Why is hard to be a man.

In previous post we wrote some things about how hard is to be a woman.Let’s write now about man.

Man ? Men are so called ‘stronger gender’.They are people who protect family and bring bigger amount of money to home.Father,grandfather,uncle,brother,nephew and son, they all are men.Is it really that hard to be a man ? Some say yes,some say no.

First reason.Men contain 90% of criminals.

Since of beggining of humanity men wanted to earn food,water and later money on easy way.Stealing,robbering,killing people for money,forgering the money and other stuff made of men criminals.

Hundreds of years,century by century men provided big number of criminals.Later on its created group of criminals called ‘mob’.That kind of people would do anything for money on easy way.Main rule of the mob is:’Only dead you can leave the mob’.

Did you ever even heard for female mob.Me neither.Women are more gentlier and better persons with good heart.Women don’t kill children for money.Men do! So in this case your happy to be a woman.

Second reason.Men die more than women.

War.Conflict between two or more nations, mostly ended with blood and deaths, caused from people who didn’t wanted to move their butts from nice and comfortable chairs,so they can injoy themselves when others fight for them.

When king saided its going to be a war, he didn’t said women must go to war.No men must go! You see most of emperors wanted to have women and children at home,because women give the birth and children are our future.So men were those who were killing and being killed from other mens.

Men also die from most of diseases,in car accidents,they commit more suicides than women,from alcohol and drugs.In most cases women live at least seven years more than men.

Third reason.Man must win their woman.

Men want love,women too.But its not expected from a woman to make the first move.Man must do that.Here is the list of things in point by point,in which man most conquer his woman:

1.Man must make the first move.
2.Man must ask woman on a date.
3.Man must take a woman out(restaurant,movies,dance or similar).
4.Man must kiss his woman first.
5.Man must to be funny.
6.Man must be handsome or at least charming.
7.Man must be tall.
8.Man must earn more than his woman.(Money is not important but needs always.The more is better).
9.Man must make a move so they can have sex.
10.Man must pay most of the things when they go somewhere together.
11.Man must ask a woman to marry him.

If this all comes together,man and woman bond a family and have kids,and live happily after ever.Sounds good ha.Well it is.This round goes to women.It is hard to be a hunter and its harder when prey doesn’t want you.

Fourth reason.Women gets kids after the divorce.

Divorce, small word which gives a big problems.We all know love can’t last forever.It is hard to love someone 24/7,30 days in month,365 in a year.After the marriage divorce is the only way for two people to end their community.Its hard for everyone to be in a divorce process.For the parents, for the kids and mostly for the family.

But why husband is that one who must live the house ? Why is he separated from his kids five days of week ? Why the house go to his wife ? And finally he’s the one who pays the alimony.

And what about the apartment he must to pay(unless he has another pleace to live) ? What about bills he must to pay ? What about the food he must to pay ? In ocassion like this it is better to be a woman.Another round won by women.

Well we wrote some things about men,some about women.I hope you have injoy reading this post.In the next chapter we discuss what is better to be straight,gay or bisexual.

So long for now.See ya.

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When politicans think this world belongs to them

Hi everybody.Are you ok ? I hope you are.Especially beware of coronavirus if you don’t.

I am not well.Physically i’m alright but mentally i’m feeling like someone is stabbing me inside my brain.Why ? Because in my country we have mentally ill president called Aleksandar Vucic.

My country was in emergency state around three months.From March 15th until May 6.After that things got back to normal, at least we thought that is happening.

Coronavirus didn’t stopped its path, only was in the ambush waiting for signal to attack.After emergency state was cancelled things which shouldn’t be happenning, HAPPENED!

Boarders were opened,discos,clubs and other things belong to night life were allowed and the WORST thing in the end SOCCER STADIUM FILLED WITH FANS around 20.000 of them.20.000 people in the middle of pandemic, imagine that!!!!

And who approved all of this ? Our dear president!! Why ? Because of the elections!!! He had only one thing on his mind, and that was to win on elections.Actually his party ? His political group to be number one in Serbia.And they won.

People talked all over the place,in person,on the web,social networks and so on that corona situation isn’t over.And during the political campaigns virus continiued to spread.Step by step and voila everyhing vas crashed.

