Detective stories: Murder of Jeffrey Johnson part VI

Hello to you all.What is going on in your life ? My tv is losing background lightness, so most probably i have to take it to the handyman.When you have luck, that last shortly.But misfortune is going one by one in a row.Imagine your luck goes in a row, nothing could stop us in way to the top.

Anyway Stallone said one interesting thing about taking the punches: “It is not important how hard you can hit, the important is how strong you can take the punch and get up”.I don’t know is life hitting hard in your country, over here had daily plan for everyone.

Lets go to next chapter of detective story about Robert Prouse and murder of Jeffrey Johnson.

Robert came down to check on Anny.Anny was frighten and all in tears.

-“Come on darling, everything is ok, he ran away.”
-“Oh my God, he escaped.What will we do if he comes back.”
-“Don’t worry, i’ll take care of you.Nobody will hurt you.Come one lets take you somewhere safe.”

Robert drove her at his friend Andy, his co-worker.After leaving her at his house, he directed into Rickie’s house.He rang.A woman in mid fifties opened the door.Her name is Brooke.

-“Good evening madam, my name is Robert Prouse, i am investigating the murder of mister Jeffrey Johnson.I’m looking for a young man name Rickie Rock.Is he at home ?”
-“Yes, he is in the living room.Rickie honey, come over here.A police officer wants to talk to you.”

Rickie came in a wheel chair.Unfortunately, there is small possibility he killed Jeffrey and Marry in this condition.

-“Good evening sir, what can i do for you ?”
-“I’m investigating the murder of Jeffrey Johnson and misses Reggina Marry Homeland.I want to ask you a few questions.”
-“Marry is dead ? How,when,who, i didn’t knew nothing about her death.”
-“Really ?”
-“Yes, i’m shocked.How did she died ?”
-“She is stabbed from behind in the bathroom near subway station.”
-“I can not believe.”
-“Her sister is attacked this night, but attacker failed in his attempt.”
-“I see, do you think who ever killed Jeffrey, could kill Marry and attack Anny ?”
-“There is an option,now lets forget about that.I’m sorry for asking,but wow long are you in a wheel chair ?”
-“One whole month.”
-“There is no chance you could walk ?”
-“Doctor say there is possibility, an risky operation, but they will try that in upcoming months.”
-“I see, and you dated Marry ?”
-“Yes, we were in a relationship for eight months.Until she found the other guy.”
-“You don’t know who it was ?”
-“No, she left without words.”
-“And when did you saw her last time ?”
-“A month ago, i was in a hospital on some tests, she came also to see a doctor because of minor problems with her knee.”
-“Ok, thank you for your cooperation, sorry for disturbment.Will be in touch, good night.”
-“Good night detective.”

No luck this time.Murders are waiting, Anny is attacked, killer is on the loose.Where to search now ? Phone range in Robert’s pocket.

-“Prouse on the line ?”
-“Detective this is Angela, Jeffrey’s wife, i have some information about possible suspect, can we meet tomorrow at Dungeon road 18.”
-“Really, are you sure ?”
-“Yes mister Prouse, i might have your answer on question which bothering you.Tomorrow around 3PM ?”
-“Great, i’ll see you then.”
-“Ok, its a deal.”

Tomorrow at 3PM Robert came at appointed place.He waited, waited and waited.About 20 minutes nobody was around.Just when he wanted to leave someone hit him from behind with a bat.Once again person dressed in black, the same person who attacked and killed Marry now targeted on Robert.Robert past out the same second.

Is this the end of Robert or he gets another chance find out in the next chapter 🙂 .

P.S: I don’t posses copyrights for posted images.


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