Gym or ordinary sport

Welcome to the jungle,says the title of the movie 😁.Have you ever been in a jungle ?I haven’t!! I think it could be exciting and scary at the same time.So many animals,different weather maybe i can meet some people.Quite interesting is Amazon rainforest where you have big number of animals,trees and so on.However if you’re not careful you may die easily 😬.

Since the beginning of our evolution,even in Roman empire people taked care about their bodies.First exercises we encounter are abs,push ups,pull ups,dips and squats.These exercises are used mostly in police and military training.You could not become police officer or soldier if you haven’t strength to do these exercises.

Over the centuries even milleniums time has changed.When people invented gym things got easier.With abs,push ups,pull ups,dips and squats you can build muscles.However hypertrophy is not possible without gym.Building bigger muscles is better in the gym.

You look great,your mental health is improved,you stress level is lower,people admire you but sometimes people go beyond their goal.

Muscle mass became main subject in lives of ordinary people,athletes,whoever is interested in sport.Professional athletes use suplements to give their body necessary fuel in hard trainings and games they are playing.With suplements you don’t need to eat six times every day.If you didn’t know upgrading size of your muscles needs six meals a day.

In 2010 i had taekwondo training.Main coach held class.We had to punch boxing bag in three rounds.Without stopping.First round was a minute.Coach said hit faster and harder.So we did.Second round was two minutes.Same thing.Third roind three minutes.After second round i was tired.After third me and other people on the class felt pain,hunger,exhaustion.I thought in my mind man are those boxers strong.When i came home i’ve ate,ate ans ate.Then i had to sleep i while to regenerate energy in my body.

If you are professional athlete using suplements is ok for you.If you are not,and your only goal is bigger mass you might have health problems.Suplements are not grown in the nature,they are made in laboratories,factories or some even worse places where they don’t use proper ingredients.

Our liver doesn’t stand chemistry,or our kidnies or other organs.It all has impact on our health.One friend of mine lost hair because he missused suplements.I’ve heard many stories about bad things may happen if you take too many suplements.One guy when went to the gym had stomach problems.My mother’s co worker almost became blind because he lifted too big weights and used combined steroids and ordinary suplements.

You see it is normal for us to look better,stronger or prettier.Everybody wants top no bottom.But you must know when to say stop.Girls lake average musle size.Ok big and strong girls like bigger and stronger guys.If you only invest in your body and not in your brain having muscles will not impress girls.

Also big muscles kills speed.You can not hit,run or move when you are like a pyramide.So count your height and weight,work out and you will look good.No need to be like Schwarzenneger.

Going to the gym is not the only place where you can activate your body.Football,basketball,swimming,running,riding bike and so many other things you can play.Also on these events gather many people where they compete,laugh,build friendship and so on.After sport show how big is your brain 😉, and how smart you are.

Will be seing ya soon.Now i have to eat somwthing my stomach protests almost an hour.Bye bye by Nash Christmas.

By Nash Christmas

I am programmer and i writer.

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