Bedtime stories for grown ups-Jack and animals

3,2,1 it was long time agoooo.Bedtime stories here we go again.

Jack Mark Bull lived in New York.He was a lawyer.Very succesful.However he never had luck with people.The better he was people behaved worse to him.

One day he decided to start a new life.All the money he earned,he invested in countryside.He bought the house far away from the city.He made something similar to a farm.He didn’t wanted to nothing with vegetables or fruits.Only with animals.

Jack:”No way,i can not belive it.Jenny is that really you ?”

He had cows,goats,sheeps,chickens,horses,dogs,cats and so on.Very rich animal company.When he fed animals after breakfast a young woman visted him.It was he high school girlfriend-Jenny.Jenny and Jack were together almost four years.They broke up because they were on different colleges.Jenny heard Jack left the city.She couldn’t believe that Jack will live somewhere else outside urban district.

Jenny: “Jack,Jack!!”

Jack:”No way,i can not belive it.Jenny is that really you ?”

They hug each other.

Jack:”Long time no see.What brings you in this areas ?”

Jenny:”Well i needed legal advice.I looked for you in your office in New York,when friend of yours Matt told me you live here now.Why do you left the city,why you live here with all this animals ?”

Jack:”In shortly,i helped so many people when i finished college.I defended a lot of people.When they had to pay me they haven’t no money.I thought ok,you will give when you earn or find the way to find some cash.All those who owed me bought new apartments,cars and other stuff.I press charges against them.I won,but eventually i lost time and nerves.I found peace over here”.

Jenny:”What about love,family or descendants.Do you wanna leave too ?”

Jack:”After you i had bad luck in relationships.No more love for me”

Jenny felt sad.

Jenny:”Listen i will go on vacation next week.I had plans,but i will change them only if you agreee.”

Jack:”What do i have to do ?”

Jenny:”Maybe is little bit ugly to do this,but i wantec to come here.”

Jack’s hearted beated like crazy.He was glad to hear sweet for his ears.

Jack:”Of course you can come,anytime you want.Are you sure you want to come here?”

Jenny:”Yes,no doubt about that.”

Jack:”Great!!! I can’t wait you to come”

Next week Jenny came.She helped Jack in everything he done on his land.They went fishing.They chased in forest.Animals loved them.Over time it looked like they never been separated.However one night they had big fight.Jenny left the house in middle of the night.Going through the forest she heard strange noise.Looking behind her nobody was there.When she turned around three wolves were in front of her.Jenny was scared.Wolves barked angry on Jenny.Jenny was sure she will die.When Jack with his dogs came in the rescue.Five big dogs versus three wolfs.Being out matched wolves retrieved.Jenny was saved.With fear in her eyes she hugged Jack and kissed him.She appologized to him.She was wrong.Jack said it was his fault to.They went into Jack’s home together.

After her vacation ended Jenny quit her job.Being real estate agent it was good job,but nothing was good without Jack.She asked Jack to move in and start new life with him.Jack said yes.

Over the years their home grew,they had more and more animals.They sold food from animals to big companies.Milk industry depended on them.Something that started as a hobby became big life source.

Jenny had birth two boys and girls.Their lives couldn’t be happier…….

That is all folks.Leave a comment,like or subsribe if you see somwething good in this story.See ya soon 😇😇😇😙😙😙

Bye bye

By Nash Christmas

I am programmer and i writer.

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