Adoption-kids who found you

Hi there it is Friday,for kids favorite day in the week,and for some grown ups who don’t work weekends.For me every day is the same,i don’t see difference between every other day of the week.Big things is today is First Friday who i like to visit when its pops up.Also it makes me proud when i see new followers on my blogs.

So all seats are taken and play may begin.Lets see what show is behind this subject.


Every man and woman want to have descendant or better say a child who will complete their lives.Small baby is the biggest fortune you can get.Baby is the strongest heart you can have.Still not all people around the world have that opportunity to become parents on natural way.Or either is a problem in him,or problem is in her,sometimes in both of them.That is why exist something we call adoption.Adoption is the ‘shortcut’ where two parents get kid mostly from center for abandoned children.They are not biological parents to that child,but parent is not who brings kids to this world,it is those who raise them.

Adoption is very stressful,long term process where waiting is what kills your nerves.You see it is very hard to get on the list for getting a kid,since there are many couples who can’t have kids.Even if you get on the list that doesn’t mean you’re gonna get a kid.Psychologist,social workers and many other services must see are you capable of raising a kid.Physical,mental health,conditions in which you are living,how stable are you jobs belong into ‘rules’ to be potential parent to some kid.Patience is what you need in this game of cat and mouse.You see imagine you give some kid without checking and that kid goes into wrong hands.Only God knows what bad can happen to that kid.So all this tests,obstacles must be done.Procedure can not be cut on half,unless you are very rich and powerful person.

But when you succeed and you reach the goal nothing can stop you to be happy.Now is up to you to make that kid home filled with love and joy.I think the best advice for all ‘new parents’ who got the kid on this way to tell him or her you’re not his biological parents.Nobody likes to live in a lie so many years.Beside you will hurt that kid more in his adult age than in his early years.When you take the kid to your home go easy on him or her.Adaptation is the hardest.New people,new space,new moments scare a kid very much.But that all goes off after a while.

If i never get a chance to become biological father i would be happy to adopt a kid.So many kid is desperate to have only parents.They don’t need expensive toys,games.candies or other stuff kids are obsessed these days.They just want to have someone to hug them,tell them bedtime stories,take them to a walk in a park and kissed them when they feel bad and weak.Warm home and hand of help is their biggest wish.


That is all i wanted to write in this article,next time will be little longer length.Subscribe to me if you want share your opinion about this post.

Bye,see ya,for now πŸ™‚ .


11 thoughts on “Adoption-kids who found you

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  1. That was heartwarming. It’s heartbreaking to see all these kids that are “unwanted”. So it’s a balance of sorts when some people can’t have kids on their own. They get to save the kid and the kid saves them. It can definitely be a grueling process, but very rewarding. However, it can also be scary, because you don’t always know what trauma the kid has been through.

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    1. Also some kids are let say “genetically different”. One friend of mine had bad luck.Even she adopted a boy and gave him everything,he turned out criminal.Other friend adopted a girl and that was great choice.It depends what “package” we get when we adopt a kid.Anyway noble and kind move by adopting kids.

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