you have injoy reading this post.In the next chapter we discuss what is better to be straight,gay or bisexual.

So long for now.See ya.

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How to people read your blog if you don’t write


Hi,how are you.I didn’t wrote nothing almost a week,i was very tired and nervous these days so someone had to suffer.Blog is the victim of that order.After a week it is time to write something.A man need to recover energy,think about some things and come back fresh.If you lose power what is the worth of something.How you can work in full strength if you don’t have it.Have a rest,fill up your battery and you are ready to go.

I give big respect for those bloggers who do this for a very long time.Doing this every day is hard,demanding,sometimes even boring.However i like to write so i will continue to reach higher bar is possible.No quitting πŸ˜‰ .

This is not going to be advice or suggestion.It is the question for you.How do you manage to keep your followers to read your post if you don’t write ?

For instant celebrities have that luxury to not post anything and yet people are reading things they wrote before.Or posting pictures.As famous person you posted some picture before,and every day is growing number of views.On the other hand having internet today everybody can be popular.But in the sea full of fish,you must separate somehow.You start all begins tough and slowly, after a while it grows and grows number of people who read what you write,suddenly you are at top.Then real fight is waiting for you.How to stay at top ?

Some people write about sports,some write about music,movies,politics and so on.Or they write about people like me πŸ™‚ .For someone is easier to get crowd very quickly,for someone no matter what does that person do crowd is not reading stuff he/she writes.I read many great blogs who have little number of readers.You would be surprised how quality content you see on their sites and yet small number of people read that.Normally it takes time to get to people’s mind and heart, still that much time and effort is given for what.Nothing !

I’m following many,many bloggers.I regret when i can’t comment all they post.Day has only 24 hours,beside work,studying and writing blogs i can’t say my opinion to all of you.But i hit like in that treat πŸ™‚ .Every one of you has special talent,special subject who deserves special feedback.Some bloggers deserve real reward for things they write.So smart,so amazing too bad nothing can’t get in their hands.

Blogging is a hobby, but also a commitment.If you don’t write you become forgotten.I am not addicted to people’s feedback,however i like to hear what people have to say.Every opinion is important ! What is necessary to change,add,remove,it all goes in one basket.So far nobody ever swear,bad behaved or tried to jeopardize my posts.Everybody have manners,good attitude and great communication.I respect my followers,if something is wrong please tell me that,if is good i will always try to make things even better next time.

So i asked you a question.How do you manage to keep people on your blog even you don’t write,also what is your favorite blogger has that others don’t have.

See ya real soon,be cool as ever πŸ™‚ .


An ugly duck became a swan

Let me hear you.

Phone rings.

“Nash Christmas office ?”
“Hi,is Nash there ?”
“And you are ?”
“I’m his friend.”
“I am very sorry sir,but mister Nash is very busy.He is writing a blog in this moment, can i take note from you for him.”
“He’s writing a blog, oh i see.Never mind i will call him later,just say he has greetings from JK Rowling.”
“Very well, thank you very much for calling”

Wow i know JK Rowling,i can’t remember where we met πŸ™‚ .Hahahaha,it would be cool to meet her in person.And it would be even cooler to write a book like Harry Potter,make some movie,then just go somewhere to enjoy in your success.Who knows JK succeeded with 32,i’m 27 right now so five years ahead is in front of me.Or some of my friend bloggers can write a book.I don’t know how are you interested in book writing,but you can try to write at least one.I read on internet for writing a novel you need about 100.000 words.So if you can write an article on WordPress having around 1000 words,then you can write a book as well.Try it you never know where life can send you.Top can be close if you try !.

Lets get started, curtains open.

Surprised ha ! I bet you thought i’m gonna tell a fairy tale.Well you know this story,you’ve heard it a thousands of time in your childhood.In this article i’m going to write you about people who turned from an ugly into beautiful persons.Nobody has perfect aesthetic,beautiful body and face,better called “death” for opposite sex.However some people are not that blessed to be born good looking,especially when puberty starts.Kids,teenagers can be so cruel in these days.From appearing akne on your skin,growing hair on your body,voice mutation and other things plus not that strong looks life can be hard for kids in this age.

