Tomorrows subject-Surrogate mother

Hi i won’t be writing nothing today,instead i am announcing you subject for tomorrow.I hope you don’t mind i was busy all day long and i have to work something else.Don’t forget me tomorrow ok,i will waiting you :).Good night everybody 🙂 have a nice dreams.


Late education

Sing with me.

Being happy has so many meanings.For someone happiness is money,for others love,third reason can be average life.However for happiness people say we need little, so why is it hard to get that little.Try it you may find your piece of luck maybe just now.

Cameron Diaz,Robert De Niro,Johnny Depp and other celebrities have only elementary school.Yet they succeeded in life.God gave them talent,they know how to use it and their life is full of good memories.Still that doesn’t mean you should quit school,pursue your career as an actor,musician or other type of public business.Education is important.Without knowing how to write nobody could read stuff we made over here ;).Without math you couldn’t know did you earn your salary enough,if someone is cutting you in grocery store and so on.Education creates people, not stupidity.

Yes, for ages people use strength to survive, but our brain evolved and so certain things evolved.Yes it is boring to study when you can play video games.Yes education has no fun inside it chambers,yes nothing interesting comes out,but boring stuff must be like that.Similar to rain.What i want to say is,a lot of people stop going into school because of numerous reasons.They become criminals,they have to support their family,they have health problems.But it is never too late to leave boat who sinks and jump into boat who floats.You didn’t done something others did as kids, so why not doing it as an adult.I think animals would go to school if they have abilities like humans.

Beside decent job requires diploma,pretty eyes are not enough to be new employee in some company.Educated people have always something smart to say,when stupid people only can share violence and aggressiveness.The bigger education you have the better position is waiting for you no matter what country are you living.My uncle has high school for police officer,later he went to higher school or now called police academy to become inspector.Then after his police career at age of 40,he went to college where he became a manager.Triple threat.So age is just a number,not a obstacle or some block to unable you to achieve something.

If you ever think your teacher is harsh,you just wait to meet your boss.When i went to school i thought school is the hardest thing on the world.When i started working,i realize that was all warming up.School has study stress who last more then ten years, but job has 40 years of stress,much higher and much stronger.You see i would gave anything to go back in past and tell my younger version how much is he enjoying right now.Internet has billions of information,so having so many free information you can find free books,educating sites and other stuff which can improve you.


So that would be all,thank you for your attention,but show is over.You can re-watch it by reading it again ;).Bye see ya!!!

Let support our friend blogger

Good morning,afternoon,evening and night for all of you in different time zones.Nothing to add about me, i want to send you to one blogger who will need huge support: .Tamara,a new blogger needs a little support in life,because she is single mom having a small baby.Enter in her post and take her bath with comments if time allows you that.Anyway every one of us had situation crisis and we all know support is the best tool we need.Beside she is in trouble today,tomorrow that could be me,you or anyone.So big applause for Tamara 🙂 .See ya soon with brand new subjects !!

Renting apartment

Surprise,we meet again.Well i surprised myself too.I never write two articles in one day.Especially if you’re not native English speaker,then you have to think twice before you write something.In Serbia i don’t have that opportunity to talk with foreign every day, so i came here to write.Also i don’t know when i will start working online,where you can make an extra cash.Every cent is valuable,you never know when you gonna needed that cent 😉 .

Once again dark tunnel is waiting for us,the only way to get out is by reading it.You’re not scared, aren’t you 😉 .

Real estates are expensive.In the previous article we would need those million dollars for buying at least small place for us or our family.But until money don’t come in our possession,we have to live somewhere.Caves are cold,forest is not secured,so we have to rent the apartment.My colleague left alone in the apartment,which she rented with her friend.Her female friend moved to her boyfriend’s house,so all burden is on her shoulders.

