Late education

Sing with me.

Being happy has so many meanings.For someone happiness is money,for others love,third reason can be average life.However for happiness people say we need little, so why is it hard to get that little.Try it you may find your piece of luck maybe just now.

Cameron Diaz,Robert De Niro,Johnny Depp and other celebrities have only elementary school.Yet they succeeded in life.God gave them talent,they know how to use it and their life is full of good memories.Still that doesn’t mean you should quit school,pursue your career as an actor,musician or other type of public business.Education is important.Without knowing how to write nobody could read stuff we made over here ;).Without math you couldn’t know did you earn your salary enough,if someone is cutting you in grocery store and so on.Education creates people, not stupidity.

Yes, for ages people use strength to survive, but our brain evolved and so certain things evolved.Yes it is boring to study when you can play video games.Yes education has no fun inside it chambers,yes nothing interesting comes out,but boring stuff must be like that.Similar to rain.What i want to say is,a lot of people stop going into school because of numerous reasons.They become criminals,they have to support their family,they have health problems.But it is never too late to leave boat who sinks and jump into boat who floats.You didn’t done something others did as kids, so why not doing it as an adult.I think animals would go to school if they have abilities like humans.

Beside decent job requires diploma,pretty eyes are not enough to be new employee in some company.Educated people have always something smart to say,when stupid people only can share violence and aggressiveness.The bigger education you have the better position is waiting for you no matter what country are you living.My uncle has high school for police officer,later he went to higher school or now called police academy to become inspector.Then after his police career at age of 40,he went to college where he became a manager.Triple threat.So age is just a number,not a obstacle or some block to unable you to achieve something.

If you ever think your teacher is harsh,you just wait to meet your boss.When i went to school i thought school is the hardest thing on the world.When i started working,i realize that was all warming up.School has study stress who last more then ten years, but job has 40 years of stress,much higher and much stronger.You see i would gave anything to go back in past and tell my younger version how much is he enjoying right now.Internet has billions of information,so having so many free information you can find free books,educating sites and other stuff which can improve you.


So that would be all,thank you for your attention,but show is over.You can re-watch it by reading it again ;).Bye see ya!!!


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  1. Well said. Of course, while at school, I felt it was rough and I wanted to be a grown up. Now I know better. However, I never regretted my education. I think it expanded my horizons and filled me with many great thoughts and experiences. I never want to stop learning. Maybe even go to school when I retire or something.

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  2. I agree with all say!
    But it annoys me that education is so terribly expensive. By educating yourself you try to make a contribution to a better society. You get a losn. But there is no garentuee youโ€™ll find a job to pay it off. Or maybe you have to move cross country.

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    1. Serbia is opposite land.Over here stupid people are smart and smart are stupid.You don’t need a education for the job only strong contact.If you have rich parents or at least political connection job is yours.Those who have qualification and college are working something else,while those who have only high school or lower education are working their jobs.Anyway i believe since Europe is old continent with older inhabitants there will be room for all of us who want to work honest and hard work to earn salary.I believe i will succeed one day ๐Ÿ™‚ and all people who want to the top ๐Ÿ™‚ .

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      1. Iโ€™m just reading your profile now! Didnโ€™t know you were from Serbia!
        I was born in Bosnia, but we moved to Holland when I was young!

        I definitely believe things work different in Serbia. But in Holland itโ€™s not so much better.
        According my linkedin I applied 126 times in 2 months before I got my current job. It was a 4 month procedure with 5 interviews.
        By the time I signed my contract I bursted out in tears because I was so tired of proving myself.
        I have a โ€œuniqueโ€ profile, but apparently they like to torture people this way.

        Bur true, life is easier when you educate yourself ๐Ÿ™‚

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      2. I studied electrical engineering.
        I have always worked for Wind Power companies. I was a technical trainer for some time.
        Currently I am working for the Electrical Safety department and leading a team of technical writers ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. Yes so correct i forgot to mention that.Every athlete can have an injure who may cause lifetime end of career.So beside perfect talent school must be on first place :), like coach Carter from movie in 2005.


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