Should you take vaccine

Had to have high,high hopes for a living,

Shooting for the stars when i couldn’t make a killing

Didn’t had a dime but i always had a vision

Always had high,high hopes.

You also should have high goals,don’t exaggerate too much.Remember one completed dream completes all dreams.Like earning first million.When you have one million others just fly over first one.Be persistent i believe in you 😉💫✊.

I had corona in december.Brother and i had easier form,fever,back pain and other things.Our mom spent 24 days in a hospital.She is ok and better now.We all know how boring is when is lock down,no where to go,spending your free time at home and so on.

In Europe for example in Serbia we have four vaccines.American,Russian,Chinese and British.I took American-Pfizer.Didn’t felt nothing,no health problems,no symptoms only i wanted to sleep after second dose and both times,both times i felt little pain in left arm.

In past vaccine meant future is secured.No more anxiety,depression and trouble for life.Vaccine creates a shield against strong enemy,enemy surrendered and everything was back to normal.

Now,this my own opinion i have no information or evidence what vaccine contains,but i don’t like the rush about it.In Serbia if you had at least only one dose you got payed 25 euros(around 30 bucks).I heard in Usa they made some reward if you got vaccine,you have a chance to win 5 million dollars.

Last year over the internet,people wrote if we got vaccined you will have chip under your skin.That chip will control you everything you do.I hope my chip make me fly 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.

Now they are telling you won’t have kids that is hitting on younger population,if you get niddle in your arm.Next thing they will spread all over the world you will have some disease,which will be very expensive and only the richest will survive.

Ok,in capitalism there are no rules or remorse.Strongest always win.Being sick is something we all have to feel.Either flu,or headache or stomach pain no matter what we need medicine.And you feel ok.Not to mention mental health or stress.If you can feel relief take a pill.

So diseases became business,i wrote something similar in my article about usesment of medicine.I don’t like after second dose i have to be vaccined for the third time.And maybe after six months i will have to be vaccined again.And again and again.What is the effect of vaccine if you have to be pocked in the arm non stop.Even drug addict doesn’t pock himself that much.

On the other hand vaccine will defend you.At least you won’t go to the hospital.Are you gonna have other problems i don’t know.Long time ago it would take years and years to make a vaccine.Then you have to test it,see does it have side effects,give it us many population you can all over the world and so on.

Pandemic has to stop some day.Especially because a lot of people was left without work.No work no money.I heard corona will make us to switch to card paying instead of cash.Like cash will be the on of the reasons why we have infection.Money is flowing all over the world in many people’s hands.They can start using robots.Robots are not payed,they listen whatever you tell them and can work 24/7.

Who ever invented Covid 19,made it for some reason.I hope life will be somehow similar like it was two years ago.To travel,go to parties,birthdays,weddings without worrying what is gonna happen to you,are you gonna be infected or not.Go to movies,concerts all events we went to before this madness.

Will you take a vaccine is up to you.I am not a doctor,i don’t know what may happen to you.Anyway watch yourself,life is only one 😉.

I am saluting you,i am kissing you i am hugging you.Long live the king !!!!! Hasta la vista babe 😁.

By Nash Christmas

I am programmer and i writer.

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