Before the elections everything was fine.No diseased,no deaths,no problems.Suddenly after the elections are over number of sick people was huge.How that mister president ?

Does corona has time set to attack only when elections are not, or corona attacks all the time ? No,corona was in our lives after the emergency state was cancelled,it was every second every minute every hour.And because of your selfishness and hunger for power you allowed people to be sick.

And you know what was his answers.It is people’s fault,i didn’t infect them,i didn’t send them to game,i didn’t told them to get out at night.Only thing about he talks 24 seven is how he can do everything.

This politican is so mentally ill,so obsessed with power i think he doesn’t go to sleep until he finds the way to torture people.We were closed almost 80 hours in our homes when emergency state was.Like you are in prison,like you have done something illegal.And no he didn’t wan’t to save us, his only goal was to torture us.

Today once again police hour is on, our president forbid us to get out from Friday to Monday.In this moment everything bad is happening about coronavirus,every disease,every death is his responsibility.

He is mentally sick, but our people are worse than him.He can torture them,kill them they would just stand and do nothing.

I wish i can wake up in other world far away from this country.I hope i will leave her some day.Wish me luck and watch yourself,health is the biggest friend we have 🙂 .

I wish corona will end soon :)

Its been a long time ago since a wrote something.Maybe you don’t remember me but i will introduce myself again.

Hi my name is Nenad but you can call me Nash,it is easier because Nash i common name,nickname in english language.I’m 29,i’m a front end developer, writter and a blogger.I live in Serbia.

What i wanted to say here in Serbia is emergency state.In Sunday out president declared emergency because of COVID-19.Many people especially older generations didn’t respected the rules our president and goverment delcared and now since tomorrow we have curfew.So that means You can’t be outside from 20PM to 5 AM.

Big problem is find the way to get to work.Public transportation will stop,many people don’t have cars and who knows how much money will left for everybody.If money does not “flows” or better say doesn’t come into anyone’s pocket then we are in serious trouble if this epidemic stops.

We must save out lives,we must protect our health,kids,older people and all we can.Life didn’t drop from the sky just like that, we are not born to die in a second , and most important we must protect our youngest generations.We are leaving this planet to them and we must take care to make this world the better place for our descendants.


Detective Stories: Murder of Jeffrey Johnson part VII

Greetings to all of you and aliens also who maybe read our articles.I’m programming a quiz in Javascript for those who know what is Javascript.I hope i will managed to finish this before the end of the month.No wonder programmers have good salaries, being a programmer is hard profession.

I admire for people who built WordPress.I think WordPress contains around 150 people who work more than 72 millions of websites.Amazon online shop has 15 000 employees and WP only 150.I don’t say Amazon is harder, but WP is not easy as it looks like.You as a blogger of this great CMS see how hard is for us, i can imagine how hard is for them.High five for boys and girls in WP!!

Now lets back to our show, let see what is going on with riddle called murder of Jeffrey Johnson.If you forgot what it was, you can remind over here: https://them312.wordpress.com/ .

Attacker took fainted Robert into woods where no one was around.He didn’t wanted to kill Robert, but somehow he had to get rid of him.So he tied him for a tree.Now path was free for attacker to continue his way to erase all who want to stop him in his intentions.He checked Robert’s health and condition, ran into his car and pointed into Andy’s house.He failed last time to kill Anny, now is the right time to finish what he started.

Being in Andy’s house with Anny someone had to be with.She needed protection in case of killer tries once again to strike.Police officers switched in shifts on every 8 hours.Today with Anny was younger police officer.Sometimes Anny’s boyfriend Jack came to see her.Anny felt sad with whole situation happened to her.Suddenly her life turned upside down.Everything was perfect until Marry met Jeffrey.Then Jeffrey was killed in his house, Marry in subway and she in her house.She asked herself why terrible things like these happened to her, what bad did she done so life is returning to her like this.

Robert walked up after unexpected attack.Not being able to move he had to find the way to pull out from this problem.He rolled around the tree seeking for some sharp object.Something which could cut his ropes.He looked and looked, until he found a rock.He took a rock under his butt putting it between his hands and ropes.He managed to release himself and revenge to his attacker.Thinking wisely Robert knew killer will strike again Anny so he went to quickly to check on her.

