Community pool is going away…..

Bloggers don’t have opportunity to communicate that easy on WordPress.Community pool is the best place for meet ups if you want to share,get new followers or learn something new.I think it is wrong from their side to turn off just like that this awesome “organization”.

I mean you worked hard to uplift on the feet this giant who doesn’t stand up that easy, and now you’re pushing him down ? Life is hard,people are boring,blogging demands so much time,effort and all other sort of things.But when you swim in big pool like they made for us it is hard to go back.I hope they will rethink twice before they shut down this cool place.



8 thoughts on “Community pool is going away…..

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  1. There must be a big story behind it all. Maybe the employees of WP are revolting? Maybe they’re pissed off at their bosses and want to show them that without them people will leave WP. I mean, they took CP, FF and all the daily prompts, etc. Absolutely ridiculous.

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