When politicans think this world belongs to them

Hi everybody.Are you ok ? I hope you are.Especially beware of coronavirus if you don’t.

I am not well.Physically i’m alright but mentally i’m feeling like someone is stabbing me inside my brain.Why ? Because in my country we have mentally ill president called Aleksandar Vucic.

My country was in emergency state around three months.From March 15th until May 6.After that things got back to normal, at least we thought that is happening.

Coronavirus didn’t stopped its path, only was in the ambush waiting for signal to attack.After emergency state was cancelled things which shouldn’t be happenning, HAPPENED!

Boarders were opened,discos,clubs and other things belong to night life were allowed and the WORST thing in the end SOCCER STADIUM FILLED WITH FANS around 20.000 of them.20.000 people in the middle of pandemic, imagine that!!!!

And who approved all of this ? Our dear president!! Why ? Because of the elections!!! He had only one thing on his mind, and that was to win on elections.Actually his party ? His political group to be number one in Serbia.And they won.

People talked all over the place,in person,on the web,social networks and so on that corona situation isn’t over.And during the political campaigns virus continiued to spread.Step by step and voila everyhing vas crashed.

Before the elections everything was fine.No diseased,no deaths,no problems.Suddenly after the elections are over number of sick people was huge.How that mister president ?

Does corona has time set to attack only when elections are not, or corona attacks all the time ? No,corona was in our lives after the emergency state was cancelled,it was every second every minute every hour.And because of your selfishness and hunger for power you allowed people to be sick.

And you know what was his answers.It is people’s fault,i didn’t infect them,i didn’t send them to game,i didn’t told them to get out at night.Only thing about he talks 24 seven is how he can do everything.

This politican is so mentally ill,so obsessed with power i think he doesn’t go to sleep until he finds the way to torture people.We were closed almost 80 hours in our homes when emergency state was.Like you are in prison,like you have done something illegal.And no he didn’t wan’t to save us, his only goal was to torture us.

Today once again police hour is on, our president forbid us to get out from Friday to Monday.In this moment everything bad is happening about coronavirus,every disease,every death is his responsibility.

He is mentally sick, but our people are worse than him.He can torture them,kill them they would just stand and do nothing.

I wish i can wake up in other world far away from this country.I hope i will leave her some day.Wish me luck and watch yourself,health is the biggest friend we have šŸ™‚ .

By Nash Christmas

I am programmer and i writer.

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  1. Wishing you a lot of health.
    I understand your frustration but I also understand his decision to open things. You have to think of the economy. You can’t keep people in cages. I should know because the people around me refuse to stay home. They want to go out and about. Whenever they are told to wear masks, they try to disregard it. There’s only so much you can do as a leader when the people don’t care.
    Stay safe and golden!

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