Making fun of somebody who is not beautiful,is stupid,bad and discriminated.Someone is overweight,someone has big ears,someone has big nose and so on.You make fun of them in this moment,until one day…Person who you knew,who was ugly before became a something between an angel and a master piece.Suddenly that certain person has only compliments from those who make fun of her,everyone wants to talk with that person,to be in his/her presence,do what ever that person command.People can be big hypocrites you know.Sleazeballs who change colors whenever suits them.I am always try to be good with everyone.Who wants to be friend with me will be always,who doesn’t want doesn’t have to.

Beauty can last very long,but when you come in older age,it is important what comes inside.Our virtues have bigger value than our looks.Beauty is like a magnet who pulls you over,however that what comes from inside is what hold as forever.What is the good thing for me if i have a beautiful girl when she has bad heart.Like a poison apple.It look great from outside,but can kill you from inside.Another thing yesterday you might were hot person,tomorrow you can be that ugly person you make fun of her.Wheel turns around,if you think you are protected then you’re wrong.For you who became beautiful don’t become arrogant.Be the same person you were before,watch from those who can make your life miserable,and find your true love.Beside opposites attracts anyway.

Have a happy life,enjoy while you can see you soon.Hopefully tomorrow πŸ™‚ .Peace !!!


Presence of the husband during labour

Let sing all together.

Hello is someone there.Knock knock.You wanna play hide and seek.One,two,three here i go.You’re not there,you’re not over there.Aha there you are, i found you.Hi guys what you doin.I don’t know what kind of weather is in your homeland, but here in Serbia is great.Sun is shining,people seem in the good mood,only if we can earn something from the side life would be perfect πŸ˜‰ .

I am making Ludo game in Javascript,and i can tell ya making this game is really hard.No wonder programmers have good salaries because for this job a lot of things is necessary to be good in this “mining” industry.However i like my work,and i know this will take me to the top some day.Wish me luck, every support is need.

No more boring introduction real stuff is waiting.

Nice picture above does it πŸ™‚ .I wrote in my first article why is hard to be a woman.One of the roles woman has is birth or a labour.Labour is very hard,in this game woman are strong warriors.Pregnancy has so many great and so many bad aspects.Caring a child in your stomach for nine months seems like forever.Than finally that day comes.Labour tatararata !!! The best thing which can happen to a woman or a man is birth of their first kid.That’s right you are becoming a parent.Mommy needs of course in final episode of pregnancy, but is father necessary to be with her during labour.

Long time ago it was “unmanly” to be present during labour.Older generations thought it brings bad luck,it kills sex life,father make more job than it should be,so why bothering baby is gonna get out anyway.Than someone decided to break that rule and entered together with his wife in labour room.Since that day many fathers support their wife on most beautiful spectacle in which baby is the main character.The crowd is applauding so strong,even Leonardo DiCaprio didn’t get that applause for “Titanic”.Everybody are happy,baby is crying,new life has come on Earth.

I think in generally fathers should be present during labour.Labours can last hours and hours,since for sex needs two and parents are consisting from a mother and father then why not seeing them together in the labour room.What you gave your sperm,woman caries a baby and you’re just gonna run away.No sir!! If a mother can feel so big pain during labour,lose all her strength and energy you can at least hold her hand in this situation.And no fathers don’t past out during labour like you see in the movies,yes it can affect your sex life a little bit so don’t look down,and at least you will share her hard work on half.

Let me tell you how labours are happening in Serbia.Some fathers are present,some of them not,but one stupid tradition i will never understand.After baby’s birth, fathers from ages have that bad habit to drink alcohol whole night.I mean it is ok to celebrate your kid’s life,but so many alcohol and your wife is so exhausted,no need to drink if you didn’t done anything.One day when i become a father i will not do the same things like other fathers do.And if my wife can gain so many pounds, i will gain too so i don’t look too pretty unlike her ;).

