Living on the countryside or at city.

Hello WordPress world, your soldier returns to its unit, prepared to take orders and complete missions.I hope you spent and celebrated your holidays in joy and happiness with your friends and family.In Serbia holidays are passing by,we still have Serbian New Year to celebrate and some other important dates in January to seal.However New Year and Christmas is what we are waiting for entire year.Let make it the best in our lives,without borders and limits disabling us in our intentions.Cheers 🙂 .

The table is set, shall we begin 😉 .

We all have home.Home is the place where we live,where we grew up,where all our memories are connected in one piece.You can live at countryside,or at city.Both locations are interesting,both have good and bad sides.Two legs on which we are standing.

If you can balance between them, you are happy person.When you get bored with one,you can go to the other.Still we must pick one to resident.But which one ?

Let see some facts about these environment,to make it clearer why would we live “there”.


Old MACDONALD had a farm

Nice song,don’t you think 🙂 .On countryside we have a farm.Farm is the place where people raise plants,animals and other things necessary for everyday’s nutrition.On farm we have cows,goats,sheep,chicken.On farm grows vegetable and fruit.You have different kinds of cereals which over the time become products we use in kitchen, like flour for example.

Farm demands a big responsibility,hard work and less time to rest.No space for laziness.Early get up,going to a field to finish all necessary stuff with plants,feed the animals is a circle of assignments you must done during day time.

On the other hand,countryside has so many good options you don’t have by living in the city.Fresh air,natural food and drinks,peace and quite,nobody lies on your head and so on.You are your own boss.You decide what are you going to do,when are you going to do,how things gonna work without stress and anger in you area.

Not to mention beautiful aspects of nature around you.Meadows,hills,forests,rivers,lakes,mountain all of that is part of countryside life.No noise and rush,just you and “silent talker” listening everything you say.

Or fishing.That makes your nerves relaxed and strong.Imagine you take a boat,sail to a river or other type of a water,a couple of sticks with a hook and voila,you can hunt your fish.Lets not forget free food if you have patience to wait the right moment to catch this water animal.Fantastic.

And most amazing fact is,people on countryside live longer than people in the city.Having natural resources is what makes village people healthier and stronger.After all people are not made in factory, they are natural not artificial beings.Also electronic devices are not used that much over here.That extends their life the more is possible.

Life on countryside is much safer than that one in the city.Less criminal present over here is a good thing if you want for your family to walk without worry to be hurt from some stranger.People on countryside know each other very well,so if anything unusual happened everybody will know who did what.

When my mother was younger and my grandmother was alive,life on countryside was different than the today’s one.All neighbours,families,kids spent their time together,making unforgettable memories in their lives.Going to a fairs,dancing,singing,smiling was normal 30 or 40 years ago.Most of couples met their lifetime partner on these events.Today that all is just a story.

Villages became lonely deserts.Young people moved away into the city,wanting something new and something better for themselves.Older inhabitants stayed in place where they were born.These older people regret for not having “youth” to save and continue in footsteps like they were.

In Serbia this subject is the main in every discussion.You can hear from all people,how village people don’t have friends near them.The nearest neighbour is at least 20 miles away from them.That would mean empty houses,empty rooms,empty soul.

If only we could make village tourism much more interesting, to attract more people to come here.This could turn around very quickly, and people will not need to move away.And social life must have more fun,new events,new happening to break typical activities and preventing boring things to be present everyday.

You can’t have same things like city offers,but hey you can find something to make your blood warmer than it is.I know some day all will be better.Remember my words.


Ok lets be honest.City has all we need.Hospital,police station,theatres,movies,restaurants and so on.Big number of people,different ages,cultures,opinions,dynamic stuff going on the streets is every man’s wish to be part of that.

Lets face it.You can’t be bored in the big town.Especially if you have a good job.One company with a lot people working here,can allow you to make friendships with a fantastic group of people.

City has big buildings,cars are moving from side to side,from place to place,major world organizations are having their spot taken in cities,so no wonder why people want to live in the city so much.

New York,LA,Beijing,Tokio,Moscow,London-popular destinations in every man’s map.Shopping malls are all in one place were people visit and gather around to have lunch,business meetings,fun or to buy favorite stuff they need.

