Why is hard to be a man.

In previous post we wrote some things about how hard is to be a woman.Let’s write now about man.

Man ? Men are so called ‘stronger gender’.They are people who protect family and bring bigger amount of money to home.Father,grandfather,uncle,brother,nephew and son, they all are men.Is it really that hard to be a man ? Some say yes,some say no.

First reason.Men contain 90% of criminals.

Since of beggining of humanity men wanted to earn food,water and later money on easy way.Stealing,robbering,killing people for money,forgering the money and other stuff made of men criminals.

Hundreds of years,century by century men provided big number of criminals.Later on its created group of criminals called ‘mob’.That kind of people would do anything for money on easy way.Main rule of the mob is:’Only dead you can leave the mob’.

Did you ever even heard for female mob.Me neither.Women are more gentlier and better persons with good heart.Women don’t kill children for money.Men do! So in this case your happy to be a woman.

Second reason.Men die more than women.

War.Conflict between two or more nations, mostly ended with blood and deaths, caused from people who didn’t wanted to move their butts from nice and comfortable chairs,so they can injoy themselves when others fight for them.

When king saided its going to be a war, he didn’t said women must go to war.No men must go! You see most of emperors wanted to have women and children at home,because women give the birth and children are our future.So men were those who were killing and being killed from other mens.

Men also die from most of diseases,in car accidents,they commit more suicides than women,from alcohol and drugs.In most cases women live at least seven years more than men.

Third reason.Man must win their woman.

Men want love,women too.But its not expected from a woman to make the first move.Man must do that.Here is the list of things in point by point,in which man most conquer his woman:

1.Man must make the first move.
2.Man must ask woman on a date.
3.Man must take a woman out(restaurant,movies,dance or similar).
4.Man must kiss his woman first.
5.Man must to be funny.
6.Man must be handsome or at least charming.
7.Man must be tall.
8.Man must earn more than his woman.(Money is not important but needs always.The more is better).
9.Man must make a move so they can have sex.
10.Man must pay most of the things when they go somewhere together.
11.Man must ask a woman to marry him.

If this all comes together,man and woman bond a family and have kids,and live happily after ever.Sounds good ha.Well it is.This round goes to women.It is hard to be a hunter and its harder when prey doesn’t want you.

Fourth reason.Women gets kids after the divorce.

Divorce, small word which gives a big problems.We all know love can’t last forever.It is hard to love someone 24/7,30 days in month,365 in a year.After the marriage divorce is the only way for two people to end their community.Its hard for everyone to be in a divorce process.For the parents, for the kids and mostly for the family.

But why husband is that one who must live the house ? Why is he separated from his kids five days of week ? Why the house go to his wife ? And finally he’s the one who pays the alimony.

And what about the apartment he must to pay(unless he has another pleace to live) ? What about bills he must to pay ? What about the food he must to pay ? In ocassion like this it is better to be a woman.Another round won by women.

Well we wrote some things about men,some about women.I hope you have injoy reading this post.In the next chapter we discuss what is better to be straight,gay or bisexual.

So long for now.See ya.

By Nash Christmas

I am programmer and i writer.


  1. well i think the mother has given birth to the five kids and the pain is really unbearable she risked her life and had them in her tummy for about 9 months went through everything so for a mother to live without her kids is like death it can be like worlds most cruel thing to do with a women to take her kids from her and you know it the custody of kids mostly depends on the kids welfare who can afford better and look after them better do man have the confidence to look for a child like a mother does?ask yourself who did better at handling babies mother or father lol 🙂 well nice post thought on the perspective of men many men will appreciate it 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you for answer, read the previous about women.I wrote about both sexes not only about men.Can i ask you for a favor, please use dots it is hard to find the beginning and the ending between every sentence.Thank you for your post 🙂 .

      Liked by 2 people

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