Killer was very smart.He succeeded to find Anny in no time.He took a rock and threw it on Andy’s window.Rock broke a window, making Anny scared and terrified for her life.Police officer went out to check what is going on.Holding gun in his hand, he moved slowly.Then killer stabbed him from behind.Police officer past away.Now the killer had no one to save Anny, having open way to finish the job.

Will Robert arrive to stop the killer, find out in next chapter 🙂 .

P.S: I don’t possess the copyrights for this images.


Detective stories: Murder of Jeffrey Johnson part VI

Hello to you all.What is going on in your life ? My tv is losing background lightness, so most probably i have to take it to the handyman.When you have luck, that last shortly.But misfortune is going one by one in a row.Imagine your luck goes in a row, nothing could stop us in way to the top.

Anyway Stallone said one interesting thing about taking the punches: “It is not important how hard you can hit, the important is how strong you can take the punch and get up”.I don’t know is life hitting hard in your country, over here had daily plan for everyone.

Lets go to next chapter of detective story about Robert Prouse and murder of Jeffrey Johnson.

Robert came down to check on Anny.Anny was frighten and all in tears.

-“Come on darling, everything is ok, he ran away.”
-“Oh my God, he escaped.What will we do if he comes back.”
-“Don’t worry, i’ll take care of you.Nobody will hurt you.Come one lets take you somewhere safe.”

Robert drove her at his friend Andy, his co-worker.After leaving her at his house, he directed into Rickie’s house.He rang.A woman in mid fifties opened the door.Her name is Brooke.

-“Good evening madam, my name is Robert Prouse, i am investigating the murder of mister Jeffrey Johnson.I’m looking for a young man name Rickie Rock.Is he at home ?”
-“Yes, he is in the living room.Rickie honey, come over here.A police officer wants to talk to you.”

Rickie came in a wheel chair.Unfortunately, there is small possibility he killed Jeffrey and Marry in this condition.

-“Good evening sir, what can i do for you ?”
-“I’m investigating the murder of Jeffrey Johnson and misses Reggina Marry Homeland.I want to ask you a few questions.”
-“Marry is dead ? How,when,who, i didn’t knew nothing about her death.”
-“Really ?”
-“Yes, i’m shocked.How did she died ?”
-“She is stabbed from behind in the bathroom near subway station.”
-“I can not believe.”
-“Her sister is attacked this night, but attacker failed in his attempt.”
-“I see, do you think who ever killed Jeffrey, could kill Marry and attack Anny ?”
-“There is an option,now lets forget about that.I’m sorry for asking,but wow long are you in a wheel chair ?”
-“One whole month.”
-“There is no chance you could walk ?”
-“Doctor say there is possibility, an risky operation, but they will try that in upcoming months.”
-“I see, and you dated Marry ?”
-“Yes, we were in a relationship for eight months.Until she found the other guy.”
-“You don’t know who it was ?”
-“No, she left without words.”
-“And when did you saw her last time ?”
-“A month ago, i was in a hospital on some tests, she came also to see a doctor because of minor problems with her knee.”
-“Ok, thank you for your cooperation, sorry for disturbment.Will be in touch, good night.”
-“Good night detective.”

No luck this time.Murders are waiting, Anny is attacked, killer is on the loose.Where to search now ? Phone range in Robert’s pocket.

-“Prouse on the line ?”
-“Detective this is Angela, Jeffrey’s wife, i have some information about possible suspect, can we meet tomorrow at Dungeon road 18.”
-“Really, are you sure ?”
-“Yes mister Prouse, i might have your answer on question which bothering you.Tomorrow around 3PM ?”
-“Great, i’ll see you then.”
-“Ok, its a deal.”

Tomorrow at 3PM Robert came at appointed place.He waited, waited and waited.About 20 minutes nobody was around.Just when he wanted to leave someone hit him from behind with a bat.Once again person dressed in black, the same person who attacked and killed Marry now targeted on Robert.Robert past out the same second.

Is this the end of Robert or he gets another chance find out in the next chapter 🙂 .

