Today starts world cup

Have you ever watched An officer and a gentleman movie ? If you didn’t you can see it over here :
.You won’t regret it 🙂 .

Today is starting a world cup in soccer, i wish all participants to play their best game,show the best they can, and may the best wins 🙂 .

I’m sorry because i didn’t wrote nothing in past 14 days, but what you can do, there is not enough time to do all i want including blogging.I will try to do it more often in the future, i’m not promising nothing but i will do my best.

Anyway i hope you do well in life, most important is your health other things are not that important.So enjoy in soccer,cheer for your favorite team and i will see you soon.Ok ? 😉 .


Jealousy-love or a problem

Quality is bad,but you have to see this.

I don’t know but i feel happy today.Nothing special happened, no bigger reason to be happy,maybe some luck is waiting for me behind the corner 🙂 .Serbia is on the edge of summer, it should be 32 degrees Celsius in Sunday.Meteorologist announce this will be very hot summer.

But we have sea,pools and other water areas to cool ourselves 😉 .So summer can be hotter than hell, it doesn’t scare me a bit.You know you can’t find any reason to be happy by living in Serbia.Only negative stuff is around you,you hear only about sad things so i am glad to feel this today.

Anyway lets enter into my castle in the land of words.Prepare your eyes and brain to read what i prepared.

People like love, they love to love someone.Love is like a drug,the more is given or got from your partner the more you feel great.But love can be a game.In every game you have obstacles,traps and things you didn’t expected.Sometimes people flirt with you, sometimes they flirt with your partner.Sometimes saying hi,normal hug or ordinary kiss in the cheek looks like flirting.All this gestures can cause jealousy.

Jealousy is type of behaviour when people dislike certain things about some person.Mostly this has to do with love.Nobody likes to share person who won our heart with somebody else.You can share a chocolate,other food,maybe clothes,water or other stuff, but someone you love never ! Jealousy is normal between a couple.Jealousy is some proof of love.By being angry on some things like flirting,we dislike that but we show to our partner that we care about him or her.

Jealousy can wake up emotions, however can become a problem if one of the partners is overreacting.Some partners check phone calls,messages,some even follow their partner all the time.Possessiveness is huge problem.This obsession makes a big problem in a relationship.Say one of partners was cheated in previous relationship, in the next one that partner has less trust in his partner.Then comes possessiveness.Checking,checking and checking.Aggression is huge problem when is about jealousy.In some fights conflicts can be so problematic,even murders are included.

Ok,you don’t trust your partner,you think someone third is gonna interfere between you two,then you should be alone.Yes love can be tough,however world is built in love,if your partner wants to cheat on you,you can’t stop it.If that person loves you,you have to trust her.Aggression doesn’t solves nothing, only makes fear and anxiety in a relationship.Try to trust.

People are not jealous only in love,there are tones of jealousy.Someone got promoted,someone has a bigger and better house,this or that has more money than i do and so on.Some people try to sabotage their joy,some don’t give a damn,third try to do more then that person.It is good to compete sometimes,people never need to want less always more.It is ok to want for yourself,maybe to cause a little jealousy to your opponent 😉 , still do it in limits.You don’t need to break your head for that.You waste energy,nerves and time.There is always someone who has more than you do.

Like every person on this world i feel a little jealousy,but i prefer to improve my life not to watch what others do.Improving,advancing and wanting more for myself is my ultimate goal.I want to succeed because i want it, not to make others less important.IF SOMEONE IS JEALOUS ON ME,THAT MEANS I MADE IT ON TOP 😉 .So be persistent,improve your life,leave others to be jealous.Life goes and goes.

That would be all see ya when i catch some spare time.I hope you will say something in comment section 😉 .


Should i delete my Facebook account

In last time i found Facebook very boring.So many things is dropping out on my profile which i don’t have interest in.It ok to see images and things my facebook friends share, but i am not interested what some page has to show me.Only stupid stuff,boring quotes and nothing good you can see.

Second reason why do i want to delete my account is friends.If someone with who you have good relationship whether is your friends,family or partner,then why they don’t accept my friendship request or delete me with no reason ? I don’t have nothing against anyone,i always try to be nice,to help when is necessary,somehow i think people have something against me.I don’t understand that but no wonder i don’t trust to anyone.I lost confidence in all people around me.

