Why people gossip

Life is full of surprises.Today you are doing something else,tomorrow something new.One second you are regular guy working in office,next you are millionaire.This year you got married,next year you got a kid.Anyway boredom comes and goes,it depends are you gonna call her or not.

You can kill boredom by writing interesting things,place for that is WordPress.Than you can make others bored or you can make them happier 😉 🙂 .If you don’t mind i want to take some of your spare time.It won’t be long only eight hours 😉 .


“Hey did you heard about Christine ?”
“No,what’s up with her ?”
“She went to plastic surgery,now she has implants in her chest.”
“Noooo way,i can’t wait to see them.”

Gossips.You hear them everyday,you talk abut them,sometimes you can’t miss them.Gossips about celebrities,politicians,things around us and so on.Gossips are unavoidable,you can hear,you can see and you can know all about them.But why people gossip ?

“Truth is good,only when you tell lies” said by one man.Let us be honest,nobody likes to hear truth about itself.Truth is the mirror where we see our virtues and flaws.But this mirror we can’t look at.It scares us,it make us weak,so we put that mirror out on the side.Like mirror in Snow white.Queen liked that mirror until started to talk truth,or “didn’t tell true lies”.Then someone invented gossips.In conversation with our friends,family or other close people to us we speak truth about specific person.

In that conversation we can tell all we have on hour heart.Gossips makes people to feel better.Somebody says women like to gossip.Everybody likes to gossip,there is no man,woman or kid on this planet who doesn’t like to do that.Only women say out loud,they confess they like to gossip.Gossip is not people are proud of,but what you can do when sometimes you had to do it.Imagine everyone could say his honest opinion to someone’s face.I think nobody would speak to anyone on this planet,it would be peace and quiet.We don’t like to hear group of people discuss about our behaviour,our manners,our life.That hurt us a lot.

Some people adore to gossip.We gossip shortly then we move on the other subject.But these people doesn’t stop.It is their food for their brain.Don’t you think nobody talks about you,everybody do that.Somehow we all are like we work in laboratory,natural analyze is our thing.Gossips are sometimes useful.You think you know people deep into the soul,then some event happens and you realize you don’t know nothing.Gossips help you to find out how much people are dangerous and how good they really are.


Interesting thing about gossips,people like to turn,shape and invent things.In elementary school father of my class friend past away when bees stabbed him in the neck.He had deep chocking and he past away same second.Interesting things about this accident is people invented a lot of lies.One man said he died by fighting with bees,one woman said he died when he ate honey then he tried to eat a bee,third person said he died by falling from a hill and so on.Anyway gossip was spread over environment and some people believed and some of them don’t.

Gossips can break a friendship,they can uplift you to the sky,or it can be neutral.You can’t stop gossiping nowhere in the world.For instant older people adore to watch,observe and comment what their neighbours or other familiar people close to them do on their lives.When did they come home,what did they wore,what did they ate and so on.When you got retired you have all the time of the world.So many stuff you finished before noon,and you still have twelve hours ahead.How to complete your daily schedule,you see what others did so far.

If you have problems in your life it stress you,but if someone has bigger problems than you are you feel great.You have to comment about that to relax your organism and distress yourself.Gossips serve in handling stress.Sometimes we gossip when we feel sorry for someone.Fake friends like to pretend they feel great with you,but behind your back they tell awful things.Then it is better to leave that friends.You are quality person,why would you fed bad people with your problems when you can be satisfied and joyful with someone else.

Gossips are part of every society,so don’t get upset when people do that.Life is expensive,gossips are free.

Are you there yet ? I hope you read this article and you found some things good for you.Mark boring stuff,cut them,and select only good parts.I’m always glad to see many followers on my blog,they make me happy.See ya nest time.Bye !

“Writing and reading is like eating and drinking.Do that by visiting my post.Only for you Nash Christmas.”

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  1. I feel gossip is unavoidable. However, when it becomes a snowball effect of lies upon lies meant to hurt someone it is very unnecessary. Some people are so bored with their lives that they gossip to add some spice into their lives. I don’t care what people do, because I focus on me. Just a few days ago, my co-workers friend came to see me and started talking about something I never told them. It turns out my co-worker did. It was not a secret, so I do not care, but it was slightly annoying to realize that whatever I say will get passed around to other people.

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