Apartment cost very much,if you have big salary or some money from the side you can afford life all by yourself.If you don’t have, roommate is necessary no matter you wanted him/her or not.You have the pay the rent plus bills plus food and all together cost you very high.It is important the neighbourhood,environment,location or other things you must know before you move in somewhere.You have to do a little bit research before you pair with your new home.You may ending in dangerous neighborhood,other members of the building can cost you nerves not only money,landlord can be a sleazeball so don’t rush in the fire until you collect enough information.

Picking up your roommate-good choice or bad decision.It is the best to be with someone you know already from the past,someone with who you grew up,someone similar toy your personality.For instant you like clean home,all things are on the right place,you want peace and quiet and no bigger noise when you needed.Your roommate. well he/her is total opposite of you.Lazy,makes a big noise,nothing is important for him/her so if you didn’t fight with that person in the beginning you will be doing it later.You’re not no ones parent to teach that person a lesson.If that person don’t have some rules in its life why bothering and losing energy on someone that immature.

Millennials, i hate that word.Some countries over the years became saviours for other people all over the world.So with immigration of new inhabitants, price of real estates became higher and higher.That means unless you are not musician,athlete or other type of celebrities buying a house or apartment is mission impossible.For example if i can choose where i can move out,that would be USA,Canada or Australia.So i looked online maybe some of my possible new homes.I am surfing and surfing,your eyes wanna pop out when you see so many zeroes for some of locations.If i counted right,for a young person to buy for herself a house or a condo at least you will need 300.000 dollars.That is very big number if you ask me.

I would surprise you that,some apartments cost over here the same as in USA,Canada or Australia.Ok,in these countries is a dollar currency, but in Serbia is dinar.With our money and wages you can’t buy nohow yourself at least small room.So renting is the only option in the first place if you find yourself over board.It is my dream to live in New York, i hope that dream will come true somehow.New York come to me 🙂 .Anyway living under other people’s rough is boring,but what you can do about it.Who knows what the morning good can bring to us,maybe that is a good thing we live like a renter.It is boring often movements.

Some people worked for foreign companies,and by working over board they earned and saved enough money to buy place over here.They live ok,they are happy and satisfied like never.Some people went over board and bought home in country they are living.Destiny has strange games.Anyway be happy where ever you are,be careful where you live,with who you live and i don’t need to worry 🙂 .

See ya soon,when i won’ tell you that 😉 .Bye,bye and bye.

You have million dollars-what you gonna do with them

Bloggers,h-o-w a-r-e y-o-u ? Somehow i manage to escape the aliens,they needed someone to test some things they made.Unfortunately they are not smart i thought they are.Anyway it is good to meet other species different than ours.

Have you ever thought what would be like if we all could move on other planet ? Space is big,bigger than we know all bodies has in himself.NASA said year and years ago there will be some kind of space cab, it is 2018 where is so far.I wanna visit and see all space have.Beside Earth is not the only one who has life on it surface, other planets must have too.Universe is a mystery who demands an investigation.

Now we are entering in the tunnel,the only way to get out is to read my blog.Are you not scared to get in 😉 .

We need money every day.Food,water,bills,clothes and other things are not for free.When you go on work,some day in the month you expect a wage for all you did in previous 30 days.Some people will spend all they’ve earned,some will save most of wage.

One million dollar is the magic number people mention a lot when they talk about certain subjects.Million dollars can change your life in a second.You can start your own business,buy yourself a big house,fancy car,many other expensive things million dollars can allow you.Let us not forget travelling around the world,parties,new technological device and so on.How great sounds that 🙂 .

Winning a lottery is the one way to get one million dollars in your hands.If you had rich parents or relatives you can inherit this amount from them.Third and hardest option is by working.First, you have to be greedy and cheapskate if you wanna collect all you earn.Saving money is the first step in one million dollar path.Second, most brand new rich boys invented something you haven’t see before.Yes, seeing a new thing takes a while to get people’s attention,but when you catch them off guard,you have their money.Day by day,month by month bank account cash is growing.Or you can turn old stuff into something better.