If you have some time write me in comment section how people celebrate kid’s birth in your country.I’m interested to hear is there a similar concept or tradition like in my country.That would be all,see you when next time.Bye amigos !!!


Why is so many single people on the world

First listen to this.

Then we move to writing.Hello,hi,greetings and nice to see you again.Literally i can’t see you, but i can read you πŸ˜‰ .Nice to see so many new faces on my blog,many new bloggers reading your work.Also i’m surprised how many good bloggers have good articles but less followers than it should be.There is no recipe for attracting more crowd on your blog, however good interaction with other bloggers can help a lot.I wrote before and i’m writing it again,bloggers are your followers your people behind you.Ordinary people visit WordPress,still with other social networks it is hard to compete.So interact with bloggers the more you can.Also you can learn a lot from them.

Space is waiting for us,let us see where are we going to land today.

It is not obligated to be in a relationship or get married.Being single is not scary as it looks like.Even worse is to be “single” in a relationship.You know,loving other person while that person doesn’t appreciate you,respect you or love you.Love is mutual interaction between two people.In love people share feelings,problems and plans for some future together.What is the obstacle who doesn’t allow people to be together,some other things or problem lies inside them ?

“Sex and the city” changed a lot lives of the women around the world.However does this show was for entertainment wanting to earn some money,or it just wanted to really change women’s opinion about dating,men and relationship hardly to say.But it changed women a lot.Men too.Women wanted to get equal with men in all ways is possible.They succeeded in most.However love lost the track with that race.Some women became too aggressive in a relationship,by having bigger desire to be more dominant.Some men accepted that,some of them don’t.Not knowing who wears the pants and who wears the dress,a certain block jumped out in the middle.If a man doesn’t behave like woman wants relationship is over.If a woman doesn’t complete his wishes break is standing beside the door.

Sometimes i don’t get it.Why is it so hard to find compromise in a relationship.I mean if you love other person, respect things he/she loves.Some people fell in love during the war.They had hardest moments in their lives,and still their love was stronger than most of loves today.The only thing important in their lives was to be together.No social networks,no phones no internet,no fancy clothes wasn’t all about.Just loving each other, nothing else.Can it be like that today.

Then there is financial reasons.Most men doesn’t want to get married because of the divorce.I think i wrote about that before, but i will repeat it again.After divorce in 99% woman gets a custody with kids.In some countries that means father,husband must leave the house.Than he must pay his alimony to his ex-wife every month,also an apartment for himself where with all expenses will cost him even more.Money is not growing natural,job is very stressful,everything is expensive then no wonder why nobody wants to get married.Love is like fire,when is burning for both of you warm it is around your heart.When fire is gone,heart is cold and no need to be together anymore.That is why big number of male population doesn’t want to get married.Why bothering when all goes to a woman.

Ok,marriage is like an investment.If you don’t work and help each other the most you can,no wonder other side wants exit from bad project.I understand people do change in marriage.Over the years some events in your lives happen,and by some accident you’re not the same person you were before.But hey, your marriage partner is not guilty because of that.Your partner is here to be your support all the time,he or her didn’t do to you all awful things.Also visiting an counsellor can save your marriage.Cheating is the big cut between two people.Think about it twice before you start an affair.Remember why you fall in love in the first place,try to bring back old memories.Good sex doesn’t splits two people ;).If all this doesn’t work,it is normal to sign separation in this case.

What do we look in other partner,i bet a lot of people wants an ideal partner.Looking that person is like a four leaf clover.Very hard to find.Even you find an ideal partner,your life and your relationship is not going to be perfect.Sometimes we want unavailable persons,and those who adore us we reject.Grass maybe is greener on the other side, but who knows will respond you that grass.Why wanting insecure ship, when you have secure already.Nothing is better than to be with the person who loves you.This is not some rule book you must follow,it is just a suggestion.When you see on a street happy couples holding hands don’t you want to be in the same position like they do.Hugging from beloved person is like floating on the cloud.Or eating your favorite ice cream.You can have everything, but if your heart is not satisfied why bothering anyway.