P.S: I don’t posses copyrights for posted images.


Detective stories: Murder of Jeffrey Johnson V part

Runner Up Croatia lost 6:0 from Spain in qualifications for League of Nations.Who could imagine that good soccer players can lose with so high score.Ball is round,soccer is interesting that is why people like most popular game in the world.Do you like it ?

Do you know how is the killer, in my series of detective stories.Who is the man or woman we are looking for, read in my new article 🙂 .

Coming up on the scene of crime,finding Reggina Marry Homeland dead, Robert felt depressed.He came home to his wife and kids, losing interest in this case.Two actually.Reggina Marry was great opportunity to solve Jeffrey’s murder.Now when she’s not alive, who else could help Robert in this mess.Puzzle is separated in two pieces.One belongs to Jeffrey, the other belongs to Reggina Marry.

Robert turned on the tv to relax and rest in a long day.His wife Jessica set next to him.

-“Honey what’s wrong, you looked like entire world is broken.”
-“Another murder happened today, and the victim was maybe my solution in Jeffrey Johnson’s murder.Now when she’s dead, i don’t know where to search,how to react or think in right direction.”
-“Murders are not something simple, you knew that before you became detective.”
-“Yes, but this complicated murder i never had.Imagine you look for an invisible needle in a haystack.”
-“Hey, nothing is impossible, you thought the same thing with the murder of Korny brothers and you solved.Try harder,sharp your mind,you will find your path to the goal.”
-“Thank you miss Prouse, you are very supportive.Nobody has a wife like me.”
-“Of course and i’m the prettiest on the world.” Jessica winked and kissed Robert in the cheek.Robert went to sleep, it is always wiser in morning then at night.

But Anny

Tomorrow Robert remembered maybe Reggina Marry’s twin sister can help him.He stopped by at her house to find out something Reggina Marry knew before the murder.Robert rang.Reggina Anny opened him.

-“Oh, it is you…What do you want ?”
-“First of all i want to tell you i’m sorry for your sister’s death.Second we must catch her killer.”
-“I agree with you in that, but how ?”
-“Did Marry had some jealous ex boyfriend,some stalker,maybe secret admirer ?”
-“Yes, i suspect on ex boyfriend Rickie, he was with Marry before she started her relationship with Jeffrey.”
-“How does this Rickie looks like ?”
-“Black haired, tall, great shape, he wears earrings and drives a motorcycle.”
-“Where he lives ?”
-“Two blocks from here, in Hamington street.”

While they talked inside, again certain person observed Robert and Anny.Robert left the house leaving alone Anny.That same person who attacked and killed Marry waited the right moment to strike again.Anny went to the first floor in her room, wanting to take a bath.Attacker rang to make a distraction and attack Marry inside house.However Robert forgot his notes in her house and came back to take it.Marry opened the door, but no one was around.Attacker took his advantage and went upstairs to wait for Marry.Marry went back in her bathroom.Then she heard noise.Attacker held a knife in his right arm.But Anny had a bat in her bathroom.Just when she got out from the bathroom killer attacked her from left.Anny fell and hits attacker in his leg.Attacker falls.Then Anny ran downstairs trying to open the door.Attacker felt pain,but he wasn’t harmed at all, took his knife and searched for Anny.Just when he found her at door Robert rang.Anny screamed the stronger she could.

-“Help me, he is going to kill me!!!.”
-“Anny, move away from the door, i’m going to crush them.”

Attacker heard Robert’s voice returned upstairs and jump out from the window.Robert opened the door.

-Where is he ?”
-“He was here minute ago, he went upstairs.”
-“Stay here, i’m going up.”

Robert took his gun and directed to find the killer.He pointed carefully,turning on the lights.When he arrived at Anny’s room, he found window opened.Attacker took again his advantage and escaped from Robert.He failed in his intentions, but he managed to not get caught.

Is this really Rickie,Marry’s ex boyfriend or someone else find out in the next chapter 🙂 .