Did you ever watched Only fools and horses,one of the most popular sitcoms in the history of television.This show is about two brothers who fight in life,having so many funny,hard and interesting situations on the way to the top.Working as traders,switching between jobs not having some education,they are persistent in their intentions to become a millionaires.This is the cut from Christmas episode where they find an old watch,one of the first ever made for sailors and other overseas workers.Sending it on auction,being sold to some man they become millionaires.When i first watched this episode i was ten years old.I thought in those years,that every man should work hard,earn some money and some day some reward comes into your hands.You become a millionaire like Del Boy and Rodney,where you finally get what you deserve through your career.

Who knows what is going to happen with all of us, maybe some of our blogging friends becomes a millionaire some day.Never stop believing in yourself, life is full of surprises,tomorrow you may walk up with green paper all over your room 🙂 .

See ya when i get some time or nerves to write another article :).B-Y-E

Try this way to earn money by blogging

Hi, i read post of our blogging friend Andrea who shared at least one valuable information.This is her link: .She wrote one way to earn something from a side,or other words earn money by blogging.Buy me a coffee is some button which bloggers can put on their blogs.Paying depends from other users.Anyway try, you can’t lose nothing, only to win.Andrea earned so far 80 cents.If there is a rapper 50 cent, she can become rapper 80 cent 😉 .Why not maybe people love that 🙂 .

Single parent-strong person

Cool video, dogs are awesome.You know one smart man told once very familiar sentence: “The more i meet people, the more respect i have for animals” .Same in my case, i prefer to have company of the dog rather than people.I don’t know is it the same with people in your country, but with people in Serbia is like that.Anyway i won’t bother you with this boring stuff, we are here to write interesting things.

I wrote it is hot in Serbia during spring, guess what maybe time of the year mistake it timer because it is hot like in summer.Summer time in spring ! When i was seventh grade i remember one of my teachers told our class you can eat ice cream when month doesn’t contain letter “R” in its name.January,February,March,April,September,October,November,December.Well when ice cream is delicious you will eat it no matter which month is.So in that honor i will it it now 🙂 .

In modern time like these days, people are having commitments.You can’t have total spare time.Especially when you have kids.Then you must forget what means to be empty handed.Kids demand big attention.Feed them,dress them,teach them until you finish your daily list.Tomorrow same thing,next week same thing and after certain time kid became grown ups.Two parents have too much job, but how much job has single parent ?

People get divorce,one parent past away,or disappear in unknown direction.All burden falls on a woman or on man.Suddenly you become a mother and father in one.Raising kids all alone is hard if you work almost whole day.Some parents have help from their parents.Grandmother and grandfather can be more fun,educational and great with kids.Some parents hire babysitter or a nanny to look after their kids.Also another extra expenses with others you have.Of course mother is a mother,and father is the father.However life likes to complicate things.

Most important thing in raising kids is to make them good and honest person.In teen years high alarm is glowing.I read the letter from one father yesterday online on some site about psychology.He complained about his son.In elementary school he was great,then like a thunder from a sky in high school he changed.His hormones are running wild,he found a girlfriend his grades became lower and lower,worst issue can happen to him was betting office or simple gambling.He made debts having business with this vice,making his young life miserable.His father got him out of debts, instead to change his habits he continued to make problems.Of course we all were teenagers, but somehow today danger from bad friends,criminal,any other form of trouble became bigger.Like on every footstep you have doors for hell and on every tenth doors for heaven.

Fast food is much more tasteful than healthy food.Most people select fast food.It is ok if you take in normal limits, but passing that line will cost you later.Same with kids and vice.In teen years everybody want to be cool,popular,to be some kind of role model for everyone.However life will return you favor or mistake you made just when think you succeeded to survive.So it is important to have good relation with your kids from an early age.I wrote it before, but i will write it again.Kids must know what is good and what is bad.Parents are their guide in this tour.So be their eyes and ears until they see it by themselves.

