Are we getting dumber

Have you seen Star Wars ? Me neither 😁.Still when i was i kid i remembered one scene,from the video above.Whole my life i thought Dart Vader says: “Luke i am your father” instead he says “No,i am your father”.I read that is some Mandela effect.You don’t hear well and you think you are right but you’re not.Anyway let see what subject we are discussing today.

Again i am returning in to cave time.We didn’t talk,move or done that much stuff we can today.Our brain evolved over the centuries,we became smarter and smarter.

However i am noticing certain things between people’s population.With improvement,growth and upgrading technology,seems people don’t need to think that much.They rely on machines,feeling relief when someone else do the job for them.

But people don’t realize machines didn’t created by itself,humans made them.If machines have malfunction they need to fix.Who will do that ? Human of course! So our brain and our skills will recover when something is broken.

Interesting fact about smart and dumb people is dumb people think they are right.They argue,argue and argue without having proper arguments.Mostly they have some kind of aggressiveness.They think by sounding loud they are smart.They only sound loud.

People have to learn new things,read more stuff,no matter how their brain must grow.Imagine a doctor doesn’t know nothing,how would we be alive.Inteligence is genetically determined,but that doesn’t mean you can’t upgrade knowledge and abilities or become smarter than you are.

Also,this is for Europe education,i found useless learning kids stuff they learn in school.At age 4 they go to school.Unnecessary ! Why ? Maybe you could send them to college why school,life will be hard for them maybe they should start learn hard right away.

Playing games,going in to nature,making something from the paper can improve someone’s intelligence.Ordinary running is very useful for brain.More oxygen more cells grows.Kids have enough time for school let them be kids.

Ok playing video games,computer games will not make them smarter.However you can’t stop them to play them.Gaming industry is one of the strongest on the world.

Cell phones are preoccupying our attention wherever we go.That takes our full time,we don’t see nothing except our nose and hands.If you use your phone find something smart to learn.Internet ten years ago and internet today is different.More people,more information,more subjects to discover.In the past you had to pay very hight to learn something,now with free tools fill empty spot of your brain.

By only sitting,drinking alchohol,watching stupid things wil decrease your intelligence.So up,up into the sky,learn something new ! I have to say in envirioment,on my work or anywhere i walk i see stupid things.Like i live among animals,even they follow the rules,people don’t.What is happening in their head,what storm is spinning i don’t know.

Watch movie Idiocracy,i don’t consider this movie for a comedy more like horror.It is like prediction what will happen in the future.Trust me it is not funny.

Will be seeing you soon with fresh stuff from my garden 😉,have a nice morning,day or night in your country.So long for know 🤠

By Nash Christmas

I am programmer and i writer.

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