Detective stories: Murder of Jeffrey Johnson part IV

Welcome world to Serbia, how much do you ow about my country ? I’ll bet you know who is Novak Djokovic.One of the best tennis players in the history of Serbia and tennis in all.He won US open in Sunday, and i hope he will more in the future.Beside being good athlete,Novak is educated,polite and funny person.Click on YouTube some of his interesting moments.

Now lets go in to the world of letters,text,chapters and new amazing articles.

Robert was confused.Did he questioned the right person in that house ? Can the person he saw right now be the real girl he is looking for ? Robert looked in the file dean gave it to him, and noticed something interesting.Girl’s full name is Reggina Marry Homeland.He went to police station to check all about this girl.

In the computer he found Reggina with all data is written in the college file, also he found that Reggina has twin sister!! Her name is also Reggina Anny Homeland, she has mixed both black and blonde hair,she is attending Brighton University and she wears ordinary glasses!! So Robert interrogated the wrong sister.Most probably those two are hiding something, when she false “Reggina” didn’t mentioned she has a twin sister.Into Robert’s office entered his chief,Larry Bird.

-“Hi Rob, how’s going ?”
-“I’m investigating murder of Jeffrey Johnson.I find out he had affair with one girl from his college,i find out who she is, i went to her house and i interrogated the wrong girl.”
-“How did you managed to interrogate the wrong girl ?”
-“Turns out mine primary suspect has a twin sister with same name, but with different middle name.”
-“Two sisters with same name!”
-“Yes, the sister i interrogated is Reggina Anny Homeland, however i should interrogate Reggina Marry Homeland.”
-“Wow, those two girls have weird parents.Calling two kids with the same name is very,very strange.So are you going to interrogate the right girl next time ?”
-“Yes, i will do that tomorrow.For today i am over.”
-“Don’t work too much, i’ll be seeing you tomorrow, i have to pick up my kid in school.”
-“Bye chief, have some rest.”

Meanwhile at Homeland house two sisters talked about Robert’s visit.

-“Marry, some cop was here three hours ago, asking me about you,Jeffrey and the murder.Is something wrong, do you wish to tell anything about Jeffrey and his death ?”
-“Anny, i can’t it is too complicated.But if he comes again, don’t open the door.He doesn’t need to know what am i doing,where i’m going and in where i was.”
-“Honey, be careful, i don’t want to visit you in prison.”
-“I don’t have nothing with Jeff’s death,i didn’t kill him.It was someone else.”
-“I suspect on only one person.”
-“Me too, only he could do it.”
-“Maybe you should talk with that cop, who knows you could be in danger.”
-“I could be in danger even if i talk to him.”
-“Ok, open your eyes and think twice before you do something you can regret.”

That night Reggina Marry couldn’t sleep, all was she thinking about is Jeffrey.She felt guilty because of his death.She knows she is the blame for his death.Only if that person didn’t kill Jeffrey.Then she fall asleep, she dreamed Jeffrey.In her sleep Jeff told her to stop hiding his killer, to go to police and at least revenge his death by arresting the killer.Marry walked up all sweaty and scared.She decided to tell everything she knew to Robert.

Tomorrow at 12AM Robert was near by twin sisters house.He waited to see anywhere Marry to interrogate her.Marry also prepared to go to the police.On the way to the police she met Robert.

-“Misses, i’m sorry can you stop walking.”
-“What do you want from me, unknown stranger ?”
-“My name is Robert Prouse, i am detective in charged for death of mister Jeffrey Johnson.”
-“You’re the one who looked me at my house yesterday.”
-“Yes, that was me.”
-“Listen, i will tell you all i know about Jeffrey’s death.I might know who killed him.Can i just go to college to pay my scholarship,and i will talk to you later, i promise i won’t run away.”
-“Perfect, i’ll be seeing you around 4PM ?”
-“Suits to me, see ya then.”

Yes, finally Robert is 99% close to solve the murder.He felt great.However specific male person observed them all time along.He continued to follow Marry after they two split up.

Marry payed her scholarship, talked with some friends and ate something in the fast food near by college.On the clock was 15:45, 15 minutes before she had to meet with Robert.She thought with subway she will get faster, unlike with bus.She walked normally into the subway, came on her station and waited subway to come.But she had to go the the bathroom.She went to the nearest public toilet, done her stuff and went out to wash her hands.Just when she finished wiping her hands, someone stab her from behind.Person was dressed all in black.She took the knife with itself and went in unknown direction.