In mostly i need Facebook only for programming,posting images with my selfies is not my thing.I am not hungry for that attention,i don’t need to have always likes from other members so i think i will delete my account.Long time ago Facebook lost it purpose,now is only stupid “anti social network”.Life was way better before him,people had better connection than now.

Community pool is going away…..

Bloggers don’t have opportunity to communicate that easy on WordPress.Community pool is the best place for meet ups if you want to share,get new followers or learn something new.I think it is wrong from their side to turn off just like that this awesome “organization”.

I mean you worked hard to uplift on the feet this giant who doesn’t stand up that easy, and now you’re pushing him down ? Life is hard,people are boring,blogging demands so much time,effort and all other sort of things.But when you swim in big pool like they made for us it is hard to go back.I hope they will rethink twice before they shut down this cool place.


Working from home

Who knows this song.

Greetings all of you, may the force be with you 🙂 .In Serbia is summer almost here,so everybody around are making plans for vacations.Mostly people from Serbia are going to Montenegro,Greece,maybe Croatia and Spain.Interesting thing for people in Serbia is,they don’t have money but they go to sea.I think this act is not usual in other countries where other people save money when they don’t have one.This “flaw” you must tell you have to love.That is the same like you have serious plans about your job,family or relationship,instead you pack your bags and decide to have the biggest fun in your life.If you ever decide to go somewhere come here to Serbia.Only touristically,for living better go to Greece for example.

After this intro not scared to enter into my dark tunnel.Only way to get out is by reading the whole post.

Long time ago it was impossible to see someone not working in the company.Not going at 9AM,not having boss on your head,co-workers different ages,personalities and other characteristics was crazy idea in the first place.Today having freelance websites,where people are finding great jobs with great pay outs.And let me tell ya something i think they have a blast at home.It seems from the other side, where other part of the world goes to regular jobs for people who work at home like freaks.They are not.No stress at home,you can eat your favorite dish,nobody is disturbing you,you can not run late,nobody yells at you,why they are freaks.People make money and keep their mental health sound.They don’t isolate from outside world,they maybe not work with people,but after work they have friends,family and partner to spent time with.They just work solo.

Remember the episode from Simpsons where Homer gains weight so he can work at home.Ok,that didn’t work because we all know Homer is stupid.But that doesn’t mean you will not.If you have the opportunity to work at home,and salary is well enough switch from your regular job into job at home.Good thing for young parents is if they have a small baby and nobody can watch her,working at home will give you that chance.No worry whose gonna watch her,how much will babysitter cost or can something happen in the last minute and you lose the person who can watch her.You are working at home,baby is safe and sound and all problems are solved.

There are predictions number of freelance jobs will increase in the future.Contracts are gonna mostly be pacted from our computers not having need to do that in person.So jump in if you think you can earn online.Other thing about these jobs you are not jeopardize on any way.You are not need to worry are you gonna face with dangerous person like working in supermarket,or working in bank.No need to feel fear,high stress working with crazy people and so on.Just you and your computer.Programmers in my country are working two jobs.One in company other freelance at home.What do they can, money is required so two jobs are important to support your family.

I would like to work are home because working with people is becoming harder and harder.Living in the poor country like Serbia is, you deal with many,many crazy people.Criminals,drug addicts,mentally ill people and all together are like bombs.So stress is really big.Fighting with them is so boring,exhausting and upsetting.So working at home will be vacation for me 🙂 .I hope this will stop soon every day.I can’t wait to stop working with people 🙂 .

Thank you for being with me in this article,i hope you enjoyed,next subject will be probably about online learning.So don’t forget to be there when i publish that one.See ya 🙂 .

Surrogate mother

Great performance.

Do you ever feel some things are going better in other people’s lives than in yours.I always think when i see my friends,neighbours or anyone close to me how their life is going in right direction and mine is not.Then i remember nobody is without problems,no one has perfect life,only things look different when we look like that.

One thing also makes problems,Facebook profiles.When you see some change in their life you think why this is not happening to me,why they are having so much joy,fun and interesting stuff every day and i don’t.Wrong! Facebook is Fakebook,social network where people can pretend to be amazing and they are not.Everybody are having issues,nobody is saved,only what left for us is to change something in our life.Only we must find motivation to go forward,because nobody will push us if we don’t push ourselves.

