Spending society

Ahoy there πŸ˜ƒ.I don’t know how is the weather in your country, but here in Serbia is hot as hell πŸ₯΅.I’m watching our best tennis player Novak Djokovic who has the best chance to win Olympic gold.Milica Mandic already won gold in taekwondo.Thank you all athletes for presenting Serbia on this biggest comeptition.

So you like spending money, ha ? Yes we do πŸ˜„.Nothing is for free.If you go to the supermarket they want money.If you go to buy a car they want money.If you wanna live somewhere,nobody will give you their house just because you are a good person,they say “Cash please!!”

No matter you are chepscake or in Serbia we say “raspikuca”(person who spends all it has),you have to spend money.Let see how we spend money!!


Power,water,garbage,tax all of that must be payed or either you will have permanent dark,no water to drink,take a shower or wash laundry.No taking unnecessary things from your dumbster and most of all paying taxes may leave you homeless.

Of course you have sell phone that cost too,of course you have internet that must work also,cable TV and so on.So want it or not your money is leaving your wallet.


You are hungry right ? Breakfast,lunch and dinner.Maybe a desert,some sneak during the day and some other meal is need if we don’t want to die starving.

Food takes the most money we earn.I mean every day maybe even after 4 hours we have to buy food.There is four of us in the house.Mon buys good in the grocery shop in the morning,i am buyinh food afternoon,brother buys food sometimes in the morning sometimes in the evening,father as well.Never enough food never enough spending the money.

No wonder Chinese people live longer.They eat rice and fish.Stomach is full no more need for eating.


The best investement.You buy once wear it for years.I have a T shirt bought in 2003 and still i can wear it πŸ˜‰.If you have good salary separate it for clothes.You will not regret it.


Ok this can be expensive or cheap.Depends what you can afford it.Sneakers,boots,shoes for women high heels,flip flops and other stuff some thing you must have.Barefoot is kinda scary,you can’t walk afterwardsπŸ˜†.

House,car technology

Buying real estate in today’s socitey is expensive.If you have a lot of cash no winter for you.If you don’t have,bank credit is the option you have.Or you must rent your home.

Car is necessary always.Where ever you go four wheel vehicle is needed.Cars are also in different amounts.Are you gonna buy new car or used already is up to you.

Tv,computer,sell phone or other technology also is the thing we need.Washing machine,stoove,furnace there is no home without it.

Lets not forget holidays,vacations,going to restaurant,shopping malls,hairdresser,gardening tools,birthdays,spa,sport(gym),medical beals and all modern times have today.You see we don’t spent money because we like to give something just like that,we have to spend.All this things we need.However you must make a list and count how much monthly you give and save your savings.

Coronavirus pandemic showed us we have to save,myself from mine 13.You never gonna know what may happen.Find the way to play on both courts because being broke ia hard,especially if you have kids.Remember for you sometimes you are not gonna have,for them YOU MUST HAVE.So be smart,save money and spend on only things you need.Unless you find the way to earn easy money πŸ˜‰.Once again thanks to my girlfriend for supporting me if wasn’t for her i wouldn’t write that much.

Stay happy and safe.Greetings from Nash 😎

By Nash Christmas

I am programmer and i writer.

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