Jealousy-love or a problem

Quality is bad,but you have to see this.

I don’t know but i feel happy today.Nothing special happened, no bigger reason to be happy,maybe some luck is waiting for me behind the corner πŸ™‚ .Serbia is on the edge of summer, it should be 32 degrees Celsius in Sunday.Meteorologist announce this will be very hot summer.

But we have sea,pools and other water areas to cool ourselves πŸ˜‰ .So summer can be hotter than hell, it doesn’t scare me a bit.You know you can’t find any reason to be happy by living in Serbia.Only negative stuff is around you,you hear only about sad things so i am glad to feel this today.

Anyway lets enter into my castle in the land of words.Prepare your eyes and brain to read what i prepared.

People like love, they love to love someone.Love is like a drug,the more is given or got from your partner the more you feel great.But love can be a game.In every game you have obstacles,traps and things you didn’t expected.Sometimes people flirt with you, sometimes they flirt with your partner.Sometimes saying hi,normal hug or ordinary kiss in the cheek looks like flirting.All this gestures can cause jealousy.

Jealousy is type of behaviour when people dislike certain things about some person.Mostly this has to do with love.Nobody likes to share person who won our heart with somebody else.You can share a chocolate,other food,maybe clothes,water or other stuff, but someone you love never ! Jealousy is normal between a couple.Jealousy is some proof of love.By being angry on some things like flirting,we dislike that but we show to our partner that we care about him or her.

Jealousy can wake up emotions, however can become a problem if one of the partners is overreacting.Some partners check phone calls,messages,some even follow their partner all the time.Possessiveness is huge problem.This obsession makes a big problem in a relationship.Say one of partners was cheated in previous relationship, in the next one that partner has less trust in his partner.Then comes possessiveness.Checking,checking and checking.Aggression is huge problem when is about jealousy.In some fights conflicts can be so problematic,even murders are included.

Ok,you don’t trust your partner,you think someone third is gonna interfere between you two,then you should be alone.Yes love can be tough,however world is built in love,if your partner wants to cheat on you,you can’t stop it.If that person loves you,you have to trust her.Aggression doesn’t solves nothing, only makes fear and anxiety in a relationship.Try to trust.

People are not jealous only in love,there are tones of jealousy.Someone got promoted,someone has a bigger and better house,this or that has more money than i do and so on.Some people try to sabotage their joy,some don’t give a damn,third try to do more then that person.It is good to compete sometimes,people never need to want less always more.It is ok to want for yourself,maybe to cause a little jealousy to your opponent πŸ˜‰ , still do it in limits.You don’t need to break your head for that.You waste energy,nerves and time.There is always someone who has more than you do.

Like every person on this world i feel a little jealousy,but i prefer to improve my life not to watch what others do.Improving,advancing and wanting more for myself is my ultimate goal.I want to succeed because i want it, not to make others less important.IF SOMEONE IS JEALOUS ON ME,THAT MEANS I MADE IT ON TOP πŸ˜‰ .So be persistent,improve your life,leave others to be jealous.Life goes and goes.

That would be all see ya when i catch some spare time.I hope you will say something in comment section πŸ˜‰ .



5 thoughts on “Jealousy-love or a problem

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  1. There were some minor issues with jealousy in my relationship.
    After a good talk, we decided that we’re going to keep the interaction with the other gender to a friendly, professional level.
    That works very well for both of us πŸ™‚

    As for career wise, I always want grow higher in salary and responsibility.
    People have accused me jealousy, but I really want to make a career as soon as possible so it will be easier in my “older years” πŸ˜‰

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  2. I don’t think anyone should get too comfortable in their relationship. It leads to slacking and before you know it, you don’t try to be the best, you stop making an effort and your relationship becomes boring and unfulfilling. So that hint of potential jealousy is good. It makes us want to fight for what we want.

    However, over the top jealousy is just silly. Your partner will leave you anyway, if they want to. No matter how jealous you are. So trust in your relationship. Try and be the best for yourself and the other person.

    As far as work is concerned, again, strive for the best for yourself. Don’t look at what others have, but at what you would like to have.

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