Cashless-possible disaster

Greetings to all of you around the planet.I don’t know are you having breakfast,lunch or dinner, anyway have a nice meal.Also take some desert after meal, so you know you are already full.I like to eat ice cream, today i took it in a cone with chocolate and hazelnut.Out here number of foreign is growing every day, sims people like Serbia,Belgrade in mostly.Belgrade is cheap destination for foreigners.Especially if you shop at shopping malls.

I can say Belgrade has too much shopping malls, i bet New York who is 8 million large city doesn’t have that number of malls.I’m not so sure, however by my count currently we have around 10 shopping malls who are very big.Belgrade needs something different,something new,something fresh.Don’t get me wrong,i like malls, but you can’t visit all of them.Maybe when i get rich,something new will appear.

Cash wasn’t always in use in society we know today.People exchanged a lot of stuff in past.Fruits,vegetables,flour,bread,other types of food,clothes,even vehicles.Then someone decided to make something everybody will use-cash.Cash grew and grew from day to day,becoming most powerful tool in history of human kind.By earning cash, and having tone of them,you could do what ever you wanted.Eat,drink,wear,travel,live in fancy houses,drive fancy cars and so on.

But, someone is on the way to destroy this piece of paper.Someone wants to create cashless society and leave people without all they have.Turning money into electronic shape, state and government are taking control above you.Just think about it.Someone is against you, all he or she needs to do is to freeze your bank account(or other electronic account) and you can’t buy nothing,not even bread.What that bring to people in societies, nothing!!!

Who ever does wants this rule,obviously is too hungry for money.Has already so many zeroes,now he or she wants take all people earned with hard work.Ok, in fight against crime that could be useful, still in other aspects will make total disaster.Imagine a waiter without a tip, singer,bellboy,cab driver without extra help.Some people just want normal life, they are not that sick to be obsessed with cash.And what some twisted mind wants, to take their life just with a snap of fingers.Leave this world man, go in some other world where cash never existed.

However, people are getting smarter and smarter, so by creation of bitcoin,other electronic money or other tool for paying will be made.Don’t worry, my fellow programmers and software engineers will think of something for salvation of people.We will survive and live free even you take our tool.You will be outsmarted i am sure 100%.We are not animals or robots to do what ever you say.

Go on the Mars or Moon,catch aliens, maybe they have something valuable than money.Maybe i sound rude, but truth must be told.We only have one life, we can’t waste it on stupid things like cashless.Long live the ordinary man !!!!!

Bye, thanks for visiting my site, it means a lot for me.See ya soon šŸ™‚ .



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