I repeat it is not that scary to be single, but try to over win yourself and break the rules you write in your brain.Break those rules and happiness will come just like that.Don’t wait years to be happy, be happy now.

Thanks for stopping by, will see you soon with new post for all my followers.Greetings and stay cool as ever.


Your job,your boss and your colleagues

Always a song before we start.

Hello how you doing.I didn’t wrote nothing past these days,i was tired holidays preoccupied my time so there wasn’t break for me at all.Still i’m glad you visited my blog even nothing new you couldn’t see.Why people can’t clone themselves and give that clone some jobs to do instead of you.Or at least they could extend for twelve hours extra and we all can finish what we want.

Ladies and gentlemen may i have your attention please,doors of heaven is about to open.

Job is the most important thing you will experience your whole life.Some people are rich for them job is not need it is a hobby,some people work from childhood,other people mostly start to work after graduation.You can not avoid job wanting or not wanting, nothing is free money is necessary so if by any case money drop from the sky you have to work.At the beginning of writing on WordPress i wrote a post about jobs Ideal jobs.Today i’m not writing about job types,i am going to write things whose bothering us every day.Job tree or better said connection between the boss,your co-workers and you.

Every job is hard,the only difference between some other job and your job is salary.However salary can be great,but your boss and your colleagues are not.Nobody can be that tough as your boss and your co-workers.If you hated your teacher or teachers anyway,you will hate your boss 100 times more than them.Boss can be a devil or an angel,balancing between those two hardly impossible.Boss can yell a lot,can make your life miserable,can make you disappear and come back in one second.Good boss must be strict but fair with his employees.Good boss must be respected because when he tells someone to do something he has to do it.If boss doesn’t have respect,ship is sinking and we can all run away.Good boss values his employee,he sees how good he/she is,how much effort that person gives and invest in job.He fires or at least punish those who don’t work,lazy employees are not his thing.Yes boss has bigger salary,nut also bigger responsibility.His day is not over after he finishes his job, his day is over when job requires.

Our colleagues-our possible friends in real life or people who we can hate the most.Big company,big number of jobs,big number of employees.Some people are great in their jobs,they possess talent,education and they work hard.Some people are lazy,awful in working,they don’t know the job very well and they not intend to change that.And there are “but kissers”,people who would die only to get their boss attention and trust.Let me tell you something about working in Serbia.For anyone who wants to come to work in Serbia,better not do it.Serbia is full of sycophants,people who don’t want to prove themselves by working than with sucking to their boss.And of course bosses like that.If you have great skills,education and desire to succeed you will be pushed under the ground.I mean it is not important if that person rise entire company on their feet,it is important are you sucking to your boss.Lazy people and sycophants are most disgusting thing in Serbia.I don’t understand why is so hard to work.You didn’t came to enjoy,you came to work.Your job is not consisting in telling your boss how great he is(he is not),it is to complete what says in your contract.

Tones of young people left the Serbia because incapable,”leg breaking” and lazy people destroy their confidence and their art in working.They are appreciated more over the board than in their country.How sad it is.Foreign respects,values and loves all virtues you had in Serbia,but people in your homeland with who you worked for don’t see that.I switched most of the jobs in Serbia(it is crisis people you have to do it)and the more i tried and worked the less respect is given to me.I hope one day i will leave this country and prove myself somewhere else.And i know i will succeed.

The magic spell for how to deal with good co-workers and bad workers not exist.But somehow you can protect yourself.With those who jeopardize your work, hold some distance between them and you.Enemy doesn’t like to be hated,he wants love no matter what he/she do.If they can kiss your boss’s shoes,they can kiss yours.If they start to loosen up a little bit,don’t be right away with them you were before.Dog is the best when you hold his leash.Play some games with that rude person,teach him/her not to mess with you.At least small revenge can satisfy you just a little bit πŸ˜‰ .For those who work good as you,value and have respect for your effort,to the same for them.Keep that friendship and good communication the most you can, because good workers and persons are hard to find.

