Cloning people

Haven’t see the movie yet,hurry up you won’t regret it.One of my two favorite movies beside movie Warrior.Great comedy,a lot of funny scenes,great actors,great script.

Sheep Dolly was cloned long time ago.She didn’t lived that much after this historical event.Why ? Who knows !!! Important thing there was no other attempt in cloning.So sad for Dolly,she didn’t had or wanted to end like that.

When i was a kid,i wanted to have my own clone.I could send him to school instead of me.He would study and i could go to do something else.Or he could clean the house,buy something in the grocery store and so on.At least some help from him means a lot,no matter how tiny is.

It is 2021 only thing we hear about is coronavirus.One friend of mine,he is soldier in the army said to me one of the projects for the future is cloning.In order of that he said,when you find the way to clone humans without complication reproduction will be dreamless.Can you imagine you need permission if you want to have a baby!!

Interesting thing about cloning,for instance clone can not have the same organism as original human being.You take a cell,you make a clone,clone is created however his strength and other things are not the same.Of course you can add him some supplements but who knows how clone will react.

O Clone is brasilian tv series played between 2001-2002.This television show had high popularity in those times.It is the story about love of muslim woman and catholic man.And of course about clone.Two twin brothers on the begininng of the series,Lucas and Diogo.Lucas is involved in the relationship with muslim woman,and Diogo has different relationships with other women.Diogo dies in helicopter accident.Now how tv shows goes on,and characters develope family excpects from Lucas to be like Diogo.But he is not like that.

In this show we have a doctor.This doctor only thinks about cloning,how people could continue to live after their death.When Diogo dies doctor becames so depressed wanting more and more to find the way to clone a human or to bring back Diogo to life.And he succeds.Diogo or now Leo is born with the cell of Lucas,who doctor put in to uterus of one woman not telling her what he did.Leo has no health or other problem and he lives perfectly.

Ok this act i can aprove.There is so many lives ended unhappy,so many young,smart,noble and honest people died by accident.Who knows what they might accomplish if they didn’t die.So if you can take a cell from someone else’s body and bring back to life those we love go ahead.That could means only joy for the family and rest of the world.

We will see ya soon,enjoy the most you can.Watch out for fires,be safe,watch out COVID 19 and don’t eat to much candies šŸ˜šŸ˜šŸ˜šŸ˜šŸ˜šŸ˜.Visiting dentist is expensive i know that i visited dentist many times this year.BYE BYE BLOGGERS šŸ˜‰šŸ˜‰šŸ˜‰šŸ˜‰

By Nash Christmas

I am programmer and i writer.

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