Fake prophecy,black magic and other dangerous spells

Ahoy bloggers what is cooking in your kitchen.If make some cool dish call me to try it, my stomach likes different types of cuisines.Yummy,yummy 🙂 .

In Serbia is summer, but it doesn’t look like that.High temperatures with rain every day doesn’t make so much fun.It is steam all around you, you are sweaty and warm all the time not knowing what to wear tomorrow or can you go to the pool.

Who knows maybe the real summer will be in September,October or in November.Maybe then will take a swim and enjoy in sunny days 😉 .

In every culture from ages there were different people with different behaviour,education and knowledge about certain things.Some people knew how to build houses, some could make tables, some of them were police officers.However every nation has people who may change something only with words.

Black magic, witches or other prophets are still subject of many conversations between people.Let first discuss about fake prophets.

Some people suffer from lethal illnesses, some people believe they can’t find true love like someone put a spell on them, some people have money problems and so on.They try everything, but nothing succeeds.Then they hear stories about some “guy” who can help you, no matter what problem do you have.However this type of service is not “free”.

These so called “magicians” are asking money, if you want the solution for issues you are facing all the time.Ok, maybe, but maybe some of them will work, but in 99% of cases doesn’t succeeds.How some guy saying a few words or putting some plants,clothes or hair can cure a disease like cancer ? Can sleeping on the same side in bed find you a husband ? Never!!! This cheaters only want some cash, they are not Gods, they can’t give you life, they just talk convincing, nothing else.

In one show i watched on TV, some man complained about often headaches he has by calling a “tv prophet”.Prophet told him to take a egg from fridge and crack it on his forehead.Did he did it ? Of course he did.But headaches didn’t stop, of course.How people can be dumb to believe some random guy in things he tells,you would surprise.

Ok, some people don’t know magic, still some people can do bad things to you.And you don’t want to mess with them.They are like devil’s servant able to make your life miserable.I heard a story from my mother about a woman who disabled many women to get pregnant.Or to disable a man to have kids.In my grandparents village my uncle came to visit one day.He spent night over there.When he walked up, he found a dead rabbit in front of the house.He thought maybe some animal attacked that rabbit and left in our garden being scared of people.But next day same situation.Dead rabbit in front of the house.Two dead rabbits in two days, that is not a coincidence.What ever they planned to do to us, fortunately didn’t work.Who did that even today we don’t know.

Some “sorcerer” of black magic cause fights in family.Some are causing health problems.It is important to be aware with who are you dealing.I don’t know the defense against dark arts, but search it online.Something useful must appear.

Let us not forgot superstitions about Friday the 13th, black cat crossing your way, walking under the ladder and other stereotypes people heard from older generations.Nothing can bring bad luck, only negative energy can do that.If you feel negative, negative things will happen.If you feel positive,positive things must happen.

Be happy and watch from danger.If you watch yourself God will watch you even more.That would be all for today, read if you have some spare time.See ya next time.



8 thoughts on “Fake prophecy,black magic and other dangerous spells

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  1. Well said – if we protect ourselves, God will help us with that.

    When it comes to magicians and serious illnesses, I kind of understand it. People want to live. Once they find out they will die, they try everything they can. Western medicine has so many side effects, and it can kill you, anyway, so you never know…

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