Are today’s kids spoiled,or parents don’t know how to raise them

Song to listen before we start.

Back to work,said one cartoon character.This is not a work,still you can’t leave our hobby.I don’t know did you had this in elementary school,but my class had that.We call it “lexicon”,you had biography,something about yourself what do you do in your spare time,what do you like and so on.And others will complete these “rules” in lexicon and you would know small secrets about your friends,neighbours,your crush ;),family members,basically all you ever met.

Today we have “lexicons” in electronic form,turned into blogs,where you can read most about everyone around the world.It is nice to read so many stuff,so many information,so many smart things on WordPress.I won’t annoy you anymore with this introduction,let see what are we here anyway.

I was a kid,all of you were a kid,kids are being born every day.You ask me what about kids,what is the difference between today’s kids and generations before ?

I wrote similar subject last year about parents and kids.Misunderstanding three generations of opposite behaviour,thoughts and look on everything connected with their lives.This time we are talking about today’s kids.

Are they spoiled ? Yes they are.Kids are masters of technology,they will almost create robots,virtual reality like piece of cake.However having so much interactions with technology,they loose interest in other things.They are out of discipline,they don’t respect what older people say,they think world should do all for them,and they should not do anything.Who is blame for their attitude,older people!!!

My generation was kicked ass when we didn’t listen,or when we done something bad which is not allowed.It wasn’t bullying,or some extreme physical punishment,it was for our good.When i was six,on TV there were always some movies about Indians and Cowboys.Every time i watched any movie,there was always burned fire in Indian tribe when they caught cowboy.I liked fire,actually that effect fire provided,destroying things so easy.My father mowed a lawn a lot,since grass grew like crazy.And when grass became dry,you could burn the fire.I didn’t wanted to burn grass,i wanted to burn paper,wood or something third.I asked my father once can i burn the fire,he said no you are way too small and kids can’t play with matches.I was angry for not having the opportunity to burn things.Next day father went to work,my mother stayed with us at home,and there left big number of haystack.I overthink in my had: “great opportunity to burn things”.My mother was softer so i took a lighter when she couldn’t see.She baked some pie,i convinced her to take it outside to eat.When she went,i took a chance and i started to burn fire.But the lighter didn’t work that fast.Finally when i got the chance to turn on stronger flame,my mother caught me and i was beaten like a cat.I cried a lot that day, and i was very angry on my mother for doing that to me.

When i overthink now,i am very grateful to my mom for doing that in 1997.I mean i could cause a big fire,many house could be in danger and her act was on the right place.Today you are forbidden to beat up kids,psychologists say it is wrong to punish kids on that way.Kids know that,they aren’t afraid at all from their parents,school teachers and all grown ups who exist.Psychologist say parents must talk with kids about bad things,bad habits,causing more trouble than it can.I mean physical punishment is not because parents want to express their anger on someone,kids must learn to value life,work and what grown ups say.Ok,nobody likes beat ups,nobody likes to punish anyone,but it is better in early age to learn them discipline than when its too late for any chance of helping kid to become good,honest and normal person.

I know you read all about school bullying,how kids posses so much aggressiveness to injure their class mates,younger kids,even teachers all because psychologist and laws are adopted allowing them to do what they want.Kids in Asia have better attitude than kids in Europe or in USA.Of course they are genetically raised to respect and listen what grown ups say.Parents in modern world have to do all day long, and kids must take care somehow about themselves.With internet and many dangerous thing in cruel world no wonder they are so violent.Stupid capitalism made people to struggle for lives of their families,and kids don’t know instructions,lists or others way to get to the next level.Every kid needs a leader and that leader is their parent.I can’t give the best advice, but you can learn your kids to do some house chores and for reward to buy them or treat them with money,or to punish them if they don’t do that.Also extra activity like music lessons,dance,sport can help them to be less aggressive.Losing proper size of energy will make them tired and calmer.

My advice will not change the world,but one kid by one and i manage to do something.Anyway today’s kids will be also parents some day,so payback will come to their door.Remember that kids πŸ˜‰ .Thanks for reading my post,i’m glad to see you in my electronic home.Full house of guests is big success.See ya soon with new things.Bye will be seeing you soon πŸ™‚ .


By Nash Christmas

I am programmer and i writer.


  1. Very interesting read! It’s both scary and exciting how much things have changed over the last few decades. The younger generation certainly do have a much stronger grasp on technology

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  2. A really important topic. I really like it that you included an example from your childhood.
    It terrifies me to see that parents suddenly do not know how to parent their kids. They don’t teach them anything. But then again, they are in fear. Because the kid will go on social media, or call the police and say that the parents are abusive and social services will get involved. The parents might lose their kids and even go to jail. It’s RIDICULOUS how much kids are allowed these days. And the thing is that if they don’t learn when they are little, they will not learn when they are grown up. It will be too late to change their hardwired brains.

    I spoke with my father recently about this and he admitted that he has no idea how he would handle parenting in today’s world.

    Not sure if you saw it or not, but that was my first (aside from intro) post.

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    1. You have the point about you wrote in your article,it is similar to one i wrote at beginning of WordPress.Suicide with 8, man this world is too crazy.I don’t know why are kids so protected,like they possess super powers and they can kill with one eye look.

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  3. Really good article to make today’s parents think! Sometimes being “mean” is actually “kind”. For example, not giving a car to a 16 year old, might mean that you have saved their life. Or, giving a toddler a few swats on the behind when he runs away from you onto a busy street, will make him remember to stay on the sidewalk, and save his life. If you get your teenager a phone so it is convenient for you to contact them, it also puts them in reach of others who may not have the child’s best interests at heart.

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  4. This is a complex situation. I think the biggest thing with kids today is that they are totally digital and embrace this information age. Kids today can’t be put in the same box that we were placed in. They know that companies and jobs aren’t loyal so they don’t respect “work” the same way we do. They can’t be tricked by tooth fairies and Christmas elves. It’s a generational disconnect.

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    1. Cory,you said smart things,we were scared with boogie men and other stuff they with three say they don’t exist.What can i say they will be parents some day,day will remember our words and situations they provoked.Only a little discipline nothing else.


  5. Parenting is hard and good parenting is even harder. I hate judging people generally, but sometimes you see some parents with their kids and just know that some discipline would not go amiss. It is just so much easier to give in to your kids’ demands that say ‘no’

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    1. Hardest part in raising kids is in teen years, their hormones are working like roller coasters and they change a lot.Who ever survives that age and manage to keep his kid from bad influence and vices he succeeded for whole life πŸ™‚ .


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