Are we getting dumber

Have you seen Star Wars ? Me neither 😁.Still when i was i kid i remembered one scene,from the video above.Whole my life i thought Dart Vader says: “Luke i am your father” instead he says “No,i am your father”.I read that is some Mandela effect.You don’t hear well and you think you are right… Continue reading Are we getting dumber

Should you take vaccine

Had to have high,high hopes for a living, Shooting for the stars when i couldn’t make a killing Didn’t had a dime but i always had a vision Always had high,high hopes. You also should have high goals,don’t exaggerate too much.Remember one completed dream completes all dreams.Like earning first million.When you have one million others… Continue reading Should you take vaccine

Gym or ordinary sport

Welcome to the jungle,says the title of the movie 😁.Have you ever been in a jungle ?I haven’t!! I think it could be exciting and scary at the same time.So many animals,different weather maybe i can meet some people.Quite interesting is Amazon rainforest where you have big number of animals,trees and so on.However if you’re… Continue reading Gym or ordinary sport

Spending society

Ahoy there 😃.I don’t know how is the weather in your country, but here in Serbia is hot as hell 🥵.I’m watching our best tennis player Novak Djokovic who has the best chance to win Olympic gold.Milica Mandic already won gold in taekwondo.Thank you all athletes for presenting Serbia on this biggest comeptition. So you… Continue reading Spending society

Do you believe in horoscope

Hi,this is me,you are you,he is he,she is she and so on.I haven’t wrote anything for a long time ago.Coronavirus pandemic sucked most of energy i had.Anyway i don’t wan’t to talk about that,i wan’t to write about positive stuff. Before we start i wanna mention my girlfriend Marina who made me to write again,so… Continue reading Do you believe in horoscope

When politicans think this world belongs to them

Hi everybody.Are you ok ? I hope you are.Especially beware of coronavirus if you don’t. I am not well.Physically i’m alright but mentally i’m feeling like someone is stabbing me inside my brain.Why ? Because in my country we have mentally ill president called Aleksandar Vucic. My country was in emergency state around three months.From… Continue reading When politicans think this world belongs to them


I didn’t wrote anything for a long time, i hope i will wrote something in the next period.I see you all are getting better and better subjects are good and so are you. GOOD LUCK AND KEEP IT GOING 🙂 .

Detective Stories: Murder of Jeffrey Johnson part VII

Greetings to all of you and aliens also who maybe read our articles.I’m programming a quiz in Javascript for those who know what is Javascript.I hope i will managed to finish this before the end of the month.No wonder programmers have good salaries, being a programmer is hard profession. I admire for people who built… Continue reading Detective Stories: Murder of Jeffrey Johnson part VII