That would be all bloggers,i hope i will write more often these days if time allow me to do that.Schedule is always full no matter what i do.Being a programmer,blogger and lot sort of things is hard.Help me by cloning me.See ya soon,be cool as ever.Bye.


Why women become prostitutes

Let sing a little bit !

After series of nomination,serious job is waiting for me.I have to finish my Bedtime stories for grown ups,i have to start Detective stories,usual posts i write and so on.I forgot to tell you i made my very first CHATBOT πŸ™‚ .For now he can answer questions you ask him,and he can ask you something.With time i will add him more functions to do,maybe playing games with the user,singing songs or something else,i will think of something.

Anyway subject is out of patience,so i must start writing.These days everybody are nervous.

You most probably watched “Pretty Woman” with Richard Gere and Julia Roberts in main roles.Story is very nice,however things like that only happen on the screen.In real life,NO.”Ladies of the night” never met their prince on white horse,offering sex favors exchange for the money.How is it possible for a young,beautiful girl to take a “job” and give her body to some stranger so she could earn for a living ?

There are several reasons why girls enter in world of sins.One of them is money.When you look how stressful,how hard and how demanding is regular job in whole world,and how many countries including mine pays less than it should be,than why not trying something like a “lady of the night”.Customers pay very well for the service they want,job is a little “dirty”,but with cash you earn in this occupation you can buy an apartment in a very short period.Whole apartment by working this job,almost a dream come true.No, it is dangerous than it looks like.

Behind every “lady of the night” stands one tough guy,maybe two if they get along.Every girl doesn’t just enter in this cruel “gig”, they’ve been force to do it.I watched Serbian movie called “Sisters” about two young sisters dragged in to work for the pimp.Of course when they met their pimp,they didn’t knew who was he.He promised them a job in Italy,telling them they will earn big amount of money in no time.With their parents approvement girl go together on promised job to Italy.Then tables had turn, girls become victims of prostitution threatened to be killed if they don’t do what he says.Chain is growing and more and more girls comes to his “dangerous shelter”.With corruption and help of official members of police,politicians and governments members,his animal acts has not been discovered.At the end of the movie one girl escapes,they catch him with assistance of foreign police and his been locked in jail.

It is surprisingly how big number of men uses this service.From older people,rich,poor,very ugly and very good looking men there is no difference who will use their service.I can’t understand why is so hard to connect with a normal woman,ending in a relationship having normal sex life.I mean it is like you know what will happened to you in the future,your whole life has list of events they will encounter you.Don’t you want to try just a little bit to win someone, not by paying him knowing that person doesn’t love you.Ok,sex is needed but not on this way.Better having sex with the ugliest women on the world knowing she loves you,than to have with the most beautiful knowing she hates you.

This girls have no emotions to man they have business with.They look them as objects, not like humans.So many men can smell so awfully,their teeth and underwear is like coming from a sewage,their appearance is like meeting with the devil, no wonder they can’t connect with an other woman so they must pay for sex.Some girls leave this “job”,but after leaving their is less of chance to find a little decent job opposite to this one.Many people remember the service they’ve used,they can tell important and people with high positions what they done so far.No company with great reputation will hire “lady of the night” as their employee.Unless that girl is super talented and smart,who can earn big number for that company.

Other problem for this girl is marriage.Who wants to marry a woman who has past like that.Who wants to hear from other men: “I know your wife,we done that and that”.There is tones of jobs outside waiting for every one of us.Every is better than this one.No money can wash the lost honor,respect and reputation you had before entering in this circle.Better as a street cleaner than a “lady of the night”.Your moral is important to you and people who love you.You can better than that, only believe in yourself.

See ya people soon,be cool as ever show your talent by blogging and learning people what you know.Bye,bye.


More nomination……for Liebster reward !

So once again envelope with two letters came into my mailbox.First envelope comes from Express the Gabbiness, and the second one comes from Michelle.

