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I hope you have a great time in your country, cheer for your favorite team on World Cup, maybe a bet and win some cash.I bet long time ago, i think i was teen when put some money on some team.In Serbia most people bet on soccer, some maybe basketball, or american football.I can tell if you watch,follow and think wisely you can earn something.Otherwise is best to spend on food or something third, because house always wins ! Like in Vegas !

Anyway when we can bet over here,so please if you don’t mind say who will won current Word Cup in soccer.Post answers in comment section.

So i’m ready to write something, i must catch all i didn’t wrote in past periods.

Kids don’t like school, i mean who like it anyway.But school is important.Same as eating,taking care of your health,breathing and other bigger things in life.But boarding school ? Boring.

Who gives the right to parents to send their kid into some school, where they are like in prison.Ok, some schools are meant to be like that, like military schools where some kids must learn discipline, but sending them into other boarding schools is wrong.

We are not our own prisoners, we have freedom of walking.Animals have it, why would we make a block for some kids sending them into boarding school.Yes boarding school have good program,great education,all things young kid need.But fun is when you have freedom, when you are not on the same place with same people all the time, following the rules they have.You determine when you wanna go to sleep,eat,enjoy or do other activities.

Boarding schools allow students to go out during weekends, who wants to wait to see Friday when in regular school after studying you can have fun after that.Believe to me nothing is better to go in normal school, learn things, get memories for entire life.

Once again i am not totally against boarding schools, but in my opinion ordinary schools are the best.Long live the regular school 🙂 .

That would be all for today, see ya i hope soon.Don’t forget to write who will win the World Cup this year.Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!!


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