Surrogate mother

Great performance.

Do you ever feel some things are going better in other people’s lives than in yours.I always think when i see my friends,neighbours or anyone close to me how their life is going in right direction and mine is not.Then i remember nobody is without problems,no one has perfect life,only things look different when we look like that.

One thing also makes problems,Facebook profiles.When you see some change in their life you think why this is not happening to me,why they are having so much joy,fun and interesting stuff every day and i don’t.Wrong! Facebook is Fakebook,social network where people can pretend to be amazing and they are not.Everybody are having issues,nobody is saved,only what left for us is to change something in our life.Only we must find motivation to go forward,because nobody will push us if we don’t push ourselves.

Someone is blessed with kids after mother had a labour,someone adopted kid and there is a third option not very often-surrogate mother.I don’t know who invented this “act”,where did it started,but it is very unusual.Connection between a mother and her child is the strongest link nature ever made.Life growing inside of mother for nine months is nothing can be compared with.Don’t think i had pregnancy πŸ™‚ ,i just share words from other women.When a woman is pregnant genes of hers and her husband are bonding in their kid.So somehow mother is giving part of herself to her baby.Emotions,intelligence,health and all things are going to her kid.Then why some girls,women give up their kid and give them to other people ?

First reason is money.Some people pay some girl to “deliver” them baby they can’t have.Father gives his sperm,doctor finish the job and voila woman is pregnant.After labour,baby belongs to her new parents,papers are signed and no reason to be any legal problems between them three.

Second reason is some people hate kids.This is because they are emotionally immature,they can’t handle themselves,only their ego is important and taking care of someone else is not their thing.They give up that kid like giving a present someone for birthday.But life always has a way to hit you right in the face.

Who doesn’t like kids,especially when they smile πŸ™‚ .But doctor says you and your partner can’t have a baby.Surrogate mother is the solution, only where to find her ? All women on the world want to have kids,they don’t want to give birth to other people.Search may be long,however every task ends successfully.Then that person can quit,not quit,can take,not take kid,and so on.However biggest problem can be on labour.When you see a small creature looking into your eyes,you know in your heart telling good bye is not over.So if you are deeply emotional person, don’t accept this “favor”.

I think the best option for “no parents” is to adopt a kid.You have many kids waiting someone to love them,to give them home,a hug,why bothering and looking for a donor,when you have a kid in front of you.Yes process is long but at least you don’t torture someone to make a decision.

Think twice before you consider to find a surrogate mother.Adoption is the best kid for you πŸ˜‰ .

Bye bloggers have a nice day,night or morning because we are all in different time zones.Its a shame i can’t meet you in person,but who knows destiny is a strange wheel,you never know where you gonna end.Maybe in space πŸ˜‰ .


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    1. Well that is true also.Some people have kids,they don’t raise them and kids become bad as persons.

      I like Eurovision not all songs but they have big hits from most of competitions πŸ™‚ .


      1. Sadly that happens often. But nobody ever prepares us on how to do the parent thing.

        I really love Eurovision! I also enjoyed Serbia’s song this year. It’s been stuck in my head for days πŸ˜‰

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