Someone is blessed with kids after mother had a labour,someone adopted kid and there is a third option not very often-surrogate mother.I don’t know who invented this “act”,where did it started,but it is very unusual.Connection between a mother and her child is the strongest link nature ever made.Life growing inside of mother for nine months is nothing can be compared with.Don’t think i had pregnancy 🙂 ,i just share words from other women.When a woman is pregnant genes of hers and her husband are bonding in their kid.So somehow mother is giving part of herself to her baby.Emotions,intelligence,health and all things are going to her kid.Then why some girls,women give up their kid and give them to other people ?

First reason is money.Some people pay some girl to “deliver” them baby they can’t have.Father gives his sperm,doctor finish the job and voila woman is pregnant.After labour,baby belongs to her new parents,papers are signed and no reason to be any legal problems between them three.

Second reason is some people hate kids.This is because they are emotionally immature,they can’t handle themselves,only their ego is important and taking care of someone else is not their thing.They give up that kid like giving a present someone for birthday.But life always has a way to hit you right in the face.

Who doesn’t like kids,especially when they smile 🙂 .But doctor says you and your partner can’t have a baby.Surrogate mother is the solution, only where to find her ? All women on the world want to have kids,they don’t want to give birth to other people.Search may be long,however every task ends successfully.Then that person can quit,not quit,can take,not take kid,and so on.However biggest problem can be on labour.When you see a small creature looking into your eyes,you know in your heart telling good bye is not over.So if you are deeply emotional person, don’t accept this “favor”.

I think the best option for “no parents” is to adopt a kid.You have many kids waiting someone to love them,to give them home,a hug,why bothering and looking for a donor,when you have a kid in front of you.Yes process is long but at least you don’t torture someone to make a decision.

Think twice before you consider to find a surrogate mother.Adoption is the best kid for you 😉 .

Bye bloggers have a nice day,night or morning because we are all in different time zones.Its a shame i can’t meet you in person,but who knows destiny is a strange wheel,you never know where you gonna end.Maybe in space 😉 .

Late education

Sing with me.

Being happy has so many meanings.For someone happiness is money,for others love,third reason can be average life.However for happiness people say we need little, so why is it hard to get that little.Try it you may find your piece of luck maybe just now.

Cameron Diaz,Robert De Niro,Johnny Depp and other celebrities have only elementary school.Yet they succeeded in life.God gave them talent,they know how to use it and their life is full of good memories.Still that doesn’t mean you should quit school,pursue your career as an actor,musician or other type of public business.Education is important.Without knowing how to write nobody could read stuff we made over here ;).Without math you couldn’t know did you earn your salary enough,if someone is cutting you in grocery store and so on.Education creates people, not stupidity.

Yes, for ages people use strength to survive, but our brain evolved and so certain things evolved.Yes it is boring to study when you can play video games.Yes education has no fun inside it chambers,yes nothing interesting comes out,but boring stuff must be like that.Similar to rain.What i want to say is,a lot of people stop going into school because of numerous reasons.They become criminals,they have to support their family,they have health problems.But it is never too late to leave boat who sinks and jump into boat who floats.You didn’t done something others did as kids, so why not doing it as an adult.I think animals would go to school if they have abilities like humans.

Beside decent job requires diploma,pretty eyes are not enough to be new employee in some company.Educated people have always something smart to say,when stupid people only can share violence and aggressiveness.The bigger education you have the better position is waiting for you no matter what country are you living.My uncle has high school for police officer,later he went to higher school or now called police academy to become inspector.Then after his police career at age of 40,he went to college where he became a manager.Triple threat.So age is just a number,not a obstacle or some block to unable you to achieve something.

If you ever think your teacher is harsh,you just wait to meet your boss.When i went to school i thought school is the hardest thing on the world.When i started working,i realize that was all warming up.School has study stress who last more then ten years, but job has 40 years of stress,much higher and much stronger.You see i would gave anything to go back in past and tell my younger version how much is he enjoying right now.Internet has billions of information,so having so many free information you can find free books,educating sites and other stuff which can improve you.


So that would be all,thank you for your attention,but show is over.You can re-watch it by reading it again ;).Bye see ya!!!

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