Do you believe in horoscope

Hi,this is me,you are you,he is he,she is she and so on.I haven’t wrote anything for a long time ago.Coronavirus pandemic sucked most of energy i had.Anyway i don’t wan’t to talk about that,i wan’t to write about positive stuff.

Before we start i wanna mention my girlfriend Marina who made me to write again,so if wasn’t for her i wouldn’t write anymore.So thanks darling you bring the sky to the ground,big kiss for you 😘😘😘😘.

12 signs,12 people,12 lives.Do you believe in horoscope ?

All people are different,even twin brother or sisters can’t be equal.Not mentally or physically.

So how someone knows what is happening in our lives,what is our plan in the future,what is gonna wait us on our work,in our love life and most important our health ? The answer is now how !

Some peole are tall,some are not,some peole are thin,some of them are overweight.Some people are noble some of them are evil however something is all connecting us-horoscope.

For example my horoscope sign is Aquarius.Aquaris is a person who lives in a future,always imagine better life,something exciting,something new.We are very intelligent,maybe sometimes lazy but not all the time.We like to use our brain so that doesn’t mean we are goinf to sit all day long or sleep day and night.We change mood very often.One moment we are happy,than we are sad,than we are angry.

We are good friend to all people who we met,sometimes we don’t say things like ‘I love you’ or ‘You are my sweatheart’.We show love with kiss,hug,touch or other human contact.We look cold outside,but inside we are not.So try to met us the best you can,you will surpise how great we are.

Aquarius,Gemini and Libra are air signs,Scorpio,Pisches and Cancer are water signs,Taurus,Virgo and Capricorn are earth signs,Aries,Leo and Sagitarius are fire signs.So we all are separated in 4 groups in which we have different mental,physicall and spiritual characteristics.

By astrology and people who are experts in this so called ‘profession’,some signs should not be involved with different group only in group they belong.I don’t consider that true.Mixing with opposite gender in love can create complete personality,complete soul and heart matched into one where you become strongest link.Nobody is perfect,we all have good and bad sides,with our differences and pairing up we show,express and make better world.

When i read newspapers sometimes you can not believe how stupid sounds things people write.

“Today’s horoscope:”

Work:You will be promoted

Hell not.Nobody was promoted in my company almost 10 years.

Love:Your partner will become ugly.

Hell not.My partner is hotter every day,every hour every minute,every second.

Health:You are going to feel pain in your shoulders.

Nope:Didn’t felt pain in my shoulders since i was 2.

Zodiac is great for lying.You can lie to people on many ways.Using beans,using crystal bowl,cards,and looking in to peoples mugs after they drink coffeee.Don’t correct me that is all horoscope! Many people believe in that kind of stuff,and maybe some things come true but rarely.Horoscope and astrology are great bussinesses,they have strong arguments,strong word power however they never complete what they say or write.

Who wants to know his future ? Nobody ! Life is like a gift wrapped into beautiful box waiting to make us happy.Ok,we have hard times,no matter that,everything would be boring if we get it easy.

Anyway horoscope in not total fraud.I had a small book where i read stuff about myself and i was shocked how book had true things.I felt like book lived beside me,remembering all things happened to me all these years.I read things about my father,mother,brother i’ve compared all that and everything was true.That book helped me to get know people better,their feelings,mind, and ther strength with weaknesses.

It helped me to get know myself better and upgrade all i have.

Don’t waste money on fake news,fake people or fake internet traps.It is better to find out yourself what is waiting for you,why we have to know all.Not knowing brings excitement,fresh blood new victory.Don’t spoile the time we will meet,spoile people around you they will thank you for that 😁 .

Anyway you can’t fight with destiny, accept it like a fearless warrior waiting to win.We are all winners just find where is your victory.


Once again thanks to Marina she has the power 😉😄.

Written by Nash Christmay your favorite blogger.

By Nash Christmas

I am programmer and i writer.

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