Detective stories: Murder of Jeffrey Johnson part III

Third part ready for reading.I am glad you liked previous two, and i hope you gonna like this one.

Finally Robert found at least one clue, which will help him to solve this murder.Jeffrey had good reputation in eyes who knew him, but this affair shows nobody is without flaws.Is this girl guilty or interfered in his murder, Robert will find out in Panarama motel.By Emma’s words two of them went there, where they spent time together.Robert headed in that direction.

When interrogated girls from his class, Robert interrogated only five of them.So he shouldn’t have problems to find out who could be the suspect.Robert arrived in the Panarama motel where he met with the receptionist.Motel more looked like hotel, very beautiful from inside and outside.Motel had a small parking lot with the statue in front of it.The receptionist who worked in the motel is a young man, in early twenties.

-“Good afternoon sir, may i help you ?”
-“Good afternoon, my name is Robert Prouse i am detective in charged for the murder of Jeffrey Johnson, i want to ask you a few questions about this case.”
-“At your service sir, what can i do for you ?”
-“Did mister Jeffrey ever stayed in this motel ?”
-“Yes, he stayed several times.”
-“Was he alone when he came here?”
-“No, a young lady was with him.”
-“Can you describe me that young lady who was with him ?”
-“Yes,age between 20-25,blonde,long hair,shorter height and she often wore black glasses.”
-“Do you maybe know her name.”
-“No, i’m sorry sir, that is all i know about her.”
-“Did they ever fight when they were together ?”
-“I don’t know that either, but i can tell you they were “close”.”
-“I understand,how much time did they spent time together in this motel ?”
-“Sometimes an hour, sometimes two hours, three, timing was never the same.”
-“Thank you sir, James right, i see the badge with your name on it.”
-“Yes sir, my name is James.”
-“I have to go, i have so much work to do and who knows when i’m going to finish it.Bye for know.”
-“Bye, and thank you for visiting Panarama motel.”

Robert now had description about possible suspect.But he could not remember did he interrogated this girl on college.He went back to college to check at dean’s office a student with who Jeffrey was in motel.

-“Dean Army, today i talked to one girl who told me something interesting about mister Johnson.I find out he had affair with one of the female students on your college.”
-“No!!!! Really, i could not imagine something like that from Jeffrey.Did she killed him ?”
-“That is what i am going to find out soon, i have her description i need to hear her name.”
-“I see,but haven’t you talked with some of the girls today on college ?”
-“I think she wasn’t there, so i need your help.Most probably you have files about her.”
-“Let me see.This young blonde girl,let me see, let me see….I have some girl who is not been on this college since Jeffrey ended his life.Her name is Reggina Homeland.”
-“Do you have her address ?”
-“Yes, Manley street number 85.”
-“Thank you dean, i’ll see you soon.”

Robert arrived at the address dean gave to him.He rang a bell where a girl with similar looks opened him door.

-“Good afternoon misses,my name is detective Robert Prouse, i am investigating death of mister Jeffrey Johnson.I am looking for misses Reggina Homeland, is she at home ?”
-“Yes, i am Reggina Homeland.”
-“Misses Homeland can i ask you a few questions ?”
-“Certainly, come in.”
-“You are attending Gexton college, right ?”
-“No, i’m attending Brighton University.”
-“Hold on,are you Reggina Homeland, born in November 10 1997 in Hordova ?”
-“Yes that is me ?”
-“You are 5’6 tall, you have parents Marcus and Jane Homeland ?”
-“Yes, that is correct ?”
-“And you’re not attending Gexton college ?”
-“No, never been and i never intend to attend that college.Math is not my interest.I am going to be psychologist at Brighton University.”
-Ok, do you know, did you ever had contact with mister Jeffrey Johnson.”
-“No, i heard about mister Johnson right after his death.”
-“Ok, where have you been at the night he was killed ?”
-“Am i accused for something mister Prouse ?”
-“No, i am just investigating the facts, please answer the question.”
-“In a hospital, my boyfriend had an accident so i spent night there.You can ask entire hospital if you want.”
-“Ok, i will.That would be all thank you for your cooperation.Will be in touch.”
-“Absolutely, i am here for everything you need sir.”

Once again Robert have new issues to solve this crime.He noticed this girl has a little bit of black hair,mixed with the blonde and she also wore normal glasses not black ones like receptionist described.So most probably girl didn’t lie.However he will check her story to be sure is she telling the truth.

He felt depressed a little bit, just thinking he might finish this case.But police work is hard, especially this crime where he has nothing.

Suddenly on the way back to his home, his notice a girl exactly the same like his suspect.Blonde, in her twenties, short and she hold black glasses in her hand.He turned around to check in which house she will enter.She entered in the same house he was five minutes ago.Is this his suspect ?

Find out in the next chapter :).


P.S: Images are not belonging to me.Someone else holds the rights for this images.


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