Both bloggers are new on WordPress,actually recently new.They both write about their lives,unforgettable moments they experienced,some posts are in short story mode,and great style they possess.They are vert mature,smart women,having big talent for writing,great communication with bloggers and friendly face(who they write).Lets help them to build their little empire by reading their blogs.I know a lot of you will enter and see what they share to the world.Thanks girls for this nomination,you surprised me very much.

Liebster Rules:

1.Create a new post thanking the person who nominated you, link to their blog. 2.Include award graphic.
3.Answer the questions provided.
4.Make a new set of 11 questions for your nominees to answer.
5.Nominate 5-11 others and share your post with them so they see it.

Answers for Gabbiness:

1.If you close your eyes and say the word β€œHappiness,” what is the first thing that pops into your mind ?

World is happier place.

2.If you were to eat one thing only for the rest of your life, what would it be ?

Maybe pizza.

3.What do you consider to be your best feature and why ?

I consider myself as a noble person.

4.Name one thing that someone said you could not do yet you did it ?

I really can’t remember πŸ™‚ .

5.Does your family have a weird or funny nickname for you ?

I think no one has weird name or nickname.

6.Are you a follower or a leader and why?

Both.I like follow smart thing and lead those who don’t know that.

7.What do you value more in other people?


8.What is the craziest dare you ever did ?

I went walking 20 miles to the city all alone when i was 10.

9.Have you ever picked your nose while driving ?

No, but i did it couple of times in my life.

10.What/who would you die for ?

Probably for my kids who i don’t have now, but one day i will fight for them with all strength i have.

11.Have you ever used or been told a pickup line and what is it ?

No, i all invented by myself.”You don’t know how happy you can be with me,if you select me”.Or that or just sing a song to a girl.


2.Simply ElisGrace
3.Gold floating
4.France Chomuse
5.Life journey
6.Flying colors

Congrats,be good as you always been,sorry for not being able to add more nominees,but i will do the next time.Thanks for reading my posts, you are the best !

Are today’s kids spoiled,or parents don’t know how to raise them

Song to listen before we start.

Back to work,said one cartoon character.This is not a work,still you can’t leave our hobby.I don’t know did you had this in elementary school,but my class had that.We call it “lexicon”,you had biography,something about yourself what do you do in your spare time,what do you like and so on.And others will complete these “rules” in lexicon and you would know small secrets about your friends,neighbours,your crush ;),family members,basically all you ever met.

Today we have “lexicons” in electronic form,turned into blogs,where you can read most about everyone around the world.It is nice to read so many stuff,so many information,so many smart things on WordPress.I won’t annoy you anymore with this introduction,let see what are we here anyway.

I was a kid,all of you were a kid,kids are being born every day.You ask me what about kids,what is the difference between today’s kids and generations before ?

I wrote similar subject last year about parents and kids.Misunderstanding three generations of opposite behaviour,thoughts and look on everything connected with their lives.This time we are talking about today’s kids.

Are they spoiled ? Yes they are.Kids are masters of technology,they will almost create robots,virtual reality like piece of cake.However having so much interactions with technology,they loose interest in other things.They are out of discipline,they don’t respect what older people say,they think world should do all for them,and they should not do anything.Who is blame for their attitude,older people!!!

My generation was kicked ass when we didn’t listen,or when we done something bad which is not allowed.It wasn’t bullying,or some extreme physical punishment,it was for our good.When i was six,on TV there were always some movies about Indians and Cowboys.Every time i watched any movie,there was always burned fire in Indian tribe when they caught cowboy.I liked fire,actually that effect fire provided,destroying things so easy.My father mowed a lawn a lot,since grass grew like crazy.And when grass became dry,you could burn the fire.I didn’t wanted to burn grass,i wanted to burn paper,wood or something third.I asked my father once can i burn the fire,he said no you are way too small and kids can’t play with matches.I was angry for not having the opportunity to burn things.Next day father went to work,my mother stayed with us at home,and there left big number of haystack.I overthink in my had: “great opportunity to burn things”.My mother was softer so i took a lighter when she couldn’t see.She baked some pie,i convinced her to take it outside to eat.When she went,i took a chance and i started to burn fire.But the lighter didn’t work that fast.Finally when i got the chance to turn on stronger flame,my mother caught me and i was beaten like a cat.I cried a lot that day, and i was very angry on my mother for doing that to me.

