Do you believe in ghosts

Are you winner or quitter ? What is your goal in your life,what will send you to the stars,where is the beginning of your success.Only you know :).Never give up no matter what obstacles have you on your way.Send so9me feedback if you complete your dreams.I have dreams i hope some of them come true.

Most probably you have seen movie “Ghost”.Patrick Swayze and Demie Moore play a couple.Patrick Swayze’s character is killed,however he doesn’t leave the world of alive.Instead he is looking the man who killed him.Anyway on the end his killer accidently kills himself,and Patrick shows up in front of Demie Moore steping into stairs who lead him to Heaven.

I think everybody have a personal ghost,our own invisible body guard who is defending us from evil,following us wherever we go.Of course nobody has a proof they exist.Still we breath air not managing to see it.Same with the wind.

Maybe ghosts are creatures stuck between the world of life and death.Somehow they can not be part of any world permanently for some reason.You seen ghosts in cartoons and movies like white,pale beings able to fly.They don’t wear specific clothes,no special marks,no special speech.I read and heard people who commit murder and look their victims in their eyes,their ghots will haunt them forever.One woman in USA killed her husband long time ago.She stabbed him with the knife and hid his body in basement.Then she bury him in a wall with bricks.Anyway someone called the police,police came she said he went somewhere and nobody suspected what she done.Untill…..his ghost started haunting her.She couldn’t sleep nights and days.Eventually she went to police to confess the murder.And normally ghost of her husband left her alone.She could sleep,but in the prison cell hahahahaha.

Are ghost meant to be scary ? Where they live,can they sleep ? You can’t celebrate Halloween not being disguised in to ghost.Parapsychology is not very popular science because they don’t have evidence for their researches.In this science people who are very familiar,interested and experienced will find the way to talk with dead ones. They consider them crazy.If there is a real parapsychologist i would ask him to show me how he talks with spirits from other world.I think i would hear amazing stuff from them.

Like for sure Earth is not the only planet who has life on it,same with the soul.Ghosts are souls trapped in our bodies waiting some day to come out.Our soul has burns,wounds but also joy,strength to uplift us when we think it is all over.Friend of mine told me once he saw his neighbour outside looking in one spot.The next day same thing.He was scared to ask him so he asked his brother why is looking in the same spot every morning.His brother said he dreamed their dead father who told him to go outside and wait him to come.

I had a co-worker who also dreamed her dead father.Her father told her she is pregnant.Tomorrow she went to pharmacy to buy pregnancy test.Test showed her she is pregnant.So even we can’t see them,even we can’t hear them,feel them,ghosts have their way of communication.Like i wrote above every one of us has their guardian angel to watch us and the devil who waits to make a problem.

So watch out for the ghost.Buahahahahaha !!!!!!! Just kidding,if you can see ghosts give them a cookie,i’m sure they like to eat sweets.

Somehow it is good to think is there some force waiting to punish you if you behave evil.You can’t expect only alive people to punish.Some force from the other dimension with ghost as soldier is probably reward or punishement for what we are doing.In Serbia we don’t have haunted houses.There is no such house on some hill,filled with scary things where nobody lives.If i find out i let you know.Maybe i will visit that house by watching outside hahahahaha.

I like ghost tales.Is it intimating,does it have meaningful background the better story it is.So if you see any ghost say hello in my name,if you don’t then run away ahahahaha.

Will be seing you soon.Olympic games are over,Serbia won nine medals on biggest competition.By bye citizens of planet Earth 🙂 .

By Nash Christmas

I am programmer and i writer.

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