Working from home

Who knows this song.

Greetings all of you, may the force be with you πŸ™‚ .In Serbia is summer almost here,so everybody around are making plans for vacations.Mostly people from Serbia are going to Montenegro,Greece,maybe Croatia and Spain.Interesting thing for people in Serbia is,they don’t have money but they go to sea.I think this act is not usual in other countries where other people save money when they don’t have one.This “flaw” you must tell you have to love.That is the same like you have serious plans about your job,family or relationship,instead you pack your bags and decide to have the biggest fun in your life.If you ever decide to go somewhere come here to Serbia.Only touristically,for living better go to Greece for example.

After this intro not scared to enter into my dark tunnel.Only way to get out is by reading the whole post.

Long time ago it was impossible to see someone not working in the company.Not going at 9AM,not having boss on your head,co-workers different ages,personalities and other characteristics was crazy idea in the first place.Today having freelance websites,where people are finding great jobs with great pay outs.And let me tell ya something i think they have a blast at home.It seems from the other side, where other part of the world goes to regular jobs for people who work at home like freaks.They are not.No stress at home,you can eat your favorite dish,nobody is disturbing you,you can not run late,nobody yells at you,why they are freaks.People make money and keep their mental health sound.They don’t isolate from outside world,they maybe not work with people,but after work they have friends,family and partner to spent time with.They just work solo.

Remember the episode from Simpsons where Homer gains weight so he can work at home.Ok,that didn’t work because we all know Homer is stupid.But that doesn’t mean you will not.If you have the opportunity to work at home,and salary is well enough switch from your regular job into job at home.Good thing for young parents is if they have a small baby and nobody can watch her,working at home will give you that chance.No worry whose gonna watch her,how much will babysitter cost or can something happen in the last minute and you lose the person who can watch her.You are working at home,baby is safe and sound and all problems are solved.

There are predictions number of freelance jobs will increase in the future.Contracts are gonna mostly be pacted from our computers not having need to do that in person.So jump in if you think you can earn online.Other thing about these jobs you are not jeopardize on any way.You are not need to worry are you gonna face with dangerous person like working in supermarket,or working in bank.No need to feel fear,high stress working with crazy people and so on.Just you and your computer.Programmers in my country are working two jobs.One in company other freelance at home.What do they can, money is required so two jobs are important to support your family.

I would like to work are home because working with people is becoming harder and harder.Living in the poor country like Serbia is, you deal with many,many crazy people.Criminals,drug addicts,mentally ill people and all together are like bombs.So stress is really big.Fighting with them is so boring,exhausting and upsetting.So working at home will be vacation for me πŸ™‚ .I hope this will stop soon every day.I can’t wait to stop working with people πŸ™‚ .

Thank you for being with me in this article,i hope you enjoyed,next subject will be probably about online learning.So don’t forget to be there when i publish that one.See ya πŸ™‚ .


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  1. Most importantly, working from home means no work politics! I’ve worked from home for years and I love it! Sometimes i do feel I’m missing out on all the face-to-face interaction, but then I look at the positive side- I don’t have to travel for hours in traffic, I don’t have to experience the heat outdoors (the summers here are terrible) and I don’t need to worry about what to wear to work every day!!! πŸ˜ƒ

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    1. Yes i agree with all you wrote, you can schedule yourself without asking someone for permission,you can work relaxed not having boss around your head.Beside everyone will work in the future at home, maybe sad but true πŸ™‚ 😦 .


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