Is it hard to forgive

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Hey guys what you doing interesting these days 🙂 .I went yesterday in to shopping mall where i visited haunted house.I went out in a second.Hahahahah i must say it is scary up there.Anyway next week i will enter for the second time and go to all 13 rooms.Wish me luck 🙂 .

We all felt hurt at least once in our life.Sometimes people think no matter what they do to you,or thinking ok this person is good i can do whatever i want to her that person will forgive me.

No, wrong answer ! Our heart likes to connect to other human being.I learned in my life many times,certain people don’t deserve forgivness.I mean thief can steal something,he can promise he will not do it again.Will he stop stealing ? No,he will not repeat the same mistake next time.Instead he will find the new way to steal something and to got away without being caught.

We all have genetic code written in our organism.You can’t change that.If your gene set your height to 6’1,you can not be 7 feet tall.If your hands are big you can’t shrunk them.Same with personality.Stuborn people stay stuborn,smart stay smart and so on.i have big problem to forgive people.It is not i don’t want to be in good relationship with someone,only i don’t trust that person.Trust can be like a thread.Once you cut it thread can’t repair.Do you know any bad person felt pain from another person ? I never met one.I only heard good people being fooled out,tricked,hurt and i wish i have some power to punish those who make others suffer.

Nobody deserves to be crushed from inside.When somebody makes your life amazing,show them how much they mean to you.Give them back same love,help,compassion as they did to you.Otherwise don’t be offended when they change their behaviour to you.One character said: “I love you, but i love myself even more”.Good deed always pays of.

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Now we all have secrets.When i tell you my secret i don’t expect from you to go around and tell other people what is happening in my life.I expect you to be quiet,help me somehow if you have the solution and most important to understand me.When somebody says to me something bothers him or her,i give my best to solve the puzzle.If i don’t i will listen that person.

Women feel better when they talk about their problems.Men like to think in silence trying to finish the game.In our lives always obstacles appear in front of us.We kick out one,second drops from the sky.We solve that too,two fresh new start torturing us.However when we have friend,partner,parent who can we trust life becomes easier.But if that person can’t hold our problem,then there is no reason for forgivness.I have trust issue.I tried to get over certain things,but some people can’t change and that’s it.

But that doesn’t mean you have to be like me.You do what you think is best for you.Humans are social soldiers,mouth,tongue and ability to speak is the way we started interacting with others.If you observe well,you have that line which breaks respect and nobleness go ahead.Trust but be careful.For instant i adore kids and animals.They have that innocence in their internal being,so pure,so willing to help and how you can’t forgive them.They are aware their mistakes not like grown ups who look for interest.

Forgivness is like piece of God’s soul, waiting to come back when you stop talking to someone.Nothing is powerful like prayer.Watch what others can or can not do to you,be safe,smart,kind and people won’t hurt you.Jesus trusted people he ended on cross,however he came resurrected showing how life can be big surprise.And karma is powerful boomerang.Be careful you never know what bad can happen if you are evil.

Forgive is the same as forget.But can be also revenge.

See ya bloggers tomorrow is working they,i have to eat,take a shower,write something,try to get some sleep and see will i succed somehow.

ADios friends,may the force bew ith you.Song for the end.

By Nash Christmas

I am programmer and i writer.

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