Why women become prostitutes

Let sing a little bit !

After series of nomination,serious job is waiting for me.I have to finish my Bedtime stories for grown ups,i have to start Detective stories,usual posts i write and so on.I forgot to tell you i made my very first CHATBOT 🙂 .For now he can answer questions you ask him,and he can ask you something.With time i will add him more functions to do,maybe playing games with the user,singing songs or something else,i will think of something.

Anyway subject is out of patience,so i must start writing.These days everybody are nervous.

You most probably watched “Pretty Woman” with Richard Gere and Julia Roberts in main roles.Story is very nice,however things like that only happen on the screen.In real life,NO.”Ladies of the night” never met their prince on white horse,offering sex favors exchange for the money.How is it possible for a young,beautiful girl to take a “job” and give her body to some stranger so she could earn for a living ?

There are several reasons why girls enter in world of sins.One of them is money.When you look how stressful,how hard and how demanding is regular job in whole world,and how many countries including mine pays less than it should be,than why not trying something like a “lady of the night”.Customers pay very well for the service they want,job is a little “dirty”,but with cash you earn in this occupation you can buy an apartment in a very short period.Whole apartment by working this job,almost a dream come true.No, it is dangerous than it looks like.

Behind every “lady of the night” stands one tough guy,maybe two if they get along.Every girl doesn’t just enter in this cruel “gig”, they’ve been force to do it.I watched Serbian movie called “Sisters” about two young sisters dragged in to work for the pimp.Of course when they met their pimp,they didn’t knew who was he.He promised them a job in Italy,telling them they will earn big amount of money in no time.With their parents approvement girl go together on promised job to Italy.Then tables had turn, girls become victims of prostitution threatened to be killed if they don’t do what he says.Chain is growing and more and more girls comes to his “dangerous shelter”.With corruption and help of official members of police,politicians and governments members,his animal acts has not been discovered.At the end of the movie one girl escapes,they catch him with assistance of foreign police and his been locked in jail.

It is surprisingly how big number of men uses this service.From older people,rich,poor,very ugly and very good looking men there is no difference who will use their service.I can’t understand why is so hard to connect with a normal woman,ending in a relationship having normal sex life.I mean it is like you know what will happened to you in the future,your whole life has list of events they will encounter you.Don’t you want to try just a little bit to win someone, not by paying him knowing that person doesn’t love you.Ok,sex is needed but not on this way.Better having sex with the ugliest women on the world knowing she loves you,than to have with the most beautiful knowing she hates you.

This girls have no emotions to man they have business with.They look them as objects, not like humans.So many men can smell so awfully,their teeth and underwear is like coming from a sewage,their appearance is like meeting with the devil, no wonder they can’t connect with an other woman so they must pay for sex.Some girls leave this “job”,but after leaving their is less of chance to find a little decent job opposite to this one.Many people remember the service they’ve used,they can tell important and people with high positions what they done so far.No company with great reputation will hire “lady of the night” as their employee.Unless that girl is super talented and smart,who can earn big number for that company.

Other problem for this girl is marriage.Who wants to marry a woman who has past like that.Who wants to hear from other men: “I know your wife,we done that and that”.There is tones of jobs outside waiting for every one of us.Every is better than this one.No money can wash the lost honor,respect and reputation you had before entering in this circle.Better as a street cleaner than a “lady of the night”.Your moral is important to you and people who love you.You can better than that, only believe in yourself.

See ya people soon,be cool as ever show your talent by blogging and learning people what you know.Bye,bye.


By Nash Christmas

I am programmer and i writer.


  1. There are various reasons why people go into prostitution. They say it’s the oldest profession.
    I’m surprised those “ladies” still have clients. I mean, in today’s day and age, with all the sex apps, it is not hard to find someone to spend a few moments with. And for free.
    Women are a lot more open and receptive in regards to sex. They can go out and have meaningless sex just like men.
    With so many opportunities of easy sex, why would anyone PAY for it is beyond me.

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  2. It is sad when a woman feels she has no other options to make money. I don’t condone it but I can understand. It’s quick money although not easy money. I have heard about girls who did it to pay for law school or medical school or to feed their you g children.

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