Five minutes after a woman in her fifties open the door and found Reggina Marry dead in her blood.Woman screamed to the highest volume, and people gathered around her.

Robert was in police station happy to see Marry, when phone ranged.He had to go same second to the subway, to go on the scene of the crime of new murder.He didn’t know surprise will wait for him.He arrived very quickly, only to find Marry dead in the public bathroom.New headache hit him the same moment.Not only he didn’t have the solution for the murder of Jeffrey Johnson, now the murder of Reggina Marry Homeland is added on the list.

Who is the killer, when will Robert catch him, find out in the next chapter 🙂 .



Detective stories: Murder of Jeffrey Johnson part III

Third part ready for reading.I am glad you liked previous two, and i hope you gonna like this one.

Finally Robert found at least one clue, which will help him to solve this murder.Jeffrey had good reputation in eyes who knew him, but this affair shows nobody is without flaws.Is this girl guilty or interfered in his murder, Robert will find out in Panarama motel.By Emma’s words two of them went there, where they spent time together.Robert headed in that direction.

When interrogated girls from his class, Robert interrogated only five of them.So he shouldn’t have problems to find out who could be the suspect.Robert arrived in the Panarama motel where he met with the receptionist.Motel more looked like hotel, very beautiful from inside and outside.Motel had a small parking lot with the statue in front of it.The receptionist who worked in the motel is a young man, in early twenties.

-“Good afternoon sir, may i help you ?”
-“Good afternoon, my name is Robert Prouse i am detective in charged for the murder of Jeffrey Johnson, i want to ask you a few questions about this case.”
-“At your service sir, what can i do for you ?”
-“Did mister Jeffrey ever stayed in this motel ?”
-“Yes, he stayed several times.”
-“Was he alone when he came here?”
-“No, a young lady was with him.”
-“Can you describe me that young lady who was with him ?”
-“Yes,age between 20-25,blonde,long hair,shorter height and she often wore black glasses.”
-“Do you maybe know her name.”
-“No, i’m sorry sir, that is all i know about her.”
-“Did they ever fight when they were together ?”
-“I don’t know that either, but i can tell you they were “close”.”
-“I understand,how much time did they spent time together in this motel ?”
-“Sometimes an hour, sometimes two hours, three, timing was never the same.”
-“Thank you sir, James right, i see the badge with your name on it.”
-“Yes sir, my name is James.”
-“I have to go, i have so much work to do and who knows when i’m going to finish it.Bye for know.”
-“Bye, and thank you for visiting Panarama motel.”

Robert now had description about possible suspect.But he could not remember did he interrogated this girl on college.He went back to college to check at dean’s office a student with who Jeffrey was in motel.

-“Dean Army, today i talked to one girl who told me something interesting about mister Johnson.I find out he had affair with one of the female students on your college.”
-“No!!!! Really, i could not imagine something like that from Jeffrey.Did she killed him ?”
-“That is what i am going to find out soon, i have her description i need to hear her name.”
-“I see,but haven’t you talked with some of the girls today on college ?”
-“I think she wasn’t there, so i need your help.Most probably you have files about her.”
-“Let me see.This young blonde girl,let me see, let me see….I have some girl who is not been on this college since Jeffrey ended his life.Her name is Reggina Homeland.”
-“Do you have her address ?”
-“Yes, Manley street number 85.”
-“Thank you dean, i’ll see you soon.”

Robert arrived at the address dean gave to him.He rang a bell where a girl with similar looks opened him door.

