The hardest sport on the world.

Muhammad Ali,Michael Jordan,PelĂ©,Sugar Babe.So much talent on one place.These people are gifted athletes who made happy millions of people all around world.And when we are remembering them,did you ask yourself sometimes which sport is the hardest ? Can basketball player be a boxer,or football player a baseball player.Every athletes think his sport is the hardest.Let… Continue reading The hardest sport on the world.

Who is smarter men or women

Men and women are different in every form.There’s always a small competition between them.Men are stronger and women are prettier.But who is smarter ? During the history men were those who done the most jobs in their countries.Its been consider for a woman to stay at home,watch for the kids,taking care of household,clean,wash and cook.Men… Continue reading Who is smarter men or women

Love,religion,race,nationality.Does it matter

“Dad i’m getting married.By the way my future wife is white.” “White!! No,no.You have to find yourself a black wife.Do you understand.” Other scene. “Dad i’m fallen in love in catholic.” “No,no and no.He must be orthodox and the end of the story.” We live in 21st century.Is it possible that still exists obstacles to… Continue reading Love,religion,race,nationality.Does it matter

Straight,homosexual or bisexual

Human sexuality is very interesting subject in every part of the world.Scientist s say that we don’t choose who are we going to like.Church doesn’t like any type of sexualty except straight one.It is always been usual to have a relationship between man and a woman.What about man and man,or woman and woman.People consider that… Continue reading Straight,homosexual or bisexual