Daily story-Recovery of the world

Once upon a time there was a rich dark angel.He never had enough money.He could steal,rob do whatever it takes to be rich and powerful.Nobody could stand up to him.He had strength of million people,power of milion animals he was fearless,indestructible.

One day people collected money to save a little girl who had rare disease.It was good,people gave whatever it takey to save life of this innocent creature.Then dark angel came.He stole all the money they almost succeded to collect.The girl died.

Dark angel was happier than ever.Until…..

Spirit of the dead girl appeared in front of him.Dark angel laughed to her spirit.Little girl flew through him and left.Dark angel turn around and went to see his fortune.

When he opened his safe he saw something terrible.All his money became white paper.Wind blowed suddenly and took all the paper outside.Dark angel tried to catch that paper,but paper was faster.Dark angel had nothing left.

He thought if he lost his money he could steal once again to rise his fortune again.He went to bank to rob it.However police came before him.Trying to use his power against the police didn’t worked.Police officer shot at him.Dark angel died.

Spirit of little girl made him mortal.Not only he lost his money,he lost his life.After his death world became better place…..

By Nash Christmas

I am programmer and i writer.

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