Single parent is a very strong person,physically and mentally.With all stress is having on its back, raising kids by itself deserves a reward.Giving all love,all strength,all life to make kid happier is a big deal.Boss has a deputy,president has a vice president what assistant single parent has ? Maybe one and maybe no one.That is why a give a gold medal every father or mother who manage to make a great adult from a young person.

Do you know any single parent ? Share your experience in comment section if you can.That would be all for today see ya !!!!


Terrorists-big danger for all of us

Hello my WordPress army,what new you have for me on your blogs.May in Serbia is very hot.It is like summer, not spring time of the year.Ok, anything is better than rain,snow or other types of cold days.But early hotness is shock for organism.Yesterday i slept in front of the open window for my night shift.When i walked up,i had such a headache i thought my head is going to explode.

Then i had a shower,a took my pill and all was fine.Then my co-worker said she had a headache too 🙂 .How ironic is that.Today is also nice day,still i was night shift yesterday,and tomorrow i have to substitute my other co-worker,so no much spare time for me.Also i forgot my mobile didn’t worked this morning,sim card dropped out from a slot,so i have to by adapter for putting it back on same place.What can i tell, problems love me 😦 .

World is full of danger.Somewhere you have dangerous streets,somewhere is full of illnesses,somewhere you can go in prison for nothing.But big threat for every man or woman is terrorist attacks.For example you go on vacation,expecting to enjoy in your days of freedom,when suddenly you hear a gun fire.People wearing masks,armed and dangerous start shooting in front of themselves.Ok, you survived,however others didn’t.Or at least people are injured.Great moment for your family and other people is ruin.Instead of having good memories,you bring to your home nightmares.You wonder why those people attacked that place,why they did it,how this might happened.

Terrorist are with no doubt,high danger in modern world.They act in groups,listening to some leader who never will risk his life for goals he sends other in death.I am not wondering why some people create disaster around the area they are living, i wonder why people follow instructions of those people ?
Life is precious,once you go alive and once you die,there is no chance for returning back.How life become your burden,so you have to make mistake like joining in the terrorist group.There is always a reason for live,terrorist don’t solve problems they provide new ones.

Psychologist researched why young people,men join in terrorist attacks.Terrorist don’t select anyone.They need a person,who is hungry of violence or at least hates life by their own.Turning a young person into “walking death” is not easy.It is a big process before someone becomes their member.Brain wash last very long,convincing that person to create a chaos and hurt other people,teaching how to fire from a weapon,is a skill.I can say,people who can convince others to kill for him,is highly intelligent,manipulative and dominant person.For example you can’t manipulate the whole class to run away from school,someone has to say no.But having control over big number of men is great talent.

Kamikaze are biggest danger in terrorist world.One person holding a bomb,or some other type of weapon,ready to risk own life for higher purpose.Mostly they move in wider crowds,moving around looking for right moment to strike.Airplane terrorist attacks are first station for causing death.Over the years,safety,checking or other types of security became typical at airports.Average terrorist is not carrying many luggage with himself,has possibly a beard or maybe a some mark on his body.Earlier terrorist wore a jacket in the middle of the summer.Under the jacket they wore bombs, making a total disaster.Like every intruders,they become smarter.International forces work hard is possible to prevent terrorist attacks.In most they succeed,in some they don’t.High price are paying innocent people,having nothing with terrorist goals.I can not ask myself how those people sleep over night,not thinking what they did.What bad experiences those people had in their lives,wanting to make trouble all of us.Ok,we all have problems,we react different,but killing people is not solving anything.

We can’t live forever,still our job is to save our lives the best we can.Nobody will look for us better than us.Except our parents maybe.You can’t change mental structure of all future terrorists,but for some there is a chance.Try to find your piece of luck,leave others to destroy their lives.For the next time,i’ll see you soon 🙂 .


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