Detective stories: Murder of Jeffrey Johnson part II

Here it comes part 2, we are launching in 3,2,1,0 !!!

In movie “Drowning Mona” Danny Devito as sheriff had tones of suspects.Robert Prouse on the other hand, had none.How you can find out who killed good, noble and friendly person like Jeffrey Johnson was.All people with who he was in touch liked him very much.Where to begin, what even small clue will lead him to solve this case.

Robert came in police station where he met his co-worker Andy Pat.Two of them chat a little bit about their cases.

-“Hey Rob, what’s up, you look like you looking for sky under ground.”
-“Hey And, maybe i am looking for a sky.I have a murder and nobody suspicious on the sight.”
-“How is that possible ? ”
-“Well, Jeffrey was very kind person.People liked him, they wanted always to spend some time with him, like he was a puppy or a baby you can’t hate.”
-“Listen,Jesus was a good person also, and still people crucified him.And beside,nobody is that perfect.He must had at least one enemy.Where did he worked ?”
-“Gexton college, he was math professor.”
-“There you go, at least one student failed on exam in his class.One of them most probably hated him because of that.”
-“I am going right now over there.Thanks And i owe you a beer if you guessed at least something.”
-“I will remember this, i do like beer” Andy smiled to Robert.

Andy directed into Gexton college, to find out maybe something interesting about Jeffrey’s work.He knocked into dean’s office.

-“Good afternoon sir, my name is Robert Prouse, i am investigating a murder of Mr Jeffrey Johnson, one of your professor.If you’re not too busy, i would like you to ask you a few questions ?”
-“Of course come in.”

By talking to dean Jake Army, he find out none of his students ever failed in his class.Beside he was a good person, Jeffrey was a good professor.Those who didn’t considered to be able to learn in this institution, left this college and went in other direction.These facts gave another headache to Robert.Then he thought, maybe some of his students might knew something about Jeffrey, something could help him to solve his murder.

Robert talked to twenty of them, those who went to his class.Once again he find out nothing.After he finished interrogation with all of them, one girl waved to him to come closer.Just he thought he will never solve this case, this girl told him something intriguing.The girl name is Emma.

-“I heard about murder of mister Johnson, i didn’t went to his class, but i heard from one of the girls who attend this college, mister Johnson had affair with one of the girl from his class.”
-“He had an affair, are you sure ?”
-“I know only two of them had affair in motel Panarama.Over there they had love “meets”.”
-“Thank you for this information, what is your name ?”
-“Emma, i owe you a cup cake.Thank you for your cooperation.”

Turns out Jeffrey wasn’t perfect like everybody thought.Did this girl killed Jeffrey, or at least she can help Robert to solve this case, find out in next chapter.

Thank you for visiting my blogs.Until next time, hasta la vista babe 🙂 .

P.S: I don’t owe copyrights for pictures posted on this blog.


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