When i overthink now,i am very grateful to my mom for doing that in 1997.I mean i could cause a big fire,many house could be in danger and her act was on the right place.Today you are forbidden to beat up kids,psychologists say it is wrong to punish kids on that way.Kids know that,they aren’t afraid at all from their parents,school teachers and all grown ups who exist.Psychologist say parents must talk with kids about bad things,bad habits,causing more trouble than it can.I mean physical punishment is not because parents want to express their anger on someone,kids must learn to value life,work and what grown ups say.Ok,nobody likes beat ups,nobody likes to punish anyone,but it is better in early age to learn them discipline than when its too late for any chance of helping kid to become good,honest and normal person.

I know you read all about school bullying,how kids posses so much aggressiveness to injure their class mates,younger kids,even teachers all because psychologist and laws are adopted allowing them to do what they want.Kids in Asia have better attitude than kids in Europe or in USA.Of course they are genetically raised to respect and listen what grown ups say.Parents in modern world have to do all day long, and kids must take care somehow about themselves.With internet and many dangerous thing in cruel world no wonder they are so violent.Stupid capitalism made people to struggle for lives of their families,and kids don’t know instructions,lists or others way to get to the next level.Every kid needs a leader and that leader is their parent.I can’t give the best advice, but you can learn your kids to do some house chores and for reward to buy them or treat them with money,or to punish them if they don’t do that.Also extra activity like music lessons,dance,sport can help them to be less aggressive.Losing proper size of energy will make them tired and calmer.

My advice will not change the world,but one kid by one and i manage to do something.Anyway today’s kids will be also parents some day,so payback will come to their door.Remember that kids πŸ˜‰ .Thanks for reading my post,i’m glad to see you in my electronic home.Full house of guests is big success.See ya soon with new things.Bye will be seeing you soon πŸ™‚ .


First Mystery Blogger award

For the first time i have been nominated for Mystery Blogger Award from Sims jolie.She writes same things like i do,about everyday’s life and things happening around.Some come from her own experience,others come from her knowledge.At Fridays she writes short stories “Friday Funnies” where her humor reaches all the tops.Very talented,very smart and very cool blogger from Nigeria.Thank you Sims for this nomination.

About this reward:

This is an award for amazing bloggers with ingenious posts. Their blog not only captivates; it inspires and motivates. They are one of the best out there, and they deserve every recognition they get. This award is also for bloggers who find fun and inspiration in blogging, and they do it with so much love and passion.


1.Put the award image on your blog.
2.List the rules.
3.Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
4.Answer the questions given to you.
5.Tell your readers 3 things about yourself.
6.You have to nominate 5-10 people.
7.Notify your nominees by commenting on their blogs.
8.Ask your nominees 5 questions of your choice; with one weird/funny question (specify)
9.Share a link to your best post (s).

Three things about me.

1.I am female hairdresser,but i don’t work as hairdresser
2.I started cooking at age 11.
3.I played better basketball than soccer.

Answers for Sims:

1.Do you sing in the shower ?

2.Outside blogging, what do you do?
I’m programming,write books,learning languages(when i can),a hope i will work as a freelancer.

3.How do you feel about women talking down women?
Nothing good can come from that.

4.Do you think a public embarrassment deserves a public apology or any apology is fine?


5.If aliens invaded earth and you could only take 3 things (not humans). What would you take?

Animals,plants and food.



Questions for them.

1.Chocolate or vanilla ?
2.Money or internal life ?
3.Pick new name for yourself ?
4.Lion or tiger ?
5.Good looks or intelligence ?

Congrats all of you,salutes and love you Nash Christmas πŸ™‚ .

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