Detective stories: Murder of Jeffrey Johnson part I

Greetings to all people around Europe,Southern and Northern America,Africa,Asia,Australia and Antarctica.Where have i been so far, here in Serbia πŸ™‚ .I had problems with my computer, then i was tired because my colleagues were on vacation so i didn’t had help on work, but this is all life, we have to fight and continue to run no matter what happening and disable us to win in the race.

I see you worked had, while i was gone, i see you increased number of followers and new bloggers on WordPress, i congratulate you and wish you to reach even billion.I wrote in one article bloggers are your readers! Yes, a lot of people read your articles behind WordPress, but remember bloggers will always read your blogs.Other readers sometimes, some one time in the year, but bloggers always.Better audience you can’t find πŸ™‚ .

No more intro lets get into the real thing !

Jeffrey Johnson was the best man you can meet once in your life.He would help you no matter what you ask him.Money, help around the house,kids,neighbourhood, anything he could complete if you called this man.Who could imagine someone is capable to kill him !

One night he was having flu and small fever.His wife and daughter went to the pharmacy around 9PM to buy him a medicine and also visit their good friend Joanna to take some tea for him.Jeffrey stayed at home, alone.He was watching tv show “Max of the cliff” about people who survived dangerous situations in his life.One moment Jeffrey wanted to inhale some fresh air outside on his balcony.

Around 9:30 entire street was without electric power, dark entered in every house.You could see maybe on or two candles in fifteen homes.Jeffrey of course didn’t had candle in his house.Second after power was gone, Jeffrey turned around to enter in his living room.However, in that moment arm with black glove pushed him away from the balcony and Jeffery died on the ground.

In 9:40 electric power is turned on, where you can see blood all around Jeffery’s body lying on the ground of his yard.After this event Jeffrey’s wife and daughter came home.Coming out from the car they found Jeffrey dead on the green grass.They started screaming and whole neighbourhood ran to help them.All of them were shocked by seeing Jeffrey without any sign of life.Soon an ambulance and the police arrived to determine facts of Jeffrey’s death.

Tomorrow forensics investigated Jeffrey’s death.Of course, Jeffrey fell on his head without possibility to survive.The question was, is this an accident,suicide or murder for them ? Yes, Jeffrey had fever, not 100% ability to control his movement, but not that much stupid to fell from his balcony.Suicide never on his mind.Jeffrey adored life,people and everything Earth had.Also he had good marriage and good daughter on which he was proud of.So only option left in this case is murder.After talking,comparing and looking for clues in this case detective Robert Prouse went to talk with his beloved ones.

Robert came with his car in front of the Jeffrey’s house.He rang a bell, Jeffrey’s daughter Anna opened him.

-“Good afternoon miss, my name is Robert Prouse, i am detective in charged to investigate the death of your father.Can i come in ?”
-“Good afternoon sir, we are very busy, only if you can finish your interrogation quickly.My mother Angela is under medications,she is very upset and
we don’t disturb her more.”
-“No problem, i would do my best.”
-“Then come in.”
-“Thank you very much.”

Jeffrey’s wife cried in the living room by watching Jeffrey’s photos.

-“Mom, this is detective Prouse, he wants to ask us some question about dad’s death.”
-“Yes honey let the man inside.”
-“My condolences mam, i’m sorry for your lost, if i can do something to help you just call me any time.”
-“Thank you mister Prouse…right.Your words of comfort are welcomed in this hard moment.What did you wanted to ask us ? ”
-“I understood from the story of your neighbours you were in the pharmacy in the of your husband’s death, right ?”
-“Yes we were in Maggies home pharmacy, we have a bill with time of visit, you can ask the employee in that store, or see video from the camera in their security office.”
-“Ok, no need for that mam, you left the house in 9:00 and came back in 9:40 when you found your husband dead.How he felt before you leaved the house ? ”

Anna answered on this question.

-“He had an headache, he was very sweaty, smaller fever he had, an pain in his muscles.Typical flu, nothing special, just a little physically weak,that’s all.”
-“Yes, like my daughter said nothing special.”
-“I see, did he had any enemies, maybe possible threats or someone he was in fight with recently ?”
-“No said Angela, never.People loved Jeffrey, he had so many friends,relatives, co-workers who would give their lives to have a person like Jeffrey was in their life.Angel on the Earth that he was.”
-Sir, says Anna, why are you asking us all of this ? ”
-“Well, here is the thing.We suspect someone might killed your father misses Johnson.An accident was certainly not, suicide by your words not even included, so only a murder could be our primary suspicion.”

Hearing detective’s words, Angela past out on the couch.Who killed her husband and Anna’s father find out in the next chapter.It will be continued….

So my friends a little longer article then i wrote in previous period, but master piece must be described in perfect form.Until next time hasta la vista baybes πŸ˜‰ .If you want send me an answer-who killed Jeffrey, man or woman, younger or older person ?

Images are not property of my own.They have been included from other sources.



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