Sunshine Blogger award,Liebster Award and Blogger Recognition Award.

-Sunshine Blogger Award-

This reward comes from Lifewithjourney.Reading her posts i see her as modest person,not asking much from life only basics-a little bit of joy.I don’t know the best way to describe her, but only thing you can do is read.Thank you very much for this nomination.

The Sunshine Blogger award is given by bloggers to bloggers who inspire positivety and creativity in the blogging community.


1. Thank the blogger who nominated you in your blog post and links back to her blog.

2. Answering 11 questions that the Blogger asked you.

3. Nominate 11 new bloggers to receive the awards and write them 11 questions.

4. List the rules and display the Sunshine blogger award logo in your post on your blog.


1. What’s your niche about?

People and their behaviours.Recently i started writing short stories to add little interesting material beside regular articles.

2. What makes you decide to blog?

First thing online jobs,then it became more like therapy for me.Best hobby you can have and where people can find out more about you and your thoughts.

3. What would you do if you didn’t blog?

I am doing a lot of things in my life,I am programming,writing books,learning languages and so on.But i would try to blog even i don’t write right now.

4. What would be the advice that you want to give to the new bloggers?

Select subjects you know the best and spread your community as long is possible.Read other people’s blogs,you can learn more from them.

5. If you had a chance to win a lottery, what would you do to the prize?

To buy myself a house in Australia,to open IT company,to have some vacation on some fancy island and rest to save in the bank.

6. What’s your favorite song at the moment?

Time not a song but it relaxes you.

7. Do you get pressured about blogging?

Sometimes,but not that often.Blog if you need,blog if you must,blog if you don’t.

8. What’s your favorite dessert?

Chocolate cake.

9. What’s your dream job?

I wanted to be the basketball player,but i never had opportunity to do that.So that would be my ‘dream job’.

10. What is the story behind your blog name?

No story,this is my real name only translated from Serbian to English language.

11. Name 3 traits that you have ?

Loyal,honest and fighter.



I’m sorry for the rest of the nominees but some of them didn’t want to participate so this is my list of all nominees.


1.Dog or cat ?
2.Moon or Mars ?
3.Health or money ?
4.Favorite car ?
5.Favorite virtue for every person is ?
6.What should i change on my blog ?
7.Best blogger from your choice is ?
8.Your favorite color ?
9.You are having a bed nightmare what would you do to stop it ?
10.Are you in loved ?
11.Ask me something ?

That would be all i wrote,see ya soon with fresh new subjects.Bye bloggers !

By Nash Christmas

I am programmer and i writer.


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