Detective stories: Murder of Jeffrey Johnson V part

Runner Up Croatia lost 6:0 from Spain in qualifications for League of Nations.Who could imagine that good soccer players can lose with so high score.Ball is round,soccer is interesting that is why people like most popular game in the world.Do you like it ?

Do you know how is the killer, in my series of detective stories.Who is the man or woman we are looking for, read in my new article 🙂 .

Coming up on the scene of crime,finding Reggina Marry Homeland dead, Robert felt depressed.He came home to his wife and kids, losing interest in this case.Two actually.Reggina Marry was great opportunity to solve Jeffrey’s murder.Now when she’s not alive, who else could help Robert in this mess.Puzzle is separated in two pieces.One belongs to Jeffrey, the other belongs to Reggina Marry.

Robert turned on the tv to relax and rest in a long day.His wife Jessica set next to him.

-“Honey what’s wrong, you looked like entire world is broken.”
-“Another murder happened today, and the victim was maybe my solution in Jeffrey Johnson’s murder.Now when she’s dead, i don’t know where to search,how to react or think in right direction.”
-“Murders are not something simple, you knew that before you became detective.”
-“Yes, but this complicated murder i never had.Imagine you look for an invisible needle in a haystack.”
-“Hey, nothing is impossible, you thought the same thing with the murder of Korny brothers and you solved.Try harder,sharp your mind,you will find your path to the goal.”
-“Thank you miss Prouse, you are very supportive.Nobody has a wife like me.”
-“Of course and i’m the prettiest on the world.” Jessica winked and kissed Robert in the cheek.Robert went to sleep, it is always wiser in morning then at night.

But Anny

Tomorrow Robert remembered maybe Reggina Marry’s twin sister can help him.He stopped by at her house to find out something Reggina Marry knew before the murder.Robert rang.Reggina Anny opened him.

-“Oh, it is you…What do you want ?”
-“First of all i want to tell you i’m sorry for your sister’s death.Second we must catch her killer.”
-“I agree with you in that, but how ?”
-“Did Marry had some jealous ex boyfriend,some stalker,maybe secret admirer ?”
-“Yes, i suspect on ex boyfriend Rickie, he was with Marry before she started her relationship with Jeffrey.”
-“How does this Rickie looks like ?”
-“Black haired, tall, great shape, he wears earrings and drives a motorcycle.”
-“Where he lives ?”
-“Two blocks from here, in Hamington street.”

While they talked inside, again certain person observed Robert and Anny.Robert left the house leaving alone Anny.That same person who attacked and killed Marry waited the right moment to strike again.Anny went to the first floor in her room, wanting to take a bath.Attacker rang to make a distraction and attack Marry inside house.However Robert forgot his notes in her house and came back to take it.Marry opened the door, but no one was around.Attacker took his advantage and went upstairs to wait for Marry.Marry went back in her bathroom.Then she heard noise.Attacker held a knife in his right arm.But Anny had a bat in her bathroom.Just when she got out from the bathroom killer attacked her from left.Anny fell and hits attacker in his leg.Attacker falls.Then Anny ran downstairs trying to open the door.Attacker felt pain,but he wasn’t harmed at all, took his knife and searched for Anny.Just when he found her at door Robert rang.Anny screamed the stronger she could.

-“Help me, he is going to kill me!!!.”
-“Anny, move away from the door, i’m going to crush them.”

Attacker heard Robert’s voice returned upstairs and jump out from the window.Robert opened the door.

-Where is he ?”
-“He was here minute ago, he went upstairs.”
-“Stay here, i’m going up.”

Robert took his gun and directed to find the killer.He pointed carefully,turning on the lights.When he arrived at Anny’s room, he found window opened.Attacker took again his advantage and escaped from Robert.He failed in his intentions, but he managed to not get caught.

Is this really Rickie,Marry’s ex boyfriend or someone else find out in the next chapter 🙂 .



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