Why Rocky Balboa is so inspiring

Greetings from Serbia.It is summer over here, but it is cold like in fall.Rainy days,people wear jackets, they turn on the heat, like there is no sun at all.Still warm weather will come i believe these days.

I never tried to sing in the rain, maybe i just didn’t catch the right moment.By the way who is going to win the World cup, i think Belgium can surprise all of us.Croatia had big luck in penalty kick twice, third time would be too much.Soccer is really the most important secondary thing on the world.I think even animals have their own favorite for the winning championship.

Share with me who is going to win the cup.Favorites in comment section !!

Most probably you watched this movie at least once.Love it or hate it, you have to admit that better motivation you can’t find any where on the world.Why Rocky is so inspiring ?

Rich people are like fingers we have in our body.We have twenty of them so that means it is hard for you to get in that group.So many of us are belonging into group of ordinary people.We don’t have big houses,apartments,expensive cars,luxuries jewellery or other type rich people have.Best way how you can get on the top is Rocky.

Like he said life is tough opponent,has all tools,help and strength to beat you and leave you one the ground.But if we fight and show him how bigger willingness and desire we have, to show our opponent no matter how big and strong he is we are not weak like he thought.Everybody want to succeed, everybody want more, only we must to go forward fighting even we have obstacles on the way.

Rocky wanted more against his rival Apolo Creed, he had more heart, more confidence more desire unlike Apolo.Rocky is on the bottom, but when you’re down you can only go up if you have heart who wants success.

Sometimes we feel like losers, like there is no chance to go from the first step any longer.Like someone tied us for some tree where is no possibility to go anywhere.However after the rain, sun comes around the corner.Suddenly we feel happy, we feel stronger, we feel amazing.Like problems were some stain on the clothes.If Rocky had persistence and strength to believe in himself, why we can’t.Sure we are going to be blocked with other people and other events, but one day all is going to be paid off.I believe for myself and i believe you will also.JUST HAVE SOME FAITH AND NOTHING CAN’T STOP YOU.



4 thoughts on “Why Rocky Balboa is so inspiring

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  1. Nice post.
    Everyone likes an underdog story, but not many people want to be one. Why not? I say you go and try.

    I think France will win. With England in 2nd, Croatia in 3rd and Belgium in 4th. But you are right – Belgium has been a surprise in this World Cup. Kind of a Rocky story.

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