Single parent-strong person

Cool video, dogs are awesome.You know one smart man told once very familiar sentence: “The more i meet people, the more respect i have for animals” .Same in my case, i prefer to have company of the dog rather than people.I don’t know is it the same with people in your country, but with people in Serbia is like that.Anyway i won’t bother you with this boring stuff, we are here to write interesting things.

I wrote it is hot in Serbia during spring, guess what maybe time of the year mistake it timer because it is hot like in summer.Summer time in spring ! When i was seventh grade i remember one of my teachers told our class you can eat ice cream when month doesn’t contain letter “R” in its name.January,February,March,April,September,October,November,December.Well when ice cream is delicious you will eat it no matter which month is.So in that honor i will it it now 🙂 .

In modern time like these days, people are having commitments.You can’t have total spare time.Especially when you have kids.Then you must forget what means to be empty handed.Kids demand big attention.Feed them,dress them,teach them until you finish your daily list.Tomorrow same thing,next week same thing and after certain time kid became grown ups.Two parents have too much job, but how much job has single parent ?

People get divorce,one parent past away,or disappear in unknown direction.All burden falls on a woman or on man.Suddenly you become a mother and father in one.Raising kids all alone is hard if you work almost whole day.Some parents have help from their parents.Grandmother and grandfather can be more fun,educational and great with kids.Some parents hire babysitter or a nanny to look after their kids.Also another extra expenses with others you have.Of course mother is a mother,and father is the father.However life likes to complicate things.

Most important thing in raising kids is to make them good and honest person.In teen years high alarm is glowing.I read the letter from one father yesterday online on some site about psychology.He complained about his son.In elementary school he was great,then like a thunder from a sky in high school he changed.His hormones are running wild,he found a girlfriend his grades became lower and lower,worst issue can happen to him was betting office or simple gambling.He made debts having business with this vice,making his young life miserable.His father got him out of debts, instead to change his habits he continued to make problems.Of course we all were teenagers, but somehow today danger from bad friends,criminal,any other form of trouble became bigger.Like on every footstep you have doors for hell and on every tenth doors for heaven.

Fast food is much more tasteful than healthy food.Most people select fast food.It is ok if you take in normal limits, but passing that line will cost you later.Same with kids and vice.In teen years everybody want to be cool,popular,to be some kind of role model for everyone.However life will return you favor or mistake you made just when think you succeeded to survive.So it is important to have good relation with your kids from an early age.I wrote it before, but i will write it again.Kids must know what is good and what is bad.Parents are their guide in this tour.So be their eyes and ears until they see it by themselves.

Single parent is a very strong person,physically and mentally.With all stress is having on its back, raising kids by itself deserves a reward.Giving all love,all strength,all life to make kid happier is a big deal.Boss has a deputy,president has a vice president what assistant single parent has ? Maybe one and maybe no one.That is why a give a gold medal every father or mother who manage to make a great adult from a young person.

Do you know any single parent ? Share your experience in comment section if you can.That would be all for today see ya !!!!



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  1. Kids are difficult. It’s no walk in the park. Having to earn your money and take care of the kid at the same seems impossible, but people do it. Now imagine if there are no grandparents. I don’t know how people do it.

    Btw, I like ice cream in winter months the most.

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    1. You have to have kids, we are not born to be alone.Kids and parents have problems-time and no rules in life.Magic spell is not existing, however love in family can bond all members.

      Ice cream in the winter, ate least you have piece of summer in cold days 🙂 .

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