What your dreams tell you

Old Mcdonald had farm E-I-E-I oooooo and on this farm he had me 🙂 .Maybe i was an animal in the previous life.I don’t know.I hope i was a dog,not some insect or skunk.Skunk stinks ahahahahaha.Anyway i am positive you know this old children song.So sing it while you can, we remain kids even we get older.Spirit always stays,remember that.

Photo by George Milton on Pexels.com

When we go beyond REM phase we sink into deepness of our dreams.Dreams are somehow connected with our life.Everything we do,all is around us,something is making our life hard dreams find the way to make a some kind of theater play.But dreams doesn’t come with a plan,they drop spontaneously.

Scientists,philosophers and other wise people say dreams are door into third dimension.Remember Freddy Krueger and Nightmare on the Elm street.Hahahahaha kids who watched those movies didn’t wanted to sleep because they were affraid of him.And we must admit Freddy was scary in the 80s.

I had really weird dreams in past two weeks.It wasn’t nightmares but i didn’t felt good after that.I looked on the internet meanings of your dreams and i thought it gonna happened in real life.Of course nothing camed true.One time i had a dream abot the killer from movie Scream.He had a knife in his hand and i was running away from him.I was tired of running and i decided to kick him.Just i prepared to kick him i walked up and i kicked wall.Man i couldn’t walk all day long.One time in my early teens i’ve dreamed about lions.I yelled like hell and i walked up entire house hahahahaha.

I wrote about ghosts in some of mine latest post.I wrote my co-worker tell me a story about how she dreamed her dead father.Her father said her in dream she is pregnant.That really happened.She got baby daughter.When we are wake,we have dreams about future.Work hard,never give up if you wan’t your dreams come true.You owe to yourself.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Now in our dreams we can fly,live forever,be strongets,pretiest,smartest and so on.We can have sex with everyone we want 😉 .We can feel pain,joy,sadness,depression, you can’t ask the kitchen what food you gonna eat.You eat what they have.Sometimes we have so great dreams everything is perfect in them and you have to walk up.Nooooooo i hate reality.If we have a nightmare wake me up sooner as possible.

Observe carefully in your dreams you might find an answer to your question.Don’t pee in your bed ahahahaha.Kids are allowed to pee,grown ups never.At least buy some dipers.Only problem is nobody will change your diper instead of you.

Imagine we don’t have dreams.Brain must have something interesting to do whenever we fall asleep.He can create,decorate,destroy,upgrade whatever it wants.Limits are never endless.It would be cool to see what other people are dreaming,like SpongeBob did it in one episode 😉 .

In spanish tv series called Los Serrano,man called Fitty farted during night 🙂 .He didn’t had some special dream,but his wife was all in tears after he farted hahahahaha.Who knows what type,adventure or special dreams had Sleeping beauty in one hundred years of sleeping.Too bad we can choose what to dream.Instead of walk on the edge of some ship,we could choose to eat as many candies we want.Instead of fighting with monsters,we could travel all around the world in one day or night.

Dream people dream.Select good bed,good,clean sheets and someone to sleep with you.Dreams are sweeter if you have somebody to share your bed with you.Then nothing can scare you,spin you or kill you.You are the strongest,smartest and biggest person on Earth.

Bye dreams, i mean readers and bloggers.You have the power and hour and sour and flower and tower and find some word to come along with those i had on my mind. Song for the end.Enjoy it !

By Nash Christmas

I am programmer and i writer.

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