And what about sport stadiums,music concerts,clubs-most bonding objects where a lot of people go to empty negative energy and fill their soul with satisfaction.

You can’t see any of this things on countryside.You can use the form to describe the city with this phrase-“Never walk alone”.Practically you never walk alone in the city.Only if you want to walk alone.Then that is different issue.

But city is not that sweet and cool like we people think so.
City has more danger,city cost more,city provides so much noise and rumble in the traffic to make you sick you get up from your bed.Most people who live in the city are renting apartment with other “apartment building roommates” respecting or not respecting the rules of yours and the others members.

For example.You want to go to sleep,other resident from the other apartment plays loud music,disturbing your REM phase and not allowing you to rest properly.Or you can hear a fight between family members the apartment next to you.Or you live near bus stop,and every moment bus are passing by, not allowing you to enjoy your spare time in peace and quite.On countryside you don’t have that.You can run naked in your house, and nobody can’t tell you nothing.You can do whatever you want.

Murders,robberies,gang wars,drug dealing are things which belongs to bad side of the city.This all is annoying and hard to watch if you only want to live your life normally.Being caught in net of crime is not what typical citizen wants for himself.Not to mention you want for your kids to be protected and saved from this stupid things.

Working in this modern times is very stressful and hard,because you can’t know what will economical crisis attack next one on its path.Today you have big salary,great working hours,great co-workers,next day you live on the street without a dime in your pocket.And most difficult part is if you have bank credit.Oh boy, you don’t want to be in this situation if you can’t payback money you owe to a bank.

City is not a joke,but it is not a cancer you need to treat if you want to survive.City is a big rock which you can carry on your back,or to break it on several pieces and hold it in your hands and walk without problems.

City has 24/7 service,while countryside has shifts and working schedule which must be followed so everybody could be satisfied.

City runs the entire state,but countryside is sending him all he needs to maintain its position and keep reputation on its top.You see without a city,countryside has nor reason to exist.Without a countryside,city is nothing and nobody.Just empty box.

City is amusing,but countryside is sound.Choose wisely and cut the rope to find your lifetime opportunity to be happy.I said if you can balance between those two, you can’t be happier.

That would be all.Not bad for first post in this year.If you have suggestion on which subject i can wright in next blog, wright me in the comment section.Same for the others things you want to say to me.The more critics you direct to me, the better writer i will become.

See you next time brothers and sisters bloggers.

Auf Wiedersehen 🙂 .

P.S: Pictures are not in my possession.They are property of other owners, not in mine.


4 thoughts on “Living on the countryside or at city.

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  1. “Old MACDONALD had a farm
    E-I-E-I-O.” I burst out laughing when I read that. Too funny.

    A great first post! 99% of my life I spent in the city. Some bigger, some a bit smaller, but still cities. The 1 percent accounts for summer vacation when I was a kid. During those times I would travel to my grandparents in the countryside. And I HATED it. The smell of all the different animals, the waking up early to feed them, the stepping into poop wherever I went, the ongoing list of chores one had to do, etc.

    However, as I grew older, I realized there are two sides to every coin. Now, I am aware of all the good and the bad. I know that living in a village has a lot of benefits and that living in the city has a lot of disadvantages. Like you said – I hope to find a balance soon enough.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahahaha, i stepped in the poop 🙂 .How did you managed to do that, they are not big as Earth.

      Well tell you what my grandmother village is fantastic.We don’t have animals any more, but area is great.Last time i was there i saw a deer,an eagle,and some hornets attacking fruit.That open space build your energy the second you walk in.Unfortunately only older people live over there, waiting their last day to leave this life.I think average age is between 70-80 years.When they past away some day houses become empty.Sad, but you can’t fight against reality.You can’t blame people for wanting better for them and their kids.City has all,that is why all move away to find luck.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Back in the day, the chickens and ducks, and geese would roam freely all over my grandmother’s yard, which meant they pooped wherever they wanted. There was a lot of them… It was like a minefield. And of course, we would run around barefoot… Thank God, they came to their senses and limited the farm area and have very few animals, like yours.

        Even though young people still live in that village, most of them moved closer to the city. I feel like telling them: “No, go back!”, but you know… the grass is always greener on the other side.

        Liked by 1 person

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