Should i delete my Facebook account

In last time i found Facebook very boring.So many things is dropping out on my profile which i don’t have interest in.It ok to see images and things my facebook friends share, but i am not interested what some page has to show me.Only stupid stuff,boring quotes and nothing good you can see.

Second reason why do i want to delete my account is friends.If someone with who you have good relationship whether is your friends,family or partner,then why they don’t accept my friendship request or delete me with no reason ? I don’t have nothing against anyone,i always try to be nice,to help when is necessary,somehow i think people have something against me.I don’t understand that but no wonder i don’t trust to anyone.I lost confidence in all people around me.

In mostly i need Facebook only for programming,posting images with my selfies is not my thing.I am not hungry for that attention,i don’t need to have always likes from other members so i think i will delete my account.Long time ago Facebook lost it purpose,now is only stupid “anti social network”.Life was way better before him,people had better connection than now.


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  1. When I deleted Faceook, I “ripped of the band aid”.
    Within the minute everything I posted for the past 4 years was gone.
    I knew I would lose contact with some people.
    I knew I could depend on Facebook any longer with reminding me of birthdays I was going to stay in touch with.
    But it was a huge relief.

    Now I am considering to delete Instagram.
    But I couldn’t yet delete my profile, I only deleted the app.
    I do look at it sometimes, but typing it into a webpage is too much work so I choose to be lazy πŸ˜‰

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    1. Was the best before Facebook, now everybody are staring into their phones all the time and count likes.They pretend to be perfect, instead all of that is fake.But people are addicted to social networks so i can’t do nothing about it :O .

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      1. Yea you are so true, at least people here show their problems and things that bothers them,unlike Facebook.You can find out much more about someone here than on Facebook by only looking into images πŸ™‚ .Much more better.

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  2. I know people delete people for the weirdest reasons.Don’t take it personally.
    I created a FB account to go with this blog, but I have been totally neglecting it after a week or so of using it. It’s so superficial. A lot of spam, etc.
    None of social network platforms appeal to me, really. Aside from WP.
    So delete yours, or don’t, but don’t log in/ use it as much if it’s not a good thing for you.

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