Love or money

Welcome,welcome,welcome.Do you speak Serbian ?No you don’t 😝.Serbia is a small country in southeastern Europe.Maybe you will visit my country so you could learn a few words.


Dobro jutro-Good morning

Drago mi je sto sam vas upoznao-Nice to meet you

Zovem se-My name is….

Now,i don’t have audio description for this words.But google out learning Serbian on internet.For certain you will find nice tutorials.Lets get started πŸ˜‰

Why do we fall in love ? Our brain produce chemistry when we see opposite gender.First we look estetics or how someone looks.Then we look how this person behaves or most important,is it good or bad inside.

Then we look for same interest,subjects,music,movies and so on.Buuuuutttt love can not live from the air like my mother says.So finances becomes main reason in every relationship.

Women don’t have the money in their hands.I mean on all the money in the world and everything what is connected with power.I wrote on my beginnings why is hard to be a woman.

You maybe saw or at least knew some hot girl married a really ugly guy.She looks like heaven and he looks like hell πŸ˜†.But he has big amount on his bank account.She doesn’t need to work,she has all the necessary,her life is completed,her parents are satisfied (especially her father),she is the hero.

Even in fairy tales Cinderella or some other female character meets the rich prince,get married and everything is perfect.From youngest age somehow girls learn by becoming the rich wife their wishes will come true.And that continues until they grow up.

Getting married for a rich guy is some kind of lifetime insurance.If for example woman in USA gets a divorce she will not left withou nothing.She will be the queen even without kingdom.What kind of fortune she will given that depends how “heavy” is his cash.

Other reasons and maybe highly important her kids will have no need to worry for nothing.Always food on the table,fancy clothes,fancy parties,good education,expensive trips,good cars all we like they will have.

So why not marry the rich guy ?

First of all you will not love that person.No matter time how long you will be together,no matter how good is that person to you,love is in the heart not in our brain.Every kiss,every hug,every laugh will be fake.Ok that person can be sweet,kind,noble our heart can not feel that crazy blast.Big problem can be age difference.

Women are not the only who likes money.Guys do the same.However in smaller percentage.Some men are really,really good looking,like you have a cookie,cake or other desert in one.You can’t resist.Mostly they date older women,or if they got lucky younger with two brain cells.Some can find smart one,but there is small chance she will find something interesting about you.

Best example how loyal,noble and humble woman can be is Connor Mcgregor’s partner is Dee Devlin.Connor had hard times to get to the top of UFC.He could not win any fight without the help of his woman.She was his biggest support,his princess,fairy,golden fish.Like Penelope was to Homer.She could walk away,say hey i can find better than you,i could live luxurious life without not moving a finger.Nooooo ! She was the knight in the armor.She gave all the love to Connor,and not his strength or fighting skills made him what he is today,she did itπŸ˜‡

Pure four leaf clover.Who ever finds a woman like that money doesn’t need him.Only she πŸ˜‰.

I hope you learned something.I am learning new things every day.You have to be smart i stupid world.You need the muslces,however brain brings glory and success.See ya soon.Like and share my article.ByeeeeeeeeπŸ˜‰πŸ™ƒ

By Nash Christmas

I am programmer and i writer.

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