-“Good afternoon misses,my name is detective Robert Prouse, i am investigating death of mister Jeffrey Johnson.I am looking for misses Reggina Homeland, is she at home ?”
-“Yes, i am Reggina Homeland.”
-“Misses Homeland can i ask you a few questions ?”
-“Certainly, come in.”
-“You are attending Gexton college, right ?”
-“No, i’m attending Brighton University.”
-“Hold on,are you Reggina Homeland, born in November 10 1997 in Hordova ?”
-“Yes that is me ?”
-“You are 5’6 tall, you have parents Marcus and Jane Homeland ?”
-“Yes, that is correct ?”
-“And you’re not attending Gexton college ?”
-“No, never been and i never intend to attend that college.Math is not my interest.I am going to be psychologist at Brighton University.”
-Ok, do you know, did you ever had contact with mister Jeffrey Johnson.”
-“No, i heard about mister Johnson right after his death.”
-“Ok, where have you been at the night he was killed ?”
-“Am i accused for something mister Prouse ?”
-“No, i am just investigating the facts, please answer the question.”
-“In a hospital, my boyfriend had an accident so i spent night there.You can ask entire hospital if you want.”
-“Ok, i will.That would be all thank you for your cooperation.Will be in touch.”
-“Absolutely, i am here for everything you need sir.”

Once again Robert have new issues to solve this crime.He noticed this girl has a little bit of black hair,mixed with the blonde and she also wore normal glasses not black ones like receptionist described.So most probably girl didn’t lie.However he will check her story to be sure is she telling the truth.

He felt depressed a little bit, just thinking he might finish this case.But police work is hard, especially this crime where he has nothing.

Suddenly on the way back to his home, his notice a girl exactly the same like his suspect.Blonde, in her twenties, short and she hold black glasses in her hand.He turned around to check in which house she will enter.She entered in the same house he was five minutes ago.Is this his suspect ?

Find out in the next chapter :).


P.S: Images are not belonging to me.Someone else holds the rights for this images.


Detective stories: Murder of Jeffrey Johnson part II

Here it comes part 2, we are launching in 3,2,1,0 !!!

In movie “Drowning Mona” Danny Devito as sheriff had tones of suspects.Robert Prouse on the other hand, had none.How you can find out who killed good, noble and friendly person like Jeffrey Johnson was.All people with who he was in touch liked him very much.Where to begin, what even small clue will lead him to solve this case.

Robert came in police station where he met his co-worker Andy Pat.Two of them chat a little bit about their cases.

-“Hey Rob, what’s up, you look like you looking for sky under ground.”
-“Hey And, maybe i am looking for a sky.I have a murder and nobody suspicious on the sight.”
-“How is that possible ? ”
-“Well, Jeffrey was very kind person.People liked him, they wanted always to spend some time with him, like he was a puppy or a baby you can’t hate.”
-“Listen,Jesus was a good person also, and still people crucified him.And beside,nobody is that perfect.He must had at least one enemy.Where did he worked ?”
-“Gexton college, he was math professor.”
-“There you go, at least one student failed on exam in his class.One of them most probably hated him because of that.”
-“I am going right now over there.Thanks And i owe you a beer if you guessed at least something.”
-“I will remember this, i do like beer” Andy smiled to Robert.

Andy directed into Gexton college, to find out maybe something interesting about Jeffrey’s work.He knocked into dean’s office.

-“Good afternoon sir, my name is Robert Prouse, i am investigating a murder of Mr Jeffrey Johnson, one of your professor.If you’re not too busy, i would like you to ask you a few questions ?”
-“Of course come in.”

By talking to dean Jake Army, he find out none of his students ever failed in his class.Beside he was a good person, Jeffrey was a good professor.Those who didn’t considered to be able to learn in this institution, left this college and went in other direction.These facts gave another headache to Robert.Then he thought, maybe some of his students might knew something about Jeffrey, something could help him to solve his murder.

Robert talked to twenty of them, those who went to his class.Once again he find out nothing.After he finished interrogation with all of them, one girl waved to him to come closer.Just he thought he will never solve this case, this girl told him something intriguing.The girl name is Emma.

-“I heard about murder of mister Johnson, i didn’t went to his class, but i heard from one of the girls who attend this college, mister Johnson had affair with one of the girl from his class.”
-“He had an affair, are you sure ?”
-“I know only two of them had affair in motel Panarama.Over there they had love “meets”.”
-“Thank you for this information, what is your name ?”
-“Emma, i owe you a cup cake.Thank you for your cooperation.”

Turns out Jeffrey wasn’t perfect like everybody thought.Did this girl killed Jeffrey, or at least she can help Robert to solve this case, find out in next chapter.

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