Detective stories: Murder of Jeffrey Johnson part IV

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Now lets go in to the world of letters,text,chapters and new amazing articles.

Robert was confused.Did he questioned the right person in that house ? Can the person he saw right now be the real girl he is looking for ? Robert looked in the file dean gave it to him, and noticed something interesting.Girl’s full name is Reggina Marry Homeland.He went to police station to check all about this girl.

In the computer he found Reggina with all data is written in the college file, also he found that Reggina has twin sister!! Her name is also Reggina Anny Homeland, she has mixed both black and blonde hair,she is attending Brighton University and she wears ordinary glasses!! So Robert interrogated the wrong sister.Most probably those two are hiding something, when she false “Reggina” didn’t mentioned she has a twin sister.Into Robert’s office entered his chief,Larry Bird.

-“Hi Rob, how’s going ?”
-“I’m investigating murder of Jeffrey Johnson.I find out he had affair with one girl from his college,i find out who she is, i went to her house and i interrogated the wrong girl.”
-“How did you managed to interrogate the wrong girl ?”
-“Turns out mine primary suspect has a twin sister with same name, but with different middle name.”
-“Two sisters with same name!”
-“Yes, the sister i interrogated is Reggina Anny Homeland, however i should interrogate Reggina Marry Homeland.”
-“Wow, those two girls have weird parents.Calling two kids with the same name is very,very strange.So are you going to interrogate the right girl next time ?”
-“Yes, i will do that tomorrow.For today i am over.”
-“Don’t work too much, i’ll be seeing you tomorrow, i have to pick up my kid in school.”
-“Bye chief, have some rest.”

Meanwhile at Homeland house two sisters talked about Robert’s visit.

-“Marry, some cop was here three hours ago, asking me about you,Jeffrey and the murder.Is something wrong, do you wish to tell anything about Jeffrey and his death ?”
-“Anny, i can’t it is too complicated.But if he comes again, don’t open the door.He doesn’t need to know what am i doing,where i’m going and in where i was.”
-“Honey, be careful, i don’t want to visit you in prison.”
-“I don’t have nothing with Jeff’s death,i didn’t kill him.It was someone else.”
-“I suspect on only one person.”
-“Me too, only he could do it.”
-“Maybe you should talk with that cop, who knows you could be in danger.”
-“I could be in danger even if i talk to him.”
-“Ok, open your eyes and think twice before you do something you can regret.”

That night Reggina Marry couldn’t sleep, all was she thinking about is Jeffrey.She felt guilty because of his death.She knows she is the blame for his death.Only if that person didn’t kill Jeffrey.Then she fall asleep, she dreamed Jeffrey.In her sleep Jeff told her to stop hiding his killer, to go to police and at least revenge his death by arresting the killer.Marry walked up all sweaty and scared.She decided to tell everything she knew to Robert.

Tomorrow at 12AM Robert was near by twin sisters house.He waited to see anywhere Marry to interrogate her.Marry also prepared to go to the police.On the way to the police she met Robert.

-“Misses, i’m sorry can you stop walking.”
-“What do you want from me, unknown stranger ?”
-“My name is Robert Prouse, i am detective in charged for death of mister Jeffrey Johnson.”
-“You’re the one who looked me at my house yesterday.”
-“Yes, that was me.”
-“Listen, i will tell you all i know about Jeffrey’s death.I might know who killed him.Can i just go to college to pay my scholarship,and i will talk to you later, i promise i won’t run away.”
-“Perfect, i’ll be seeing you around 4PM ?”
-“Suits to me, see ya then.”

Yes, finally Robert is 99% close to solve the murder.He felt great.However specific male person observed them all time along.He continued to follow Marry after they two split up.

Marry payed her scholarship, talked with some friends and ate something in the fast food near by college.On the clock was 15:45, 15 minutes before she had to meet with Robert.She thought with subway she will get faster, unlike with bus.She walked normally into the subway, came on her station and waited subway to come.But she had to go the the bathroom.She went to the nearest public toilet, done her stuff and went out to wash her hands.Just when she finished wiping her hands, someone stab her from behind.Person was dressed all in black.She took the knife with itself and went in unknown direction.

Five minutes after a woman in her fifties open the door and found Reggina Marry dead in her blood.Woman screamed to the highest volume, and people gathered around her.

Robert was in police station happy to see Marry, when phone ranged.He had to go same second to the subway, to go on the scene of the crime of new murder.He didn’t know surprise will wait for him.He arrived very quickly, only to find Marry dead in the public bathroom.New headache hit him the same moment.Not only he didn’t have the solution for the murder of Jeffrey Johnson, now the murder of Reggina Marry Homeland is added on the list.

Who is the killer, when will Robert catch him, find out in the next chapter πŸ™‚ .



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